• Published 2nd Jun 2016
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Sunset Shimmer - A Pony in Hogwarts - ratedoni

Celestia and Sunset decided that maybe it was time for a break before they start fighting, so with that inmind Sunset accepts the invitation of a magical school at the other side of the mirror. Pray for the sanity of those in the school.

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A Pony in Hogwarts 04

And a spectacle it was since watching every single kid look completely terrified was in a way very entertaining. Sunset knew there was something wrong in her for find enjoyment in those kinds of things but it was definitely a sight to behold. For a moment she wondered if that was how Celestia felt every time she was at the head of court. That was also another thing that was bizarre on the Princess, how much she enjoyed running circles around everypony, so it was clear she had something else planned for Sunset besides offering another look at magical education.

With no clear clue of what could happen Sunset took a look around the other kids and she had to wonder how the next seven years would go for them. She had no idea of how good they were in terms of magic considering the rules she read while preparing herself for life among these monkeys. To be denied access to magic because they were all supposed to use a wand was truly barbaric, it would be as if unicorn fillies and colts were denied their horns until they got their cutie marks or something similar. Besides, the way they manipulated the magical ley lines -and boy was Sunset surprised they existed in this world too- was bizarre to the extreme.

A rather nice looking girl wearing her hair in a plait style was directed to the Hupplepuff table much to their delight looking at their cheering. The way the hat moved around and used its wrinkles as a way to get itself a face made her shiver. It looked too close to the stories she had read about magical artifact that had been brought to life and in the end killed its original owners that it made her feel uncomfortable.

“Well, would you look at that? A useless half-blood in a useless house.” Sunset heard something like a whisper which was quite surprising for two things. One, that she was capable of hearing the whisper clearly; at least better than her friends, because they seemed to be looking around for the source just like her. The second thing that was surprising was what Sunset did after those words.

“Why? Did it remind you of your father?” She knew she had done something she shouldn’t have, and by the look of every single new student she had said it loud enough that they all had three different reactions. One was a clear shock just like the one in Hermione’s face. The second one was laughter like Ron and Harry. The third one was outrage and fury so hard that it made the blonde boy’s face turn so red it looked like Ron’s hair.

“What did you just said?” The blonde kid said while the two boys who were clearly his bodyguards -they had the same ‘stupid face, big body’ look that was almost cliché- simply blinked not knowing how to react, be offended like the blonde or also laugh like Harry and Ron.

“Wow, I knew blondes were dumb but now they are deaf, great combo kiddo.” She said slowly clapping enjoying the way he was so close to lose control and start screaming like a brat. Sunset was no stranger to kids like him, thinking that their money and their daddies were enough for him to start mocking others. Bad luck for him because there was a bigger bitch in the castle now.

Before either of them could continue the show the blonde was called by a dark haired witch wearing the cliché pointed hat, which Sunset had to be honest, it fit her in a strange way and made her look very regal in some way. The blonde kid -whose name was Draco Malfoy by the way- threw her one last look before taking his place, and lo and behold, not even one second and he was proclaimed as a new Slytherin much to the distaste of one table and the cheering of another.

Harry and Sunset turned to look at each other and they didn’t have to be mind-readers to know what the other was thinking. Right now, being in Slytherin was kind of dangerous, all thanks to Sunset and her big mouth, but damn if it wasn’t worthy.

Soon it came Ron’s turn and then Hermione and both times Sunset cheered at seeing first her fellow redhead and then the mousy brunette be proudly declared members of the House of Lions, Gryffindor. It was bizarre -at least in Sunset’s mind- the way in which she had grown closer to those two kids. If she had been back on Equestria she would have stomped out and come back to the tower to continue her studies in complete isolation. And here she was, cheering alongside others about her friends luck. Even more amazing, she had friends! How did that happen? Maybe because she found them hilarious or as a source to be acid; very few times she could let her humor and jokes be free since Equestria was always a land full of pink flowers and rainbows.

She found Ron a little annoying in his coltish ways, no wait, wouldn’t that be boyish? Anyway, he was a little kid but he was a nice target for her incisive barbs and he not only took it but returned it -or tried to anyway-. Harry was a nice boy and she felt a bizarre connection with him, maybe because of the way he had lived or the way every single adult wanted him to measure him to an almost impossible mentor or parent or crazy destiny. It was exhausting and completely stupid.

And then there was Hermione; the brunette was a bizarre mirror of her life and attitude, and in fact, it was terrifying. No wonder Princess Celestia all but pushed her into another dimension, because if she turned like the bookworm she would prefer to be skewered by a lance before turning into someone with clear mental traumas like Hermione. Besides that, she was nice, brainy and Sunset could see herself enjoying long talks about different topics.

Sadly, all those thoughts about friendship were put aside once she heard her name being called by the teacher. So with no idea about what the future will bring she took a seat upon the rather normal chair in the middle of the elevated floor. Once she was on the chair she felt the big hat on her and she couldn’t see any more due to its size in comparison with her.

“Uhm, I see that you are not a normal student, not even from this world, interesting indeed.” she heard the voice of the magical hat and had to refrain from rolling her eyes at the way it talked “but don’t be like that, after all, that’s the way I was made so there is not much I could do. So let’s start, I see a great deal of potential in you, just like a desire to better yourself, I see Slytherin in you.”

“Right, because no one in the world likes to better themselves, how weird and bizarre.” Sunset couldn’t refrain herself from talking back. Like hell she would let a talking hat decide something like just because of one single thing.

“And you have a fiery temper, just like that hair of yours.”

“As if I haven’t heard that one before.” For Celestia’s sake, she even had a sun shaped cutie mark; her temper was not into question.

“Definitely not Slytherin but still someone that could shape the future of the world, well, both worlds in your case."

“Maybe I could give a little suggestion?” Sunset said quickly giving her idea to the hat and every professor was left in awe at watching the hat grin due to what the redhead had whispered to him.

“My dear, that is wicked, GRYFFINDOR!” The hat proudly said and Sunset also had to grin at what had just happened, because it was one thing to be a snake in the open or walk in false pride as a lion. But it was another to be a hidden snake, one not only protected by the lion cubs, but one that could grow to become the power behind the power in the school.

Right now, Sunset was the Cobra in Red and Gold, let Hogwarts tremble at her presence.

Author's Note:

And ther eyou got it boys and girls!

She is a lioness? Nope, she is something more dangerous, a snake dressed as a lion, a good one but still dangerous as hell.