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All hail best human Sunset Shimmer! Now welcome all to The Destiny of the Ancients


Part of The Destiny of the Ancients

When one door opens another closes down, but what happens behind those closed doors? What if you could find out what other surprises destiny had for you behind them?

My name is The Observer, I have existed even before Celestia and Luna, I have found an anomaly and that one is Sunset Shimmer, the first of pony kind to not only travel and reside in another universe, but also a being that has always been shaping and molding destiny around her, a being full of mysteries and danger.

The rules of the game have changed and the multiverse as they know goes beyond anyone's expectation.

I was the one who created them all.

From Celestia and Luna, to the ones who record the story Observer and Keeper.

So many lives and destinies across hundreds of universes, all showing that no matter what could happen, destiny is always fixed, except for one creature.

Sunset was born without a destiny and across the multiverse she has taken many roles; from mentor to guardian, from nightmare to savior. This is her curse and blessing at the same time.

From the scientific bases in Phobos and Deimos, to the frozen mountains of Skyrim. She is a protector of Konohagakure, a fighter wearing the sacred Cloth of the Phoenix, she is the Avatar, she is a singer known as Jem and many, many more adventures.

All of that is found inside this multiverse.

But a darkness that infects all is aproaching and will soon strike with only a few beings aware of the danger he represents to existance in general.

And what's this about a mysterious guest and a tea party?

Chapters (193)
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Comments ( 1343 )

This is interesting, I'm going to track this. And an upvote.
Pro tip: Use 'Can't'. Try to avoid using cannot. Especially when someone is talking, even though its proper English people hardly say 'Cannot'. Because humans are lazy. :twilightblush:

You are officially the best for referencing this series. You have earned yourself a track good sir/maam. Sunset! Burn your COSMO!

I like the concept.

7134266 This chapter is a fusion with the manga (and also excellent anime) Saint Seiya, it is a series that has become a staple in my country, we all love it to dead.

Awesome chapter.

I'm curious are accepting suggestions for crossovers or plots?

definitely keeping track of this. Also is Alecto a personal creation of yours or an actual villain from Saint Seiya?

7134499 Sure, I do have some ideas in my list and crossovers, but if you want to suggest any I'm open to it.

7134858 Okay I have two idea's.

The first idea is a Gravity Falls crossover. Now for the possible plot I admit I got from a Gravity Falls and Fairy Tail crossover on fanfiction.net.

Anyway Sunset end's up in Gravity Falls instead of Canterlot High. She comes out of Fords portal. The timeline of both worlds are out of sync at first. Stan helps Sunset get use to the new world she's found herself in. Becoming like a daughter to him. She eventually meet's a guy she likes and settles down and here's the twist gives birth to Dipper and Mable pines.

Eventually Sunset and her children move to Gravity Falls. Without her husband for some reason, like he's either dead or they divorced. What happen's than would be up to you.

The second crossover idea is Miraculous Tales of Ladybug and Cat Noir. Don't really have much of a plot idea though.

7133370 I got the idea from the What If series of Marvel, just with moe 80s cartoons, anime, comics and movies

Well, I am definitely looking forward to these chapters in the future. If it goes for a long-term run, I hope the R+V chapters go by the manga, instead of the anime adaptation.

Sunset getting the Rosario harem?! That's awesome XD

Hmm... saint sunset... that sounds like it could be... no... could it?
Holy crap it is! You actually made a saint seiya cross!
What gave you the idea?

7139782 I take a little of both, the fight was closer to the one in the manga while the first interaction of Sunset and Moka was taken from the anime, in short I will be taking the best part of both, although to be fair I won't be taking much from either later on, is true that character introductions and some arcs will be like that manga but what will happen in them and the consequences will be very different.

Could use a quick grammar check here and there, but looking pretty good otherwise.

7139933 Oh hell yeah, she will be getting the complete harem. Fun fact: none of you will see Tsukune again in this story, the guy ended up having super back luck and a ton of bad stuff happened to him, including being rejected by Sunset's original school and probably being hit by a bus.

7139990 As a kid I used to watch Saint Seiya (or Caballeros del Zodiaco in my country) and the idea of Sunset as the Phoenix Saint was inmediately in my mind after My Past is not Today, the rest is history.

7140142 why is it that the typical harem anime protagonists just can't get into good schools. XD

Love this story can't wait to read more on other worlds, and hope we can see what happens in the previous worlds later on.

