• Published 2nd Jun 2016
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Sunset Shimmer - A Pony in Hogwarts - ratedoni

Celestia and Sunset decided that maybe it was time for a break before they start fighting, so with that inmind Sunset accepts the invitation of a magical school at the other side of the mirror. Pray for the sanity of those in the school.

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A Pony in Hogwarts 02

A Pony in Hogwarts 02

“So why was she practically shouting where the platform was? I mean, it was obvious it was between 9 and 10, it was a huge door connecting both non-magical side and the wizard one, I just don’t get it, why are people strange?” Sunset said after placing all the objects in place on the train cabin that Harry, Sunset and the other redheaded kid that had followed them choose. Sunset had to be sincere on one thing, this train was as luxurious as the one Celestia used whenever she had to travel with entourage, not like that classless Friendship Express, she was sure it was designed by a color blind pony, it looked more like a toy than a real train.

“Maybe mom was confused”

“If your mom was confused because of this oh boy do I worry about your family” Sunset said getting on a roll and Harry had to contain a laughter at seeing the way she was going at it, it was like his aunt Petunia’s tirades but these ones were funny and basically asking why something happened instead of just complaining.

“Well, we are seven kids plus mom and dad, she has a lot to do, by the way, I’m Ron Weasley”

“Sunset Miroiter” why oh why did she not put attention to Celestia when she was filling the papers? Really, she didn’t know why the princess used the french version of her name; It was or extremely tacky or ingenious in its own way.

“I’m Harry Potter”

“Wow, you are Harry Potter? And you have the… you know… the scar?”

“Oh, yeah” the dark haired boy said before moving his hair to let the other two occupants see the infamous scar on his forehead making Ron be in awe and Sunset to simply stare not knowing what was all about.

“So, is there a reason why you have a rune on your head?” she asked noticing the flabbergasted look on Ron “what did I said?”

“You really don’t know?”

“Well, considering that I’m not from around here I suppose that would be a no” Sunset said knowing that just by saying she was from Equestria would cause so many problems even though these people were used to the bizarre, but a pony dimensional traveler would probably be a little too much for them.

“I defeated a dark wizard when I was a baby and I was left with this scar, my parents died that night to that same dark wizard” Harry said repeating the words Hagrid had told him still feeling as if it had come from a fairy tale, really, he defeated a bad wizard when he was just a baby? And Sunset must have been thinking the same thing because she had a confused look on her face.

“So how exactly did you defeat a dark wizard that was apparently powerful enough to kill your parents? I’m sorry by the way; I know how it feels to not have parents” Sunset said raised her hands to show she wasn’t trying to be hurtful “and I say it again, people are strange” Sunset finished knowing that sooner or later she will be using so much that it would become her signature phrase.

Harry and Ron had to nod their heads at the words of the female redhead, her opinion of people being strange; they knew it very well with the people they lived with, so with no more talk about scars and family they all settled down until there was someone on the door and it ended up being a lady with a snack cart and after seeing the kind of lunch Ron had (Sunset would swear the bag contained primordial soup) Harry took out enough golden coins to buy the entire stock of candies and snacks, cart not included which was a shame on Sunset’s mind.

The variety was outstanding, every flavor beans, which according to Ron it meant EVERY imaginable flavor, including healthy things and gross stuff, if there was a hay flavor Sunset was all for it; there were also sponge cakes that tasted divine, small chocolate cauldrons with a nice filling but Sunset knew it could be better; and there were the guys favorites apparently, frog chocolates that had wizard cards inside, it seemed like a nice idea, Sunset was a sucker for everything that was collectable so this was right up her alley.

“So what did you get?” Ron asked munching on what seemed a hand sized apple jelly… in the form of an apple, how quaint.

“I got Dumbledore” Harry said obviously impressed about the old wizard, although in the opinion of Sunset he seemed like if he hit the floor he was going to break like glass.

“Well, I have several of him, and you Sunset?” She quickly torn open the box and quickly caught the frog in mid-air, like tartarus she was going to let it escape.

“I got… you can’t be serious” she said looking at the woman with long light pink flowing hair and white dress smiling at her that was printed on the card.

“Doesn’t she look like your mom?” Harry said also looking at the card in her hands, and it was impossible not to see the resemblance, it WAS Celestia, there was no other way, even the name! Celeste Eclat, how much more did you need? She quickly turned the card looking at the information and bio of the witch.

“Age of birth and death unknown, Celeste is one of the founders of Beauxbatons academy in France, she was a powerful witch that is said knew the four founders of Hogwarts Academy, some researchers even claim that she was directly related to the great wizard Merlin” Sunset could only stay looking at the card for almost a full minute without knowing what exactly was happening and why didn’t Celestia told her about something like that.

“So I guess your mom is important” Ron said impressed about the information of Celeste and finally Sunset understood why her papers said that Celestia was from France, the cheeky alicorn!

“Yeah, well, she works on the government, but I wouldn’t mess with her, I have never seen her use her full power” and Sunset was curious about what were Celestia’s limitations in this world, although considering how easy it was for Sunset to find the mana lanes on this world she had an hypothesis about both Celestia and her having an advantage over humans in magic power.

Any talk about her family simply stopped when the door of their cabin was opened once more by a girl wearing the most impressive hairdo in Sunset’s mind, and she had seen noble’s hairstyles.

“Have any of you seen a toad? One of the boys lost his pet and we are looking for it” the girl said but Sunset simply stood watching at her in amazement.

“One question; is it natural or do you do something with your hair? I mean, don’t take me wrong, I like it, I just think by its mere existence there are several laws of physics being destroyed… what? Was it something I said?”