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Desert Mirage lives in a world full of guns, lasers, explosives and people competing to be the best of the best. There she excels at what she does: hunting. She started as a nobody, and yet became one of the most sought-after gunslingers.

Sunset Shimmer was practically born the best of the best. Selected by none other than Princess Celestia to be her prized student... until she ran away to another world in search of power. Through trials and suffering she was eventually taught humility and friendship.

At first blush, they don't have much in common. But their connection runs deep, and sooner or later it will change their worlds forever.

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So, what exactly is the crossover here? Didn't really point it out in the description.

Sunset Shimmer is obviously Esdeath from Akame Ga Kill?

Hmm...I am slightly interest.

After reading I'm thinking maybe a Soul Eater crossover with Twilight and Sunset as the Thompson sisters... I could totally see Sunset as Patty, as Patty is clearly the scarier of the two.

For some reason, reading this reminded me of Bravestarr, and I liked what I read. :pinkiesmile:

Desert Mirage's world seems a lot like Gun Gale Online from the second season of Sword Art Online. Is Sunset playing a VRMMO?

6657340 That's definitely what it feels like to me...

I've been waiting for someone to do an MLP/GGO crossover! You have my interest.:moustache:
6657340 Apparently. It looks like Desert Mirage is supposed to be Sinon and Sunset is her RL persona.

I'm a simple man, i see a story by Wander D i read it

If this isn't a crossover with Sword Art Online, then it sure has some uncanny similarities. :trixieshiftright:

I am confused, yet intrigued.

Part of me hopes that Lion is Flash.

I have no idea what is going on, but I'm looking forward to more nevertheless!

Ah! Sunset turning to MMOs as an outlet for her ambition and anger?

I'm unfamiliar with the other side of the crossover, but I'm definitely intrigued, especially given Sunset's frank self-analysis at the beginning. I look forward to seeing where you go with this.

6664558 That's the feel I get, but you never know what twists an author will throw your way.

Interesting start; I'm eager to see where it goes. Faved and followed.


Seriously, though, like I've said, this is brilliant.

Is your soul fed?

Very nice. Interesting question, Shimmer. Will cutting loose in a game bring out your inner villain, or is it 'controlled burn' so to speak...:raritystarry:

I'm really starting to enjoy this story now, for you've gotten me hooked onto it.

Clearly, following this story was the correct decision

Btw wanderer you got me to binge watch the whole first season of SAO. Thank you because I loved it. Also loved the chapter can't wait for more.

HAH. Kel and I were right! GGO it is. Although the other implications this suggests are.... hmmm....

Very interesting. While I'm admittedly not familiar with the world of Gun Gale Online, the story itself is quite compelling and clear enough to where I'm able to follow along and understand the setting, which shows how talented you are as a writer. Excellent work as usual! I'll definitely continue watching this to see where it goes from here! :twilightsmile:

Here, have some food for your soul!

Absolutely no idea what Gun Gale is, but still enjoying the chapters.
And indeed, being in a virtual world can be incredibly liberating. Just... don't forget that there is a difference between the real and virtual world. Also that was a note to Sunset, not to you :rainbowlaugh:

"Science is magic!" Twilight Sparkle stated.

"Well, it's more like magic can be analyzed scientifically—forming hypotheses, testing them by gathering and analyzing data, and so forth—but the point is that science and magic can cooperate without someone having to transform into a dark angelic figure and tear apart spacetime in the name of discovery. Not really an option. I mean, how would you reproduce the results? And, you know, the whole 'everyone dying as existence is torn asunder' thing. That would be bad, too. I'm rambling, aren't I?"

:facehoof: Damn it, Sunset. You can't expect your friends to mind readers. Open communication is important, otherwise tiny resentments fester until they burst out as full-fledged loathing. You know, exactly what happened at the Battle of the Bands.
I really hope this isn't a plot that could be resolved by the characters just talking to one another. Yes, Sunset is feeling alienated and uncertain, but still, here's hoping someone sets her straight.