7134678 She is a personal creation, I always saw Sunset's demon form as a Fury so I came with the idea of making her the first enemy.

loved the chapter but seriously you need to look over your grammar errors there were a lot. It's doesn't take away from the story too much but it is distracting.

Another great dimension. I'm curious will there be chapters where Sunset is a villain?

7142327 I have no idea, for now I think the worst she will be is a mercenary anti-hero in another dimension, I try to use Sunset as the main protagonist/hero, we'll see what happens when more dimensions start to appear.

Can we make sugestions? Will you continue the story of previous dimensions?

Another great chapter. Happy and Honored you choose to use my suggestion. :pinkiehappy:

I think Sunset is a great mother for Dipper and Mable.

How about one where she end's up in the PPGD webcomic dimension.

7144943 I don't think so, I take the original dimensions so that will probably wont be in the list. Also, did you realize that you made me think even harder on Gravity Falls? With every dimension I research about it, the world, the characters and I found something really cool about this world, the Unicorns!

Yeah, the are freaking ass*oles but think about it, how does their hair react with Bill's powers? Now put Sunset in the mix.

7143087 Sure you can, I mean, Gravity Falls was a suggestion.

7145040 Oh yeah forgot about that part. Make's me eager to see what will happen when Sunset meet's Bill.

7145047 Okay then. How about a Soul Eater dimension? Sunset could be either a meister, a weapon or even a witch. If you go with the meister route, then one of Sunset's friends could have awakened weapon powers and now has to transfer to Shibusen, Sunset decides to tag along to make sure her friend will be okay. They end up as partners.

If you choose the weapon route Sunset could be a scythe and becomes Maka's partner instead of Soul. I can also picture Sunset as a shotgun with firebreath rounds. What do you think?

Finally, the witch route... Hum... Maybe something with Sunset recovering her magic or becoming Medusa's apprentice. I dunno.

I have other sugestions, if you want to hear any of them, just say the word.

The World Ends with You. The rainbow of friendship killed her and she has to play the Game.
Or Mana Khamia: School Alliance.

Do Assassin's creed crossover
Or Generator Rex crossover
Or star wars the clone wars crossover

SSSMMMOOOOTTTHHH I love this chapter.

Sometimes, you gotta think the simplest of ideas to make a story exciting and let the reader want more... and this chapter made me think this, Great job :twilightsmile:

Good chapter. I'll admit even though I don't know this particular crossover I still enjoyed this chapter.

7150345 you can watch the original Bartender anime on youtube, it has only one season but is an amazing one

When I read the chapter's title I thougth this could be either a Skyrim dimension, a Fairy Tail dimension or a Slayers dimension.

Not bad, but the writing in this chapter seems a little... disjointed, maybe?:twilightoops:

Love the fic; definitely on my faved list...

When I first read the title, I thought the dragon slayer type in Fairy Tail, my favorite.... but when I realized it's Skyrim, it's still kind of awesome though :twilightsheepish:

7159843 Sorry, never really got interested in Fairy Tail and never saw him, I won't be making a crossover with that universe.

Another great chapter. I'm a bit embarrassed to admit that when I saw the chapter title, I thought it was a Slayers crossover at first. I can't believe I didn't think of Skyrim how embarrassing.

I have two more suggestions if you're interested.

The first is the Sonic archie comics series. Maybe you could have Sunset join the freedom fighters.

The next one is different from the crossovers you've been using so far the Venture Brothers.

Clicked on this because the description sounds cool. Saw the second chapter's title. Died of laughter.

Heh nice one was expecting this.
So what Sunset Back ground on this world?

7170218 Don't worry, this one will be the first to have chapter 02 immediately

Sunset's fighting style no matter which universe usually involves abit of wrestling and MMA amirite? XD

I tried to enjoy this chapter. I really did. Heck, I like Rosario Vampire. But, the frankly bad punctuation and awkward writing made it painful to read. It's a nice premise for a chapter here, but it needs work, badly. Maybe if it was slowed down a little, allowed to explore the world and Sunset's thoughts and emotions a bit more, but as it, I would definitely skip over it in a reread.

As for grammatical errors, I don't think you put a single comma or punctuation at the end of any dialogue whatsoever, which is kind of grammatically necessary. Yeah, I know I'm being a grammar nazi here, but geeze this is bad.

Still, there's potential here that could be tapped with a future rewrite.

Sunset and Flutters are married!? D'aaaawww that's so cute!

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