• Published 24th Sep 2016
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Rogue Sun - Jninja15

Sunset Shimmer begrudgingly joins the Cutie Mark Crusaders to find their deceased sisters in the wasteland that is now Equestria

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Chapter 5: The Train Job

Two days ago:
A motorcycle was roaring at high speed across the open desert. The figure on the motorcycle was dressed in an all black motorcycle suit, complete with a black helmet with a dark tinted lens, and a brown leather satchel at his side. He was being followed by several armored cars that were slowly catching up.

The armored cars had members of Twilight’s Royal Guard leaning out of the windows and firing their guns at the cyclist. The cyclist took one hand off of the handle bars and a ball of vermillion red magic accumulated in his hand and grew. When the ball of magic was as big as his head he lobbed the ball of magic, backhanded, at one of the cars chasing him and it hit the hood on the driver’s side and exploded in spectacular fashion but did little except create a large dent in the hood and make the driver swerve severely for a moment before straightening back up and resuming the chase.

The terrain quickly changed from a sandy desert to dry grasslands so the landscape got quite a bit more interesting. The cyclist gained an advantage in this new terrain, for his vehicle was designed to be able to handle rougher terrains like ones you would find in these dry grasslands, while the armored cars had to steer wider than the cycle around some of the bigger mounds of dirt and thick rooted plants, so as to not give the vehicle more damage than necessary.

The chase continued to alongside a short cliff face with a train running beside it down below. Another cliff face was coming up, dropping off into a chasm with a bridge for the train tracks spanning across it.

The cyclist was running beside the train and just as he ran out of ground, he steered himself into the direction of the train, jumping off his bike, letting it fall into the chasm below and landed on top of the fifth cart from the front.

He looked back and saw all of the armored cars stop at the edge of the cliff and ceased their fire. They turned around and he opened the hatch on top of the cart, saw that there was no one in it, just a bunch of cargo. He dropped down into the cart and sat down his satchel and took off his helmet, revealing his brilliant vermilion red hair, and long goatee, wearing silver, round, thick rimmed glasses on his light-orange skinned face. He took a moment to catch his breath, and placed a hand on the back of his helmet. His hand glowed brightly and his helmet dematerialized. With his hand still glowing he swept it over himself from top to bottom and, in a glow, his clothes changed from a black jumpsuit to an orange shirt, dark blue jeans, dirty white shoes and a long brown leather cloak covering him up. His cloak bound around his neck by a round blue gemstone with four short bars of silver radiating outward on one side of the gem.

“Alright Sunburst,” he said to himself. “I know that didn’t go exactly as planned but let’s see what we can do now.”

He knelt down to reach into his satchel and pulled out an unopened canister with archaic symbols and sliding mechanisms all over it.

“This would probably be easier if I could figure out how to open this thing.” Sunburst said as he fiddled around a little bit with the sliding mechanisms on the canister.

He looked at one end of the canister, holding his hand over it, shining ultraviolet light, saw a glowing picture of a cloud with three parallel lightning bolts coming out of it.

“I especially wonder what this means.” he mused.

Sunburst put everything down and looked through the window of the door to the other cart ahead of him. He saw members of Twilight’s Royal Guard fill the other cart.

Gāisǐ de.” he muttered to himself in Manedarin. “Those húndàn are here too. As long as they don’t know I’m here they shouldn’t be looking for me.” Still looking into the other cart, he notices a mother and her child walk past the squad of guards from the other side and towards the cart he was in. He took a step back and let the two pass, trying to look as inconspicuous as possible. They passed him and exited to the cart on the other side. He looked around to make sure the coast was clear - enough - and took a look around the cart itself and noticed a crate marked with the red cross of Nurse Redheart. She and her crew were dedicated to helping people no matter who they were, and they were good friends with the rebellion he’s in.

He opened up the crate and placed the canister inside, hoping that if anything happened to him on this train, when the crate gets to Nurse Redheart and she opens it up, she would know what to do with it and give it to the rebels. Sunburst closed the lid and walked to the cart where the mother and her child went and had a seat.

Meanwhile, in the third cart from the front, two women were sitting across from each other. One woman with red and yellow hair was waiting patiently, while the other, with platinum hair, was fiddling with a stack of cards, mostly doing fancy techniques of moving a card in and out of one’s hand to help cheat at a card game.

“Give it a rest will ya, Trixie? Can’t you just accept the fact that I beat you in a game of cards and you lost your car?” said the one with red and yellow hair.

