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All hail best human Sunset Shimmer! Now welcome all to The Destiny of the Ancients


Sunset Shimmer has grown to love human entertainment, and she is no stranger to it, from movies with her friends, to her video game streaming channel, she thought she knew all ways of fun that humans had created... she was wrong.

When the new recreation room opens on Canterlot High, Sunset and the others in Canterlot High were not expecting the deep world that are board games, with themes, ways of play and so many new worlds to explore.

They will learn that the history of board games is tied down to the history of humanity as well, and alongside the mysterious Professor, they will enter a new realm of ideas, themes, mechanics and outplays as their friendships will grow, alongside their desire to see more.

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Part of the Destiny of the Ancients

It is the 41 Millenium and in the Imperium of Man there is one thing that everyone should fear; The Inquisition. With the mission of destroying heresy and chaos wherever it appears in the millions of planets that make the largest empire in the known universe, they have their hands full considering how dark the universe is. With dark gods ready to pounce on every single living being, heretic armies marching in and xeno scum ready to plunge what they see as a weakened Imperium.

Of course, not everything is lost, since Canoness Sunset Shimmer and her Order, the Sun of Eternity, the Solis Aeterni, is ready to defend the citizens of the Empire, or if the need appears, burn everything in sight.

Sadly, something went wrong and instead of appearing on a planet in the Imperium, they arrive at Equus were things are not what they seem, since a power even greater than the Dark Gods or the Chaos Marines has set its sight on the planet. Although they have their defenders, they are completely unprepared for the destruction and madness that will sweep across the land.

In this dark hour, where war is the only answer, can Sunset Shimmer make the difference between freedom and extinction for ponykind? Will Sunset even help, or will she burn the heretics, the mutant and the unclean as is her duty alongside her sisters?

Join me as we see how Sunset arrived at the world of Warhammer 40000 and how she began to ascend in the ranks of the Adepta Sororitas also known as Sisters of Battle, how she met her current team and how she could mean the end or salvation of every single universe.

See how she tries with all her might to keep her forces and new friends from killing each other, to create a front against the darkness and the mad power of the Warp and to create a new home for her and her Solis Aeterni.

Burn the Heretic
Kill the Mutant
Purge the Unclean

A Warhammer 40k crossover in 10 chapters.

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Part of The Destiny of the Ancients

The Conversion Bureau was established to transform the remaining humanity into ponies, that way Princess Celestia will take control of the planet and create the utopia of ponies that wasn't possible back on Equestria. It is a gift for some, but a nightmare for millions.

It cause a war where many thought that humanity will be erased in a matter of days; there was no way humanity could come back from the brink of extinction, or is it?

That they survived and were able to push back ponykind is no mere chance as Princess Celestia will realize.

How many times a mere can be allowed to make mistakes? To do the same mistakes over and over again without learning?

There is a bigger force out there, one that has been keeping an eye on Princess Celestia, one that has a particular desire to know more about destiny and how much can a pony change it.

Is it Sunset Shimmer the only one that can walk away from Destiny or is there any way in which Celestia can save ponies?

Who is the voice?

Who is the narrator?

What is the purpose behind The Many Destinies of Sunset Shimmer?

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In a way, believe it or not, tied to: The Destiny of the Ancients

It's been years since their days at Canterlot High School and maybe their lives have cahnged, maybe their bonds have broken, maybe they have separated or their roads have led to other parts.

Sunset has grown to be a famous art, with a future ahead of her, while Twilight is still the same quirky and awkward scientist, but their bonds are being tested by time and circumstances , after all, Twilight is still in a relationship with Timber and there is no real end to something like that.

Except that while drunk, their inhibitions are lowered, their desire for each other is shown and magic on Earth is raw and wild, doing stuff without explanation.

Is this magic that could change their lives and the lives of many other people.

As the world changes, their bonds will be put to the test and there is a question that needs to be answered; where does magic babies come from?


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In another dimension, Sunset never became the demon and bully of canterlot High; instead, she let her desires for power and recognition push her into the sport of Sensha-do (the art of the tank), where girls learn how to control and fight WW2 era tanks. Sadly, something happened at the Blue Medal Cup and made Sunset abandon Sensha-do and change schools.

She chooses Canterlot high because it is a school that has no Sensha-do program and will finally leave behind whatever happened back then. In the school she meets new and old friends and destiny comes calling, forcing her once more to take command of a tank. This time not for personal honor or power, but to help Rainbow Dash and the school, regain honor and glory after years of losing at everything.

