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Unhappy that her future as a member of the monarchy is denied by Celestia, Sunset Shimmer escapes through Starswirl's mirror into another world, planning to take it over to prove once and for all she was fit to rule. What she didn't expect—besides a species change—was to arrive in a world already conquered.

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Art (Will contain spoilers)

Sunset Shimmer - Bloody Sunset

Spoilers Ch. 11+: Angel - Angel and Sunny
Spoilers Ch. 18+: Princess - Comic
Spoilers Ch. 121+: Alejandra Acevedo - Flying at the speed of death
Spoilers Ch. 161+: Apple Bloom - Bloom
Spoilers Ch. 180+: Food - Sunset's Party Dress
Spoilers Ch. 185+: Fugue - Fugue by Rametep
Spoilers Ch. 197+: Exhausted

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The moon—which oddly enough didn't have Nightmare Moon's silhouette on it—was already on its way down, but high and bright enough to cast its white-blue light on the street across from her. The machines that she had noticed glowed and pulsated now in ways they hadn't done a few hours ago, and walking on the streets… or rather stumbling and dragging their feet, bipedal creatures shuffled around in a small pack. One of them cried into the air, and she realized it was that noise which had woken her up.

In the distance, the sky lit up orange, as if a huge fire had started suddenly, and a strong booming sound—an explosion—made the windows rattle.

She held her breath, watching as the creatures gathered and ran, some slower, some really fast deeper into the vine covered buildings.

DID YOU BRING SUNSET IN DURING THE "MEET THE REAPERS/TEMPLARS" MISSION?! Oh, I can't wait to see how she interacts with the Assassin.

I'm not sure who I feel worse about: Sunset, for the horrors she is going to witness/experience, or Advent for getting in her way.

Wanderer D

8691957 Not exactly, but that will come up eventually

Well, color me intrigued. Interesting to get a sense of the state of the world; places are in ruins, but the power's still running. Definitely looking forward to more. Sunset may get that army, but she won't be the one in command.

And here I was, failing to properly read the tags and expecting her to land in Andromeda.

It'll be interesting to see how one alien invader reacts to another.

Ok, interesting. Also, I see the portal still came out in front of CHS. Pity that Principal Celestia's career was cut short.

I haven't read a X-com / mlp crossover yet, so might start now.

And ooh boy this one is giving already a great start. Also RIP Flash.

and broken,with some

*space missing*

Wanderer D

I read the description as:

Unhappy that her future as blah blah blah Wanderer D. [clicks tracking button]

Looking forward to reading it. :scootangel:

I'm looking forward to Sunset being recruited by XCOM. I'm also hoping that the author will ignore the assumption that Earth has no magic.

I think your refering to the reaper/schrimisher meet mission.

That's what I meant.

I think this might actually be the first Resistance!XCOM fic I've seen on the entire internet. The only other one I could find that isn't either dead or crap is a one-shot. I'm looking forward to reading this.

Well, colour me interested. Tracking.


>using a fan art depicting Sunset Shimmer as an ODST soldier from Halo in an MLP/XCOM 2 crossover


The great lord has returned to us and he has given us a new fic to read and anticipate:scootangel:

So it appears Pratal Mox is still with the ADVENT.


Pre-Skirmisher Patal Mox? You had my interest, but now you have my intrigue and excitement! As should be expected of you.

Look up "Project Stardust," you won't be disappointed.

Wanderer D

8693564 8693554 indeed, a solid story that I have re-read quite a few times.

Nice, a crossover with XCOM 2. I see XCOM, I read the first chapter. If good, it's an instant favorite.
This earned that favorite, for it shows great promise.

I wonder how much this will benefit XCOM. I mean, Sunset is probably the most powerful psyker on Earth, right now. Or at least the one with the greatest potential. Not only that, she knows magic well beyond the powers exhibited in the game simply because she has formal theoretical knowledge on how Magic works.
And also a forbidden magic tome. That's bond to help.

She, however, is screwed. I wonder what happened to the other girls, did they die in the invasion? Are they part of XCOM? Mere civilians of untapped magical potential? Is principal Celestia a member of the resistance? What about the sirens, that still have their powers?

And isn't Psy operative a class? Why would Sunset be a ranger, then? :rainbowhuh:

Spoilers for the sake of those who didn't play the games .

Let down that you couldn't come up with a better name that didn't copy mine, but overall seems like a pretty good story so far. I will keep a eye on it.

Wanderer D

8693680 I honestly didn't even know there was another story named "Ranger" by itself, so sorry if it happens to share a name with yours. Thankfully they seem to be completely different topics and yours is a solid 100K+ words of effort, so I doubt people will confuse it!

Its all good man, it happens. Just surprised me when I went "why is Ranger up in the list, I didn't put out a new chapter" LOL :twilightsheepish:

Hmm.... i wonder if Mox will defect after he meets Sunset

Well good enough that Sunset can still tap in her magic, cause she'll really be needing it in this hostile world.

And the all everything looks good turning into a disaster moment. How many of you had a 90% hit shot and still miss.

Also thanks to all of those who recommend me other X-Com crossovers.

It's nice that we got see what was going through Sunset's mind during her villain days.


Consider the sheer volume of fanfictions in existence then explain to me why you think you can hold intellectual property rights over a commonly known two syllable word.

My skeptically raised eyebrow awaits your explanation

Then perhaps you should read the posts after that one too, because it has already been covered. Long before you condescending and passive aggressive response was made.

