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Hello, my name is Sam, I'm 18 and I live in the United Kingdom. I'll be going to College soon so please respected if I can't keep track with my stories.


A young human boy of age ten is sent to Equestria after he watched his own mother turning into a donkey by a virus that turned people into animals. He found a portal in a cave that transported him to Equestria, while going through the portal, he ended up bonding to a technorganic being known as an Ultrasuit. The child ends up in Equestria and founds himself being adopted by a Unicorn named Twilight. Join us as we watch this child grow up and fight evil.

Hi friends! This is it, the remastered HIs New Home in Equestria.

I'm going with a completely new idea, with some elements, themes and ideas from my original story, I hope you guys like this remastered and hopefully, it doesn't get taking down

other tags include: Trixie, Shadowbolts (EQG) Starlight, Princess Luna, Spike, Princess Cadence, Queen Chrysalis, The Dazzlings and others

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