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All hail best human Sunset Shimmer! Now welcome all to The Destiny of the Ancients


Part of The Destiny of the Ancients

Sunset's life was very simple. Try to get back to Equestria with enough power to conquer it and make Celestia pay for throwing her away, but something went wrong. One day she met a mysterious man and with just one dish an ability inside Sunset woke up: 'The Devil's Palate'

Curious about this new ability and with her eyes opened to Harmony, she exchanged schools to one of the most prestigious culinary schools in the world. Totsuki Tea Ceremony and Cooking Academy, where she found out that not only there are many goofballs but a place where her dormant abilities are growing stronger.

Alongside her Polar Star Dorm friends, Sunset is ready to start her road in the culinary world. But what about the 'Devil's Palate' and the way her sclera turns black? Is there something inside of her?

Chapters (12)
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Hmmm, is it wrong that I want to make that butter roll.

For the glazing sauce I put pineapple juice, run, some ginger beer, finely chopped ginger and palm sugar and cooked it”

Do you mean Rum? Also I'm writing this all down, tiki hot dogs, yum :P


one error spotted: 'mother den' should be 'den mother'

Also, apparently Sunset has been called the Foodie Waifu among the community.

Yes, yes she is my Foodie Waifu!!

Ok, it's official, you have me as a fan of this fic, and I'll be looking into the anime. Well done indeed!

I can't help but wonder if ponies (besides Sunset) will make an appearance in this story. This is a Sunset Shimmer that, from what I'm reading, didn't return to steal the Element of Magic. Her 'redemption' was from something completely different, and occurred far sooner.

7499122 Nope! Absolutely not. :pinkiecrazy:

To be honest I only looked up this story because of another Shoukugeki no Soma story called "Shokugeki no Soma: Heaven's Recipe" by Fenikkusumaru 2.0 on fanfiction.net. This was the first and only one to pop up so I decided to read it.

You have caught my interest. Carry on good sir!

7499137 tiki dogs are common in lunua in Hawaii

Comment posted by SShonix deleted Mar 17th, 2017

This reminds me of a cooking anime I watched a while back. It's called, Shokugeki no Soma! I loved that anime!

8028882 I'm not sure if that was sarcasm or not. this is after all a crossover with Shokugeki.

8028895 Is no problem, after all I'm using the english name of Shokugeki (yes, it was named Food Wars) since it seemed a little better than Shokugeki no Sunset. This is a crossover that came from Many Destinies of Sunset Shimmer.

8028917 Damn! This story is awesome though!

you an otaku?

8028923 I love all media, from movies to animation, where it came from doesn't matters to me.

Hhahahaha Ooh Sunset you are going to have a lot of fun! Hehehehe, i hope the Rainbooms can visit Sunset somet time.

(sees how you wrote sunset in this) i love you.... no homo.

Heh feel for Sunset she afraid of reverting back to her old self sicne she got competion and such. Still should be fun.

I feel sorry for Sunset.

Heh love this chapter and hope to read more and updates to the other cross overs.
I can't wait to see or read Susnet expressions and thoughts on Soma meeting Takumi Aldini.
Paticularly the scene on the bus when they are returning, bet she be trying os hard not to laugh as well.

The two pairs separated and Sunset was about to talk with Samui a bit, but something made alarms go off in her brain. Quickly moving, she put a hand behind Soma’s head and the other took a hold of the hand that had that monstrosity ready to feed Megumi. With a quick move, the one that ended up eating that weird mixture of octopus and who knows what else.

Who ate the mixture?

8188978 She made Soma eat it saving Megumi in the process

(cracks open a cold one) this is going to be good~!

Pass one over eh?
Always did like a good show.

(hand a fresh cold one over) here ya go.

Damn it, not even in Japan can the puns be contained.

“I am Amari Samui and pray this is not the last time we introduce ourselves since this challenge will be quite annoying,” the cold woman said... 


You got any whiskey I'm there? Can I have some?

She is a pun and irony all roled up in one very frosty girl.

Will there be more chapters coming

I sometimes forget that Sunset in this universe is a transfer student from an indeterminate region of the US.

oh man they done fucked UP! (chugs a cold one while enjoying the show)

Soma, you buffoon! How dare you forget to serve a plate for Polar Star's Demon Princess!? :flutterrage: Shame on you! :twilightangry2:

Also, fish tacos hum? I wonder if a certain blue siren would fall in love with those (and their cook) or feeling conflicted about eating them or not!:rainbowlaugh:

This chapter was more alist of what characters did than a chapter of a book.

Show, Don't tell.

Better than the last chapter but some of the phrasing in some sentences was confusing.

Pass one over eh?
I love this show!

(tosses one over)
want a snack? i brought my mini fridge for this.

First, lucky.
Second, plz and thnx.

(tosses mini bar key) help yourself.

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