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All hail best human Sunset Shimmer! Now welcome all to The Destiny of the Ancients


Celestia and Sunset's fights were getting out of control so with that in mind both decided to take a break from their mentor/student relationship.

With a lot of time at Sunset's disposition Celestia offers the unicorn a change of pace and perspective and shows her the portal mirror, but this time instead of the Equestria Girls world being at the other side instead Sunset finds a world where magic hids behind secrets and spells.

Accepting the chance to study at the prestigious Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, Sunset will find herself in the middle of a war between good and evil; will a unicorn that hasn't been touched by harmony be capable of fighting the addictive power of dark magic or will she become a pillar for Harry and his friends?

What is known is that Hogwarts and the english wizard world are not prepared for the craziness and shenanigans of Sunset Shimmer.

Originally part of The Many Destinies of Sunset Shimmer.

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Excellent work, I look forward to more...
Any word on your Fake Sun story?

I get the feeling that she will like Harry end up choosing Griffindor. She may be ambitious as all high heck but deep down she disagrees with everything they stand for. I can see Ravenclaw but pony culture beats into the foals heads things more like Griffindor.

Overall this sounds like a good story and I hope to see more chapters in the future! Now tracking.

*Sees that it has gotten its own story*

Great to see that this got its own story!:twilightsmile:

I look forward to more of your work.:eeyup:

Hm... A new fic with few upvotes... what else has been written by this author... THE FAKE SUN?! This is being So read!

“One question; is it natural or do you do something with your hair? I mean, don’t take me wrong, I like it, I just think by its mere existence there are several laws of physics being destroyed… what? Was it something I said?”


How is Sunset's innate magic going to work in the Potterverse? Can she even use a wand? (Never mind actually remembering too ...)

I'm really enjoying this. I hope you continue this story.

Now I'm wondering ... with Celestia's and Sunset's influence, will Harry be a Slytherian this time around? (And what would that do to the cannon story ...)

Die-hard Potterhead here...yup, this is going on my reading list!

This isn't half bad, not at all. :ajsmug:

However you are in serious need of a proofreader or an editor to help clean things up, maybe add a little polish here and there. It's good as is, which is impressive shining through the mistakes and mangled grammar but with out those it could be great. If your interested I would be willing to help out, I have the free time at the moment, little rust on my Harry Potter but you've put me in the mood to go back and re-read it. :twilightsmile:

Oh and in the interests of getting a little more exposure, once things have been tidied up there are a bunch of groups you could add it too.

Gotta agree with ScopeEva on this one, there's at least a few flaws I spotted, such as using 'is' when you needed 'its' or 'it's'. Another case in point would be here:

“Yes if they are send to Slytherin” Ron said showing his distaste for those of green and silver making Sunset groan at those words.

The word in red should be 'sent'. That said, this could be interesting so watching.

Sunset for Griffindor! Sunset for Griffindor!

7272958 I honestly think Sunset would make a better Slytherin, She is good at manipulating people, and has a lot of ambition. hell she wants to be a princess for crying out loud.

And just think, she will be able to put Malfoy in his place constantly:raritystarry:.

Well looking forward to a long story of Sunset poking fun at the Harry Potter Universe:pinkiehappy:

That said, is Sunset going to be able to use her pony magic, or will she be stuck with boring Harry Potter magic?

The ironic thing is, that Sunsets french name also means sparkle :derpytongue2:

“Everyone that has magic on this world knows about Hogwarts, but if I ever went to Hogwarts I believe I would have enjoyed going to Slytherin” Celestia said with a playful smile on her face and Sunset had to give it to her, she would have been in paradise with so many people trying to manipulate each other, it would have been child’s play to Celestia and she would have let her inner troublemaker free. It seemed that Hagrid didn’t take that information well but Harry on the other hand just watched Celestia attentively as if she had given him important information.

I can sooo see that. :rainbowlaugh: I think she'd probably be known as The Troll of Slytherin. :trollestia::rainbowlaugh:

Well I have to admit I was have expecting sunset to get a card that looked like Star Swirl, but I think this works even better. Very nicely and interestingly played. I'm also guessing Celestia probably knows and/or sent a special letter to ol Dumbledore about Sunset. That should be very interesting.

Well this is a very interesting start to a story that seems to have a ton of great potential. Really looking forward to more. :pinkiehappy:

So how is the next chapter progressing for you?

7545500 Ask and thou shall be rewarded.

Not so sure being in two Houses will end well, but it fits her character development.

A snake in a lions Skin, truly there is nothing so terrifying. Harry may have to learn to watch his back not only from his enemies but from his friends as well:trollestia:

Watch out Villains of Harry potter, there is a good guy who can scheme better than you can!

