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Rogue Sun - Jninja15

Sunset Shimmer begrudgingly joins the Cutie Mark Crusaders to find their deceased sisters in the wasteland that is now Equestria

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Chapter 17: Epilogue

Starlight had been sent spiraling out of control after she got hit. Her ejector seat was jammed, so she had to use her magic to force open her dead craft to escape. Using her telekinesis, she ruptured the glass in front of her outward, the wind suddenly filling the now open cockpit, slamming her further into her seat and whipping her hair all about. Starlight then unbuckled her seatbelts and, with the assistance of telekinesis, jumped out of her aircraft.

Starlight was several thousand feet in the air without a parachute, but she did not seem bothered as she stared cooly at the ground below her for about a minute. One particular rebel aircraft then became unfortunate enough to fly right under Starlight at the right moment and have her land on their canopy like a spider. She then pulled back one arm, balling a fist and charging her fist with magical energy threw a punch that shattered a hole in the glass large enough for her to reach in and rip the poor pilot out of his seat and take his place. Unfortunately, there were two other ponies in this fighter, and one had the audacity to try and shoot her with the gun mounted on top of the craft.

“Lā shǐ.” Starlight grumbled to herself as she stared down the barrels of the mounted gun. “I shouldn’t have killed the pilot so soon.”

The guns fired, and Starlight pounced forward at the gunner avoiding all the bullets as she sliced the barrels off with her lightsaber and stabbed the gunner in the face through the glass.

The plane, for absence of a pilot, then slowly began to roll, forcing Starlight to pace along the side of the craft to stay upright and not fall off, using her magic to lightly magnetize her feet to keep her from slipping. She casually met the other gunner on the plane and sliced him in the back through the protective glass as she paced past him and back to the cockpit.

It became a minor struggle for Starlight to get back to the pilot seat as the plane’s spiral became faster, but she got herself into the cockpit and righted the course of the aircraft. And that’s when she saw the first explosion on The Midnight, the bright purple light from between the forks of the ship flickered then disappeared. Starlight grit her teeth and forced her hijacked aircraft to go as fast as it could back up to The Midnight.


The Midnight suddenly shook, disturbing Twilight’s posture, causing the jewels to fall from their place. Twilight outstretched her hand and caught the jewels with her magic, floating them back to around her shoulders. She gritted her teeth as she pressed a button on her communication earpiece.

“Blueblood! What in the Hell is going on?!” No response. “Blueblood! Answer me!”

“Admiral Blueblood is dead your majesty.” another officer responded. “Rebels have made it on board and blew up all the reactors, overloading several consoles on the bridge, including the one that killed Blueblood.”

Twilight sighed a low growl and looked down at an approaching aircraft. Sensing that it was her apprentice, she leaped off the platform and off the exploding battleship and onto the passing, commandeered plane.

“What should we do, master?” Starlight tried to yell over the wind, not sure if Twilight could actually hear her.

Twilight said nothing, but the anger Starlight felt off of her master managed to tell her to fly to their nearest outpost in the Frozen North.


Twilight and Starlight made their way to their Imperial outpost. However, both were so livid at their loss that both neglected to inform anypony of their approach, particularly in a hijacked rebel craft. So they were summarily shot down and had to make a crash landing.

When they made their landing, Starlight still had the courtesy of using the runway to land, but both she and Twilight jumped from the craft with a telekinetic boost, leaving the plane to carve a burning gouge into the pavement.

When Twilight and Starlight’s feet met the pavement, the few soldiers that happened to be patrolling the premises saw the mistake the anti-aircraft gunners made as they all came up to them and asked if the empress and her pupil were ok.

The only response they got was an angry glare from the empress to the highest ranking officer that had verbally asked the question. Her eyes burning a furious green as purple smoke violently wisped out from her eyes and every single stallion around them grasped at their throats, choking, as they were all levitated into the air.

Twilight let them go after a while, some of them collapsed on the ground, all of them gasped for breath. She made her way to the communications tower at a brisk pace, with Starlight following closely behind. Clearly, the empress was angry; as when a heavy transport truck had moved in her way she brushed it aside using her telekinesis, nearly toppling it. That, and when she got to the door of the communications tower she blew the door off its hinges and entered. The burning hatred in her eyes died shortly after as she walked over to the communications officer and ordered him to make a call.

Sweat was dripping from the lieutenant’s brow. “T-to who do you w-want t-to m-make a c-call, y-your majesty?”

“Get me Commander Moondancer.” she was surprisingly patient with the lieutenant considering how she blew the door down earlier. The lieutenant then asked Twilight for her communications priority code and patched her through to her desired recipient.

A minute later, a cream colored unicorn mare with a red mane and purple highlights appeared on the screen. Her mane was tied back in a messy bun as her bangs hung in a loose mess. She wore a pair of cat-eye frame glasses with some tape across the bridge, and her uniform was slightly unbuttoned, revealing the light grey shirt she wore underneath. She seemed to be answering from an office, judging from the camera angle and the pencil cup at the edge of the screen.

“Greetings Empress Twilight,” Moondancer said with a neutral expression. “How may I be of service to you today?”

“The invasion of the Crystal Empire has failed, and The Midnight has been destroyed,” Twilight said bluntly.

Moondancer was taken aback by this, she jerked her head back and blinked but otherwise her face remained unchanged. “I take it that idiot Blueblood was left in charge?”

Twilight turned to look at Starlight from the corner of her eye.

Starlight flinched a little before standing in strict military attention and bowing her head as low as she could. “I left Admiral Blueblood in command while I had to address some... other things.”

Twilight looked away from Starlight. “You can explain yourself later, my student. As for now,” she looked back to Moondancer. “I take it you’ll be pleased when I say that Project: Skull Child now has the highest priority for completion.”

Moondancer smirked as she leaned forward and placed an elbow on the desk and her chin on her fist. “Most definitely, your highness.”

“And in light of Blueblood’s death, you have been promoted, Admiral Moondancer.”

Moondancer’s mouth dropped open a little as her eyes widened, but quickly regained composure and sat up straight and then bowed as best she could. “Thank you, your majesty. I won’t let you down.”

“Let’s hope not. Dismissed.” Twilight said as she reached out to hang up.

“Oh! A couple more things, your majesty.”

Twilight pulled her hand back. “Yes?”

“I would like to inform you that the Winter Sorraia project is now field ready.”

Twilight smirked. “Good. And the second thing?”

Moondancer shifted uneasily in her seat. “With the information we have learned about one ‘Trixie Lulamoon’ I would like to request a temporary reinitiation of Project Freeprancer.”

Twilight contemplated this for a second. “Granted.” Moondancer face lit up at the news. “And, considering how sentimental you are with your pet projects, I take it you already have a time table for completion and a name for the new agent?”

“Yes ma’am. Agent Mane will be field ready in six months.”

“Good work, Admiral. If that is everything, you are dismissed.”

Moondancer nodded her head and the transmission cut out.

“W-will that be all, your majesty?” the communications officer asked.

“Yes, that will be all,” Twilight responded as she walked away.

The lieutenant nodded, shakily returning back to his work.

Author's Note:

That's the end of this story. I'll be taking a break from this before I make the sequel, but trust me I'll start working on it soon enough. Please like and share this with anyone you know.

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I don't know what Winter Sorriaa is a reference to. But, Projetc Freepancer? Agent Mane? Yeah, I love RvB refs, so, I'm gewd.

Not bad... Waiting for the sequel...

Thank you! I'll keep that in mind. Google translate is imperfect anyways.
Would you mind telling me the reason why I should change it so?

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