“No, Sunset, because the Great and Powerful Trixie doesn’t lose at cards. Trixie knows you cheated somehow, and I’m still contemplatin’ on how you did it.” she said with a scowl as she continued to play her card tricks.

“Great, you do that while I go secure our package and keep your cut if you don’t keep up.” Sunset said as she got up and headed for the back of the train.

Trixie groaned and got up to join Sunset, putting her cards away, giving up on her endeavor to expose Sunset as a cheater.

They entered the fourth cart from the front and were met with a team of Royal Guards. Both Sunset and Trixie froze in their tracks.

“Hi.” Sunset said, putting on her best poker face, even better than when she played with Trixie earlier.

The tension was high for Sunset and Trixie, but was relieved slightly when a mother and her child entered the cart and was passing through uninhibited. So Sunset and Trixie went on their way passed the guards to the next cart on the train.

When they got to the next cart Trixie closed the door behind them and turned to Sunset and, in an angry whisper, said, “What the hell is a platoon of Alliance soldiers doing on board this train!?”

Keeping calm, Sunset responded, “I don’t know, but seeing as they’re just lettin’ anyone pass by means they ain’t guarding the cargo.”

“Trixie supposes you’d want to get out of here as fast as possible.”

“Hell no. Stealin’ cargo under the nose of trained guards will make them look real foolish-like. Heh. I’d do this kind of job for free.” she smiled.

“Can Trixie have your cut then?”


“If you die can Trixie have your cut?”


They walk up to the crate marked with the red cross of Nurse Redheart.

“This is one of the boxes Chrysalis sent us for.” said Trixie.

“Alright then. Let’s snag ‘em, bag ‘em, and get out of here.” Sunset said as she knelt down in front of the box and placed a small slab of stone on top of it, rotating a piece of the metal frame on it, making it latch on top of the crate. Sunset then placed two fingers in the center of the stone’s face and made the runic symbol on the stone glow like her hand and the crate shrank down to the size of a clay brick. Trixie did this to one other box and held this one herself.

Sunset looked outside the window and saw her new car driving by. “Looks like our ride is here.” she said as she stood under the hatch on the roof. “Gimme a boost.”

Trixie complied and Sunset opened the hatch and crawled out onto the roof.

Just then a member of the Royal Guard came into the cart and saw Trixie holding one of the boxes they were planning to steal.

“Freeze.” he said pointing his gun at Trixie. She panicked and activated a heavy smoke screen, making the guard cough so much he could not focus on firing his gun, giving herself some time to be pulled up by Sunset.

“Pull me up.” she said holding out a hand for Sunset to grab.

“Gimme the loot.” she said.

Without thinking, Trixie threw up the small crate she had in her hand and Sunset caught it.

“Thanks.” Sunset said as she closed the hatch and welded it shut with her magic.

Trixie stood there stunned for a second.

Sǐle nǐ, nǐ wú shānyáng de suǒyǒu wú mǔ shānyáng!” she screamed at Sunset.

After Trixie was done cursing at Sunset in Manedarin, she remembered there was a guard behind her smoke screen and started running away from him, but not before the smokescreen cleared up enough for the guard to confidently start shooting and fired off several shots from his automatic rifle. He missed every single shot. And Trixie managed to escape into the next cart.

Sunburst heard the cursing and the gunshots, and got up to investigate. When he got to the door he was immediately pushed aside by a fleeing Trixie.

“Out of my way!” she said as she was sprinting down the aisle. Sunburst at looked where she was running from and saw a guard raise up his gun, ready to fire, and Sunburst instinctively raised up a magic barrier to protect himself from incoming fire, which came. When the firing stopped and the guard started to reload his gun, Sunburst opted not to wait and see if that was meant for him and ran off in the other direction, same as Trixie. Quickly, more guards became active and started running through the aisles of the train carts.

Trixie had reached the end of the train, an empty caboose, she turned around to where the caboose connected to the other cart and charged up a playing card in her hand with magic and threw it at the connection, it embedded itself into the metal and started to glow brighter and brighter. Trixie retreated into the caboose and just as Sunburst opened the door before reaching the caboose, the card exploded, disconnecting the carts and blowing Sunburst back, hitting his head hard on the floor. He laid there on the floor unconscious as the guards caught up and saw no sign of Trixie or the cart she just hijacked.

The guards identified Sunburst as a member of the Rebel Alliance and was taken into custody, delivered to a rather large triangular airship.