In MLP time loops there is a moment where Crysalis tries to explain Draco Malfoy the different house and how they react too problems.

"A true Slytherin has no enemies," the creature stated as she pulled back, "or at least none worth naming. Enemies are for the brave Gryffindors to fight, for the intelligent Ravenclaws to outwit, for the persevering Hufflepuffs to endure. Any creature that would be an enemy to Slytherin is to be... subverted. The reason for its opposition removed. And if that is impossible, then ensure it will also fight one of the other houses.

A true Slytherin moves like a snake and positions him/herself exactly where he/she would benefit from it the most. And Sunset already knows that after antagonizing Draco there's nothing for her in Slytherin. While there is in Griffoundor a historic important person, a disciple in the art of snarkery and a girl who she could share experiences with about being the smartest. And all three she likes to interact with.
So there's the obvious answer where a Slytherin would go if she had the choice.
A snake doesn't want to go where there are more cold-blooded snakes to fight with, a snake goes where it's safe and warm.

And now I'm thinking that Sunset is either a chimeara or a manticore with all that snake and lion stuff. Why? Because both mythical creatures are kinda of a hybrid of both. I'm aware that the only thing that manticores have similar to cobras is that they're poisonous, but still.

Great nod to the theory of asking to be put into Gryffindor. I think Sunset is going to love hanging out with Ron's twin brothers, think of the mayhem. Poor, poor, poor Percy he has no clue what has been unleashed into the House.

Here's hoping she makes life hell for Malfoy, Bellatrix, and Voldemort.

7555951 oh the fun she'll have at his expense.

And thus do the plans of they that seek to destroy the world come crashing down. And yet, those of dark heart continue to scheme, for they cannot see that they sit not in fortresses, but ruins.

Well, my question has been answered, Harry still went with Gryffindor. I'm honestly a bit surprised that Sunset choose them as well (let's face it, Malfoy would never be much of a threat to Sunny if she went into Slytherin).

I like it so far, but there are small details that detract from the whole. The dialogue is a little rough and the grammar is pretty bad.
Dialogue gets better with practice, and grammar gets better with an editor, so I suggest you get one.
Taken as a whole though, I look forward to more.


I think once again Malfoy's mouth got ahead of his brain. He was acting like the nobles that Sunset despised back in Equestria and she wants nothing to do with him. Now she can and will continue to play him like a fiddle knowing he is nothing but a boy playing an adults game. Sunset has been taught by a pony who actively trolls those who annoy her.

Please kind author can we have another chapter?

"A Cobra in Red and Gold." What a lovely turn of phrase.

Also, and I'm sorry if this has already been answered elsewhere, how old is Sunset in this story? And what was her age before she entered this world? And does she need a ferret familiar? :pinkiehappy:


Sorry ferret's only bring WMB's* to 9 year old Japanese girls.

*WMB stands for weapon of mass befriending.

Harumph! Harumph, I say! I very nearly lost my monocle at the audaciousness of such a claim! Ferrets are lovely, charming creatures that combine all of the best features of snakes and rats! How could they not be widely adored?


I was referencing this. Plus here is a pony version. See plenty of love!

...I had never heard of that before in my life. Do you recommend watching it?

Having now watched an episode or three, I can understand why you thought that I was referencing it. A good show, with several interesting deviations from a typical magical girl show.

Wow... reading this wasnt that bad, since I always have this dislike/cringing feeling if there is a crossover with the Harry Potter books/movies.

Maybe its Harry, he feels well... just out of place in crossovers for me :unsuresweetie:

I like this idea in theory. I'd prefer to see sunset in ravenclaw or slytherine though. Sunsets plans and schemes are stupid sure, but that never stopped anyone from joining that house anyway.

7916863 That's probably why Celestia said she'd be in Slytherin, reverse psychology judo. Don't want your daughter figure in the house that would perpetuate her bad habits? Say it would be your house so she wants nothing to do with it.

but having celestia have opportunity to judo would be bad in this instance because it would be more interesting if sunset had to deal with that habit while trying to be good

One question; is it natural or do you do something with your hair? I mean, don’t take me wrong, I like it, I just think by its mere existence there are several laws of physics being destroyed… what? Was it something I said?”

YOU don't get to talk Ms Bacon Head!

Slightly confused by the ending...was Sunset talking about killing Hermione or Hermione would be alibi? If it's the latter, then who is the blonde girl Sunset want's to kill?

They...actually had to make that a rule?

Then again..old school...way back then you probably could kill legally for numerous reasons and not just honor duels as long as you had an excuse...the founders likely put the rule in place to ensure they actually had students by years end.:trixieshiftleft:

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