With a Vice-Principal Luna that is doing everything she can to stop the girls from reviving the Sensha-do team, to the shenanigans and craziness that follows the Equestria Girls no matter the dimension; Sunset and the rest will have their hands full.

Join Sunset and the rest of the girls in this comical and highly explosive new adventures as they dive into the world of tanks!

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Part of The Destiny of the Ancients

60 years ago Sunset Shimmer went through the mirror connecting Equestria with the Human world, but instead of arriving at Canterlot the mirror had other ideas. Sunset found herself stranded in a little place called Beach City, a place that is being protected by a quartet of space rocks that can take human form.

Meeting Rose Quartz and the rest changed her life, turning Sunset from a moody and angry teenager to a caring, witty and a-little-too-much-ego kind of girl, but those idyllic days couldn't extend forever, because when a corrupted gem attacked the city and she was heavily injured saving human beings, Sunset turned into something no gem had seen before.

That was so long ago.

Now Sunset is Spinel, a hybrid that has a gem instead of a heart and whose powers are still a mystery to the surviving Crystal Gems.

This is her story.

Of how she became a Crystal Gem.

Of how she helped raise little Steven.

Of how she continues saving the Earth while making friends in Canterlot.

Art by GPizano:

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Part of The Destiny of the Ancients

Sunset's life was very simple. Try to get back to Equestria with enough power to conquer it and make Celestia pay for throwing her away, but something went wrong. One day she met a mysterious man and with just one dish an ability inside Sunset woke up: 'The Devil's Palate'

Curious about this new ability and with her eyes opened to Harmony, she exchanged schools to one of the most prestigious culinary schools in the world. Totsuki Tea Ceremony and Cooking Academy, where she found out that not only there are many goofballs but a place where her dormant abilities are growing stronger.

Alongside her Polar Star Dorm friends, Sunset is ready to start her road in the culinary world. But what about the 'Devil's Palate' and the way her sclera turns black? Is there something inside of her?

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Part of The Destiny of the Ancients

We all know how it went; Sunset turned into a demon, the Elements purified her and later on she became the lovable human that we know. Except that this time some outside force changed the outcome, this time Sunset did not survive the purification. Sunset Shimmer was killed and thrown into the dangerous realm of Dark Souls.

Finding herself in the Undead Asylum, Sunset must survive the gruesome tests in her way to either save the world, or doom the Age of Fire into darkness, but is it all so simple and who is this mysterious white robed figure that seems to be so focused on Sunset?

Meanwhile, back on Earth, the girls battle their own guilt and egos while the portal now closes and functions as a Scrying Mirror, being witnesses to the suffering and accomplishments of the redheaded undead. They will find themselves awed of what this lone figure can do by herself.

But who is moving all these strings? What is the purpose? Does it have bigger ramifications? Keep on reading to find out what will happen in Sunset's road to become the Princess of Lordran.

Previously part of The Many Destinies of Sunset Shimmer

Edited by: XIII Hearts (thank you buddy)

Also, if anyone could find or make a better cover for this tory I'll be forever grateful.

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Celestia and Sunset's fights were getting out of control so with that in mind both decided to take a break from their mentor/student relationship.

With a lot of time at Sunset's disposition Celestia offers the unicorn a change of pace and perspective and shows her the portal mirror, but this time instead of the Equestria Girls world being at the other side instead Sunset finds a world where magic hids behind secrets and spells.

Accepting the chance to study at the prestigious Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, Sunset will find herself in the middle of a war between good and evil; will a unicorn that hasn't been touched by harmony be capable of fighting the addictive power of dark magic or will she become a pillar for Harry and his friends?

What is known is that Hogwarts and the english wizard world are not prepared for the craziness and shenanigans of Sunset Shimmer.

Originally part of The Many Destinies of Sunset Shimmer.

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Part of The Destiny of the Ancients

Sunset Shimmer and the rest of the Humane Six are about to start their life on Canterlot University, but Rarity still has a surprise for all of them. Seems that one song that Sunset recorded in a game of truth and dare had found its way to the internet and has become a huge success.

With this news and deciding to maintain Sunset's anonymity in the human world, Rarity put 'Jem' as the official singer and the world unanimously want more of Jem, there is just one problem, she doesn't exist... or does she?

Originally part of The Many Destinies of Sunset Shimmer, here you will find the story of Sunset Shimmer's double life as pop rock sensation and manager of Jem and the Holograms and all the adventures and crazy antics that this decision will bring to her and her friends.

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