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I am a simple writer with simple needs. Smash two (or more) universes together and see what happens.


After a natural cataclysm destroyed their homeworld and the Equestrian nation scattered to the stars in the evacuation, the Main Six and their immediate family in Ponyville drifted among the stars in an escape pod for weeks before they were found and adopted into the crew of the Federation Starship Voyager.

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I'm a big Voyager fan, so I can honestly say these are very good portrayals of the crew. I think a bit of backstory is needed, though. The long description doesn't do the ponies' situation justice, and I'd like to know some more details as to how they got there. Are they still in the Delta Quadrant or has Voyager gone to another dimension? If they're in the Delta, then Equestria must have been there as well, if Seven was able to find constellations with which Twilight was familiar. That raises a whole host of other questions as well. Hopefully, we'll get some answers soon.

I'm also a Voyager fan too! Thank you for saying that I did a good job with character portrayals. Unfortunately, I want to keep the specifics of the backstory rather vague because the focus of this is the interactions between all the characters on board. I also thank you for your critique about the stars, I didn't think that it would have actually been easy for Seven to find the constellations, however, it's more of their proximity to said constellation that was more important, (especially since, as I should state in the backstory, that Voyager never encountered Equestria but found the Main 6 and family adrift in a space pod or some other small; barely functional space vessel).

I hope this answers a few questions if not raise more that I would be more than happy to answer.

Are you gonna update this story anytime soon?

Hopefully, I've been busy with college right now. Thank you for your concern.

Two questions: 1. Why didn't Discord do something? 2. Why didn't Fluttershy set things up so she left her brother behind to die?

Two responses:
1. Plot device!
2. Where did this come from? She's not that mean. Besides, he's a slippery bugger he'd have found a way off planet.
Besides, I've forgotten that he even existed.

I'm guessing this fic will end after each of the mane 6 get their own chapter, but I hope you give it a sequel, maybe one with more detail over how they got here but still focusing on character interaction.

Rarity and Harry? I’m ok with this? Also what happened to Luna and sunbutt or sunset shimmy for that matter?

Shim-shim is safe in the other dimension, that world didn't explode or something. Lulu and Sunbutt on the other hand hoof sacrificed themselves to get everypony off the planet.

But they were not as successfully as they would have hoped, as the ship also blew up. Which is why the mane 6 is on the ship with only (most of) their immediate family and not colonizing a new planet as how a traditional Star Trek episode would have ended.

That is the plan, though hopefully a few extra chapters here before making the sequel where the rotten apples hit the fan (so to speak) and the mane 6 are pulled into a regular Tuesday for Voyager where they encounter something that nearly kills everyone.

will we see more of rarity and harry's relationship in the future

Ooooooooh Rainbow has a crush.:rainbowlaugh:

Take as long as you need. Star Trek can wait

Rarity acted a little surprised at the question, “Oh? I would love to. What do you have in mind?”

She took that better than expected.

Fluttershy stared at him with tired, incredulous eyes. Even with his marginal social ineptitude, he could see that her expression said, “Please don’t ever make me do that again.”

That must have been so hard for her...

I'm stickin' around to see what happens to poor Spike.

Loving this so far, can't wait for more.

Another tree-man came out from behind the bushes and stood incredibly tall. “I am Groot.”

Huh but but... nope nope when pinkie is involved it’s best to leave things be. that way lies madness

I didn't know Marvel was gonna get involved

I don't see why your disappointment with this chapter.
I found it very cute.

Do you still have plans to write a sequel?
We still don't know how they got on the ship.

I always loved the Naomi episodes.

I'm glad you think so. I just felt like the way I wrote Pinkie was a little flat and didn't really feel like Pinkie but an exaggeration of her worst traits (not by much, I'll admit).

Plans for the sequel: Yes and no. I have an idea, but I want to plan it out a bit further before I start, as I plan to add Doctor Who time travel to the mix.

How they got there was not as important to me as them being there and interacting with the crew. However, I believe the Applejack chapter has the most hints as to how but I know was never explicit nor planned to give any deep details on the matter. Long story short: their planet was dying, all of Equestria escaped on an ark ship but complications separated the mane 6 from everyone, leaving them to assume that the rest of the ship was destroyed and everyone else dead after Voyager rescued them.

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