Yes, IMS is right. Project Stardust is hands down one of the best projects in this site. Worth every hour I pumped into reading it... Three times. This makes me want to read it again actually.

Re-read it just last weekend myself. Been itching for some PonyCOM.

Wanderer D

8695003 Well, here's some XD

to many times.:ajsleepy:
poor xcom characters.

I don't particularly care, I just find it amusing how you actually think you can claim a title as your own.

you're writing fanfiction brudda. unless someone is actually copying your story, you have no leg to stand on.

LoL kid, go back and read what I said. I never claimed it as my own. Now, go on troll, find someone else to bother and quit cluttering up this guys story with your drivel.

How salty are you seriously getting over this, and yet you have the cheek to call me a kid simply because I dared to point out that you can't own the title of a fanfiction (especially when we're talking about 1 word titles)

Then you say that I should stop cluttering up the authors comment section with drivel apparently choosing to double down on your hypocrisy because holy hell is that an ironic statement or what.

Wanderer D

8695547 8695496 Alright guys, let's please keep it civil. There was a comment, I replied, no harm done... you know, let's just relax.

Good job, Mox! I actaully wonder if ADENT soldiers can be premoted and if the officers have different ranks. Makes me also wonder if the Lost were intended to be created by the fog pods or not, if I may ask, what do you think?

Since we can hear ADVENT officers giving out ordesr in English, it makes sense for Sunset to be able to talk with him, though I wonder if the regular troopers can too, since in the intro, we see them talk with civillians, who can understand them perfectly.
:twilightblush:Sorry, old habit of mine to think about such things.

I am assuming that the female individual at the end is the leader of the Skirmishers? Or is she a Reaper?

The best is Stardust ( https://www.fimfiction.net/story/100455/stardust ), XCOM Enemy Unknown/MLP.
I hope that this one will be at least half as good as Stardust. :)
Only one thing: chapters with 2,5k words... I just like them with about 10k words, but, well, if story will be good... ;)
It contains two of my favourites: XCOM and Sunset, so yea, can't wait. And for Sirens, as they being kind of ageless they should be alive. And they for sure have enough been hiding or fighting with Elders.

One question though: is she a "equestria girls" type of human, or normal humar with... unusual hair color? Please be later type. :)

Guessing it's betos given the fact the armor is said to be similar to what mox was wearing.

Personally, my favorite X-com 2 story so far is The Harmony Initiative by Madame Hellspawn. Basically make it so the Aliens attacked Equis instead of Earth, and Princesses Luna & Celestia, mostly Luna, make the Equis equivalent of X-com to fight them. Twilight is the Commander, with Shining Armor as "Central" Bradford. https://www.fimfiction.net/story/361513/the-harmony-initiative

Oh! And the author has a character pool you can submit OCs to and have them be in the story!

Me : Ohh boy enemy reinforcement coming next turn better kill that codex real quick
Game : Codex teleport to the other end of the map
Me : *All team have less than 4 HP* Come on! F*** really?
Game : few turns later codex pops up and kills 1 veteran guy
Me: Well sh***

That was fun memories not to mention other moment where I escaped with just one guy or that faceless just stood on a freaking table and destroyed the floor my best sniper was standing and fall dmg killed her.

Is it bad to ask for more? :fluttershysad: :scootangel:

Sunset end up lucky with this Advent being pretty much friendly.

Although reading some of the comment, it seems this Pratal Mox has some interesting story in the game. Did some little search just to find he has some role in War of the Chose. Unfortunately I never bought the extensions, I expected an all in one pack like the first X-com, but it didn't happened.

Well, the main things I don't like in Harmony Initiative are... Twilight and Shining as Commander and Central. And strange arm-things.
Shining Armor as Central, well, okay. Twilight as highest ranked officer, before ascension, and even after that? No, just, no. She is not the military type for me.
Arm-things... what is wrong with good old battle-saddle developed by Fallout Equestria? Simple and not ridiculous.
And Equestria being on a very high technology level. Nope. They should fight mostly with swords, spears and... magic. Yes, I know, it would be unfair fight, and it would create a need for some advanced technomagic, but again: Equestria was for a very long time at peace, and with no need to have technology (steam trains are the latest, right?), and now them having what they have in that story? No, sorry, for me it's just stupid and without good sense. :/
Idea in general is good, but, for me, after a few chapters, THI is too much rip-off, and shortcuts.

On the other hoof, in Stardust we have exatly that: ba, when Elders find Twilight, they kinda lost interest in Earth and come to Equis, which now have to rapidly discover new means of fighting with really advanced technology.
But first Twilight must gain trust of new maybe-allies, which are now invaded by alien spiecies and become a little... xenophobic. Not without reason.

But, as there is saying, "there are tastes and gushes".


And 2: So you want the Harmony Initiative to be as close to canon as possible, in an Alternate Universe that diverges from canon, where them using spears, shields, and the like will mean that in a matter of weeks the Aliens will win? Dude, it's pretty much the only X-com story on this SITE that doesn't involve Humans in any way, shape, or form. Give it some slack. Also, never read a Fallout: Equestria story, so have no idea what a battle saddle is. Also, it's NOT JUST PONIES THAT ARE PART OF THE INITIATIVE. It would be better to make something that multiple races can use, like the mechanical arms, which are still connected to a sort-of saddle, than just something that ponies can use. Also, how would the non-unicorn ponies throw grenades without the arms?

Also, the arms are multipurpose. They are also used by engineering and autopsy.

Also, Twilight already ascended in Harmony Initiative, it occurs post-Season 6.

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