• Published 2nd Jun 2016
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Sunset Shimmer - A Pony in Hogwarts - ratedoni

Celestia and Sunset decided that maybe it was time for a break before they start fighting, so with that inmind Sunset accepts the invitation of a magical school at the other side of the mirror. Pray for the sanity of those in the school.

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A Pony in Hogwarts 03

A Pony in Hogwarts 03: The first ride is pretty bumpy

“You… you like my hair?” years later Hermione Granger would facepalm anytime Sunset reminded her of their first interaction, but right now one could be forgiven considering that the mousy haired girl had not yet defeated her longtime nemesis known as her hair, so hearing a girl that by all accounts had gorgeous wavy red hair with golden highlights say something non-sarcastic or even insulting about her hair was certainly mind blowing.

“Yeah, I mean, look at it, I’m sure no one in Hogwarts will have hair like that”

“Fortunately, AUGH!” The jibe was soon punished by Sunset’s quick hand making contact with Ron’s head “what was that for?”

“Ron, quick advice, never insult a girl’s look or the next seven years will be very painful and not by my hand” she said looking directly at Ron but while those two continued arguing Harry tuned them out and put his attention on the girl still standing.

“Don’t pay them attention, I think they are always like this” Harry said enjoying the day, so far he had made a couple of friends who didn’t care who he was, well, mostly, Ron treated him like a friend but Sunset wasn’t even amazed by his story, it was great, she just treated him as Harry Potter and not The Boy Who Lived like the rest of the wizards he met back at Diagon Alley.

“Is alright, are you excited about going to Hogwarts? I read the latest edition of Hogwarts: The History” that called Sunset’s attention from her entertaining argument with the other redhead.

“Wait… you already read it?” she asked to the girl who was about to get into a rant about the foundation unknowingly saving Harry and Ron.

“Yes, once Professor McGonagall arrived at my house and gave us all the information about me studying in Hogwarts I got the book and read it so I would know everything important” the brunette seemed so proud of what she had done that Sunset had half a mind of screaming ‘nerd’ at the top of her lungs but Ron’s comment saved her from committing that faux-pas.

“The professor went to your house? You’re a muggle-born?”

“A what now? What’s muggle-born?” Sunset’s confusion was obvious to Ron but thankfully instead of receiving a tactless answer that would have ended in him having a black eye Hermione was the one who answered.

“It means that while I am a witch my parents are muggles, what about you all?”

“I’m a Weasley, basically everyone in the family is a wizard” Ron said remembering the long list of family members that were written in his parent’s books, he didn’t know much about his mom’s side of the family and whenever he asked his mom went all quiet, it made him sad so he stopped asking.

“My parents were wizards too”

“I have no idea whatsoever and I don’t care” Sunset said with so much aplomb that they were all in awe at that declaration “so, anyone knows a game or we are just going to be talking about nothing until we reach Hogwarts?” and with that Ron searched through his bag and pulled a deck of cards teaching about a game called Exploding Snap, they quickly found out that Sunset’s agility and eye to hand coordination left them on the dust.

Finally after several rounds of the game, more debauchery involving huge amounts of candy that no sane parent will let their kids be involved into (much to the horror of Hermione remembering all the lessons she received from her parents about dental care), talks about their own lives and before all that one last round of introductions (Hermione was really amazed of meeting Harry after she had read about him in a book that talked about important wizards and witches of the last century) the train finally stopped and they got their things in order after they split the candy left over among them.

Once they were down Hermione found the boy that had lost his toad who was now clutching said toad on his hands.

“So this is it? They’re making us walk to the castle?” thankfully, before Sunset could get starting a voice powerful enough to be heard by everyone started.

“All first years over here!” both Harry and Sunset smiled at each other when they recognized the voice and quickly found Hagrid standing among the other first years; it was almost comical to see such a guy towering over so many children and at the same time be so careful around them, it was obvious why first year students were left on his care.

So after a little greeting by the half-giant they all got into boats that had no one rowing but they still moved; it was interesting for about five seconds before Sunset put her attention on a long squid tentacle rising from the waters to the amazement of all the other kids.

“Just to warn you, I’m starting to like sushi” Sunset said noticing how quickly the tentacle returned under the water.

So without anything else happening everyone was left on the entrance of the huge medieval castle watching the amount of statues, armors and paintings that moved in complete astonishment, even Sunset had to be sincere, she was amazed about the place, but for different reasons.

“Wow, if this is only the entrance then the rest of the castle is a gigantic kid trap, I mean, sets of armors everywhere? Is like they said, well, we have a bunch of eleven years old in the castle, what will be the safest thing that kids will never play with and will never hurt themselves when playing with them? I know, sets of armor made of metal with dangerous and pointy weapons with them” she said sending Harry on a fit of giggles that lasted until a stern woman with her dark hair on a bun received them and herded them to the mess hall where the rest of the students were reunited, or better said, separated by houses and quickly explained them how they were going to be sorted into the four houses of Hogwarts.

“I knew my brothers were lying when they said I had to fight a troll” Sunset refrained from saying something about Ron, being gullible and the absence of a brain.

“What if the hat sorts us on the wrong house or says we don’t belong in Hogwarts?” she barely heard Hermione mumbling about that and Sunset finally had enough.

“Okay, look, if they had used that dumb hat for who knows how long I’m pretty sure they have a lot of trust on it, and besides, who cares what house you get send to? I mean, if any of us is send to a different house than the others, will you stop talking to him or her?”

“Yes if they are sent to Slytherin” Ron said showing his distaste for those of green and silver making Sunset groan at those words.

“See? That’s what I was talking about!”

“Sunset is right, what if I get sent to Slytherin? Will you stop talking to me Ron?”

“But Harry, your parents were in Gryffindor”

“So what? That was them, this is our life, we can choose what we want and what we like” Sunset said huffing once more before getting ready to the spectacle that will be the house sorting.