Oh, and the MMO thing. Not sure what to make of that beyond a way of seeing Sunset's concern, especially since I haven't seen the source material. I'll have to wait and see there.

Ohhh, GGO. That makes sense now.

I have no idea what I'm reading, but I'm intrigued enough to track this.

So, now that that is confirmed, I have a question. Is Sunset playing on an American server or the Japanese one? :applejackunsure:

I thought Mirage's scenes in the last chapter seemed like a video game. Way to really paint the picture. It takes skill to get that feel without any specific tells.

Wanderer D

6669078 My soul continues feeding!
6669301 Science will bring the answer!
6669388 :pinkiesmile:
6669423 Was there ever any doubt?
6669626 :raritystarry: Glad you enjoyed it! Have you started the second season yet?
6669911 GGO does have a distinct feel to it, doesn't it?
6670306 Thank you, I hope you enjoy the future chapters!
6670705 *nom nom nom* I'm sure *nom* she'll remember *nom*
6670871 Miscommunication is the greatest magic of the 21st century!
6670988 There's always a plan!
6671370 Going in blind can have its own rewards, right?
6672760 American server, my astute reader.
6674843 I might have had to gone "mature" for this one otherwise!

6674873 Based on people obviously recognizing the name of the game, and the fact that, as far as I know, there's no game that you actually enter like this, what's the game from?

Wanderer D

6674907 It's a game from the Sword Art Online universe.

6674873 It really, really does, but that's good! Besides, I rather enjoyed the GGO arc.

6674873 Yes I'm just starting on the second season.

6674873 I think you mean SCIENCE! thank you very much...:pinkiecrazy:

OK, Dash hearing part of a conversation and jumping to stupid conclusions, I can see. But the rest going along without even talking to Sunset? Princess Twilight will be frowny faced...:eeyup:


Or more specifically Gun Gale Online.

That's what I'm thinking, though I am currently watching it so that might influence my judgement.

Whatever the case is, I am hooked.:pinkiesmile:


I knew it!
I'm giving the show a re-watch and just started with season 2.
Now the question is: Are we going to meet the SAO-Cast?

Anyway, still hooked like a herring!

6676417 I would have to agree, RD understandable, but the fact the the others idly agreed without talking with Sunset first is unbelievable.

Interesting story, never expected that kind of crossover, MLP and that anime. Though crossing magic with a combat game does not sound like a good idea, but when its for science anything goes. :twilightsmile: Sunset using it as an outlet for her darker impulses combined with magic sounds like it could be even more dangerous.

Rainbow Dash is hotheaded, but still, I hope this doesn't just end up being the "hears only one part of a conversation" cliche, but oh well, just hope the misunderstanding doesn't last too long. I liked that other ending too (Sci-Twi staying at Crystal Prep), interested in seeing where this fic goes.

6676473 True, but at the same time the human counterparts of our favorite ponies don't exactly have a great history when it comes to things like this. I mean in the first movie they were all broken up for at least months without talking with each other and we haven't seen anything since that would imply they are any better friends than they were back then. I really never thought they were good friends for Sunset to begin with. At least not any better than any other group would be. I'm going to cut myself off here before I rant about my personal views of the magic of friendship.

Anyway, all that aside this was a great chapter and I'm eagerly anticipating more.


Okay. I'm okay. Moving on.

The experiments are certainly interesting, and at least Sunset has some people in her corner. Hopefully they'll be able to knock heads together until something resembling open communication occurs.

6674873 Thanks. This would be a lot more complicated otherwise. I was trying to figure out if The Lion was supposed to be from the anime, but it just didn't quite match up. :moustache:

For the Element of Loyalty, RD sure did dump Sunset awful quick. Oh well, even AJ lied a few times. :ajbemused: Sunset's PTSD seems pretty serious though, so RD better wake up soon. If it wasn't for Twilight, this would probably turn into a dark/sad fic real quick. :fluttershyouch:

6674911 well shit, guess I need to go watch SAO now... Damnit, D! :rainbowlaugh:

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