• Published 2nd Jun 2016
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Sunset Shimmer - A Pony in Hogwarts - ratedoni

Celestia and Sunset decided that maybe it was time for a break before they start fighting, so with that inmind Sunset accepts the invitation of a magical school at the other side of the mirror. Pray for the sanity of those in the school.

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A Pony in Hogwarts 01

A Pony in Hogwarts 01

Sunset Shimmer was sure that her teacher and mother figure had way too much fun when it came to her situation, the way she perused the stores among the bizarrely adorned stores said it all in her opinion. Everything seemed so… old fashioned in this world, or at least the parts of the world that were supposed to be magical, the rest showed a level of technology that surpassed everything back home, so why the magical users lived like they were still in the middle ages? Thank Celestia that these magical monkeys had bathrooms.

Sunset left behind those thoughts or she would begin foaming at her mouth and turned to a window to check her appearance once again; the flat face had taken her back the first time she noticed it but then it became a normal thing, probably a filter spell mixed with a species changing spell brought by the mirror to make the transition between universes smoother, she couldn't put it pass Starswirl to put something like that on a portal that opened a door to other universes.

Sighing once again Sunset watched Princess Celestia talking with the store owner about the properties of cauldrons, she had to admit, it was an interesting topic but Sunset was ready to throw the towel after the time spend on other stores; she enjoyed the first few, especially because of their contents, and Sunset already promised herself she would visit once again that bookstore, but this was maddening, was there some way she could have fun? Well, maybe she could, she thought to herself after catching with her eye a most interesting pair, one a young boy that seemed even younger than her with clothes that seemed too big for him and a mountain of a stallion... wait, no, it was man on this side.

If Sunset ever met Harry's so-called family she was going to make them her experiment subjects in pain threshold, who in the name of her teacher put a kid under the stairs and make them live there? And she thought the nobles back home were stupid!

Family issues aside she had to admit she had fun talking with Harry which was by itself a surprise, the boy was likable if a little over-whelmed by the place, it seems it was his first time visiting Diagon Alley... and Sunset used to make fun of Pony's proclivity of horse puns, after all, diagonally? Really? She hoped there were no more puns in the future.

“Yes, yer parents went to Gryffindor, I believe ya will do a great Gryffindor too”

“What’s the point about houses?” Sunset still haven’t understood that point about Hogwarts, why they were separated in different dorms like that? What was the point?

“Is the house that represent you, the talking hat always finds out the best house for you depending on your personality”

“Wait, you mean people can judge you depending on what house you get put on by a damn talking hat?” She asked making the giant, whose name was Hagrid, a little uneasy about the question; thankfully he was saved by the arrival of Celestia.

“Sorry that I took so long, it was really interesting how much a potion can change by the material of the cauldron” the tall and elegantly woman said standing at one side of Sunset while Harry stood watching the alicorn princess turned human as if it was a goddess, although taking in consideration her duties back home it wasn't that far from the truth “did I miss anything?”

“Nothing much ‘mom’” Sunset used the word knowing that Celestia still felt a little out of place every time she said it “I was just talking with Hagrid about Hogwart’s houses”

“Yes, I have heard about it, it is a tradition that has been inplace since the creation of the school, basically you are grouped alongside other students with similar personalities or goals as you, it may seem a little antiquated by now, but I suppose they show results”

“Which was your house Miss?” both Celestia and Sunset turned their head to the bespectacled boy with a porcupine for hair and he slightly blushed at being the focus of attention.

“Oh no, I didn’t go to Hogwarts, mister…”

“I’m Harry Potter, so if you didn’t go to Hogwarts how do you know so much about it?”

“Everyone that has magic on this world knows about Hogwarts, but if I ever went to Hogwarts I believe I would have enjoyed going to Slytherin” Celestia said with a playful smile on her face and Sunset had to give it to her, she would have been in paradise with so many people trying to manipulate each other, it would have been child’s play to Celestia and she would have let her inner troublemaker free. It seemed that Hagrid didn’t take that information well but Harry on the other hand just watched Celestia attentively as if she had given him important information.

And here she was, waiting at a station for Harry to get everything in order and Sunset stood watching him get a little worried and fidgety while looking for the secret entrance only for wizards, it was strangely funny even though Celestia kept looking at her as if she had done something wrong for enjoying the spectacle; it wasn't her fault nobody was capable of seeing the obvious signs of a charming spell put on the wall, it was frustrating how blind these humans were when it came to magic.

Sunset didn't know why she accepted Celestia's idea of staying on this world and study among their magic users; she was sure she had accepted just so they could both get some time away from each other, she loved Celestia but lately they have been getting into dumb arguments, maybe with this tempers will be able to cool down by the end of the school year, not that Sunset thought it possible, they had sun cutie marks for a reason so fiery tempers were a given.

While Sunset waited for the right time to get to platform 9¾ Sunset stood in the open watching Harry look around completely lost and with no direction, probably wondering himself how to get to the so called magic platform, and Sunset was having fun watching. But what happened next took the cake of the idiosyncrasies that these stupid monkeys did all the time.

“So tell me, your kids go to Hogwarts too right?” she said to the redheaded woman accompanied by more redheaded morons, Sunset hoped she wasn't compared to them in school.

“Of course, all of my children have gone there” Molly Weasley said with a hint of pride while Celestia simply put a hand over her face knowing exactly where this was going.

“So why are you asking people, people without magic by the way, where a magic platform is located? Is like you were trying to call for attention or something like that, I don’t get it!” Leave it to Sunset to say something like that, and if that was just before Sunset got into school Celestia was happy she will not be here to see the repercussions of a pony in Hogwarts.

Author's Note:

You know the drill, this has become its separate dimension by now.