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I am a simple writer with simple needs. Smash two (or more) universes together and see what happens.


Twilight Sparkle has turned evil and is bent on taking over Equestria for herself; she has already killed Applejack, Rarity, Rainbow Dash and Princess Celestia, stealing the Elements of Harmony, using their raw power to destroy anyone who stands against her path to total domination. Pinkie Pie and Flutterhsy evading Twilight's pursuit, with their respective Elements of Harmony in hand, Twilight enlisted Discord to draw out the two remaining elements by turning all of Equestria into a post-apocalyptic wasteland, and when that didn't work she released all foes she had previously defeated, including the likes of Queen Chrysalis, The Dazzlings, and Lord Tirek.

Sunset Shimmer, a former student of Celestia's, now works as a smuggler for anyone with good enough cash, all while avoiding rival employers and Twilight's Royal Guards, dubbed "The Alliance" by her and other smugglers.


Inspired by works such as: Star Wars, Firefly, and Fallout
Art by bakki

Edit (2/10/18): Revised almost everything, up to chapter 7 and the title.
Edit (5/31/21 - now): edited for better, more consistent terminology, word choice and other cringey things.

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Wait... Why is Discord helping Twilight take down Fluttershy? Isn't she his best friend?

Comment posted by Jninja15 deleted Dec 1st, 2016

7736960 Don't worry, that will be explained later.

“It’s the gorram Alliance."

Take mah love, take mah land, take me where i cannot stand. i don't care i'm still free, you can't,take me out to the black, tell em i ain't comin back, there's no place i can be, since i've found serenity, but you can't take the sky from me!
---The ballad of Serenity, Joss Whedon's Firefly.

This is an ALT.U, it doen't work on the same rules set by the show.

That whole chapter brought back pleasant memories of the Firefly show.

So, charecterization (will update new info on charecters by chapter)

Sunset Shimmer: Malcolm Reynolds/Han Solo
Trixie:Greedo/Zoe washburn/Lando Calrisian
CMC's:Luke Skywalker /Simon and River Tam
Twilight Sparkle:The Emporer
Starlight Glimmer:Darth Vader
Flash Sentry:The Oprative
Niska:Should be obvious
Royal guard:USA-China Alliance/Stormtroopers
Sunburst:Not sure, will update as soon as i get more info.

:pinkiegasp: You read my mind! Almost word for word! Except I don't know who "The Operative" is and where's Niska? Nevermind about Niska I think I know who you are thinking of now, though I had a different thought in mind initially :raritywink:.

The Operative was the main villain in the Serenity movie. A skilled assassin sent by the Alliance to retrieve the Pams and keep Miranda secret.
Miranda was a failed colony planet, and where the Reavers lived before they became Reavers. It appears a super melatonin, (best way i can describe the Pax) sent by the Alliance to make everyone calm and stop chaos had the reverse effect on one tenth of the population and made them Reavers

Starlight Twilight was sitting at the head of the table, in the middle of Starlight’s looping path. She had her feet on the table, fondling the red lightning bolt jewel in one hand between her fingers, like a pirate with a cursed gold coin, time Starlight passed by.

Pirates of the Caribbean Curse of the Black Pearl reference.

I plan on updating this next weekend. Though it's all rewrites of the previous chapters, changing the title of the story - the current one sucks- and updating the races to matching the actual show to help with new readers and just improving the writing in general.

Hey here's an idea for a title; Sunset's Race for Serenity.

Interesting... But I already have a title in mind "Rogue Sun". That is still a really good name though I might use that later.

Much better. I like the CMC's in this already. But I liked the term 'Icarus'. But that's just me.

She walked deeper into the hideout, towards the vault. She was at the last corner before she reached it when she heard music starting to play, a guitar, then there was singing, “Hey (hey) What's the matter with your head? yeah...”

That lyric is from Redbone's Come and Get Your Love.

Apple Bloom, however, retained a cool exterior, “Ah’ve heard stories about what could be inside it: treasure, a treasure map, a cup that once held Celestia’s blood, a bunch of stuff, even Twilight’s heart, padded with dirt.”

Another refrence.

Davy Jones: Heart in a chest is my thing, little missy.

Comment posted by Marcthelightspark2004 deleted Feb 11th, 2018

He looked at one end of the canister, holding his hand over it, shining ultraviolet light, saw a glowing picture of a cloud with three parallel lightning bolts coming out of it.

Cutie mark of the maker?

Heeeeeey. Nice redo of the story.
The last chapter was vrery funny and foreboding at the same time, but, when are ya gonna update?

I appreciate your feedback. I agree about the Icarus term, I asked my brother for help with a rename for the unicorns and he gave me espers, and I still have no idea where they're from. That word alone made me want to rewrite the while thing.

Does your brother play Final fantasy 12? Cause (i just wikied it) and espers=mages.
(i think :rainbowhuh:)
Edit:hang on, Esper means someone that has ESP.

Do you like Pirates of the Caribbean?
Cause I see a LOT of refs to it in yer story.

No... no real Final Fantasy players in this house. (the only game he and I ever really played was FF Crystal Chronicles: My Life as a King, which I liked a lot, even though I would agree it can be considered lame) But he and I are really big anime nerds.

OK, I'm sorry I didn't respond to this earlier, but, my thought was that the changes were the update, so (in my mind) it has been updated. But to give you the answer you are looking for: about a month from now. :twilightsheepish:
If you do not see something by March 10 (or 11) feel free to express how incredibly disappointed you are in me, and how disappointed I should be with myself for not updating on time as I promised. :twilightsheepish:

So... how's your day? :pinkiesmile:

Uh, thanks for the info. That seems a tad long, if you can shorten it to...........two? weeks. yes two weeks, cause if ya wait a month, readers might lose intrest. But fer now, I’ll keep my eye opened.
And my day’s good. How is your day?

Hey, are you gonna take my advice and update soon? Or will I still hafta wait a month or so?

This weekend, at the latest, promise! :twilightsheepish:

Got it. And remember shorten to to weeks max for updates.

"He's not as fun as you are, Church. So, are you going to help me find a good souvenir in all this rubble, or not?"

And a RvB nod/cameo.

So, are ya gonna update soon? Remember, two weeks max is a good time for updates.

I actually predicted that in your story they were siblings.

I told you that no one was going to be surprised. Lucky for me I wasn't depending on that, a lot.

Hey, you gonna update? I said to shorten it to two weeks.

Nice, plz update sooner, like I said, every two weeks.

Rough times at work, please be patient.

Just about. Plus, this next chapter just seems a little out of place, and I'm trying to make it's not detract too far for too long.

The stallion chuckled softly, “Have you learned nothing from your time in the Wonderbolts, Firefly?”

Firefly? As in the the G1 pony, or the ship?

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