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Hello, my name is Sam, I'm 19 and I live in the United Kingdom. I've finished College and trying to find a job so please respected if I can't keep track with my stories.


A young human boy of age ten is sent to Equestria after he watched his own mother turning into a donkey by a virus that turned people into animals. He found a portal in a cave that transported him to Equestria, while going through the portal, he ended up bonding to a technorganic being known as an Ultrasuit. The child ends up in Equestria and founds himself being adopted by a Unicorn named Twilight. Join us as we watch this child grow up and fight evil.

Hi friends! This is it, the remastered HIs New Home in Equestria.

I'm going with a completely new idea, with some elements, themes and ideas from my original story, I hope you guys like this remastered and hopefully, it doesn't get taking down

other tags include: Trixie, Shadowbolts (EQG) Starlight, Princess Luna, Spike, Princess Cadence, Queen Chrysalis, The Dazzlings and others

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Nice start my friend!

awesome chapter mate keep it up cant wait for the next chapter:pinkiehappy::twilightsmile:

Great opening but i have to ask why didn't Sam find a phone to use outside his home and try calling his older siblings before he assumed they were turned into animals. It was stated that they were in university but aside from that. Sam (and by extension the reader) doesn't actually know if his siblings were turned into animals too. Unless you plan to tell us later the fate of his older siblings.

It's still early in the story so the plan I do have for them could alter a bit

But for now the plan for them is still set and stone

As for why Sam didn't find a phone, was that he didn't know how to use the house phone and didn't know his mother's phone password

Did you get the photo from yu gi oh?

Amazing chapter my friend!

I hope the Chameleon that Sam just got has a special power that triggers everytime Sam has a nightmare to protect and help him and a special power that triggers whenever Sam is in actual danger or extremely scared but not in life threatening danger. After all she did come from the Everfree Forest

Glad I gave you an idea. Now I'm curious what you got planned

If you have any other ideas for future chapters I've love to hear them

did you like the happy moment I wrote

It was the sweetest thing I have ever wrote

This was a really touching chapter can't wait for more 😁😁

loved it, Trixie redeemed!!!~

I have been having a debate lately. I can't decide which of these three options to do my next story on. Which one would you pick?

My Little Pony x Bakugan Battle Brawlers (the original Bakugan) (Takes place where a Brawler and his Partner, Leonidas, end up in Equestria)

My Little Pony x The Legend of Zelda Skyward Sword (takes place after Shining Armor kicks Twilight Sparkle out of his wedding)

My Little Pony x Luigi's Mansion 3 (takes place during the first episode of MLP and Luigi's Mansion 3 did not happen)

I would say they one where Shining Armour kicks Twilight out the wedding, even though I'm not a fan of Legend of Zelda

Same go with Legend of Zelda Skyward Sword as there isn't very many MLP x LoZ crossover fics. Or do all three as an anthology series where they all technically happen in the same universe just at different times

Amazing chapter my good friend!

Nice to see that “she” has made a appearance in the story :pinkiesmile:

Yeah 'she' is going to play a big part later on

Why are you rewriting His New Home in Equestria?

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