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“What all the wise men promised has not happened, and what all the damned fools said would happen has come to pass.” ― William Lamb Melbourne


When the Princess refused Sunset Shimmer the reward which was her right as a pony of talent and excellence, Sunset was determined. She would prove her mentor wrong, she would prove her worth, prove her worth as a pony and as a princess in her own right. The Mirror offered promises. It promised Sunset many things.

The Mirror lied.

The land that laid beyond the Mirror was barbaric beyond all her worst expectations. Ape-like beings strode through this world, arrogant, violent, vicious beyond anything in Sunset's experience. Slavers, savages, brutes, carnivores.

They put her in chains like cattle, and told her she was livestock. Then the brutes tried to give her as a gift to those whom even brutes feared, to the eastern savages. To a people who said there were only two things in this world: those that ride, and those that are ridden.

And so if she has any hope of ever proving herself worthy of being a person again, Sunset Shimmer would have to show that she could be one who rides - that she is...


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The talk of riding made me post this video.

This is a well executed fic and i will follow it.

Wait, so Sunset is still a Unicorn but can't use magic, how is that possible, if she's still a Unicorn she should still have magic in her to use, the only way for her to not have magic is if her horn has an Anti-Magic ring on it or if she is drained of her magic, where it will take a long time to refill.

Different world, different magic. She didn't have magic in Equestria Girls until Twilight brought a major arcana through the Mirror, after all.


Yeah, but that was because she got TURNED into a Human, here in this world Sunset is still a UNICORN, she's got magic in herself, so she should still be able to use magic.

Well... Ill say this. Im not a fan of Game of Thrones one bit, but this still held my attention. It looks like itll be a good read!

Hmm, if she didn't have magic after she came through the portal why didn't she notice then? Was she immediately caught? And why force her horn into a painful harness with a spell cage? I think the in media res start has kind of increased our confusion as well as the crossover with GoT, we're figuring out what to expect.

TBH, the Mirror lured Sunset into a world with - not quite no magic, but quiescent magic, magic in abeyance. She didn't really process what happened to her when she came through - she got jumped, and suddenly she was in a spell-jammer. Who knows if the Pentoshi even knew it did that? Sunset certainly doesn't. She was sold and sold again, the original slavers long gone into the dust and haze of her past. But Sunset has found herself attached to the sparking-stone for the return of magic to her new world - for those who have read the books and seen the show, Daenerys is ground zero for the rebirth of magic.

But it won't come easy, nothing does in this world.

Hmm. The only logical solution would be that ponies don't generate magic but stockpile it. So when Sunset arrived she had a full manapool only for it to be chipped away slowly from spell use and then the bridle, that diden't shut the magic in, but force it out.

But that should not be a problem with the khali around.

An unicorn without magic will have to work quite heavily to be worth her weight, even if the rarity of an intelligent anything beyond human does it already for her.
Once magic starts coming back, though, things will change. She'll go from "talking pastel pony" to "that damnable yellow thing that lobs fireballs and teleports!". Honestly, she'll be the most powerful thing in the world after a full grown dragon, if not even more due to her versatility. That is, when she finds out how to use the different magic.

On an unrelated note, will the pony ride horses? That'll be quite the scene, I tell you.

Just started reading yesterday, was sad that there were only a few chapters and then I just saw this posted.

Devoured it and burped in satisfaction.:scootangel:

I'd like for there to be translations in the chapters themselves, but it could maybe detract from the confusion we share with sunset, so dunno.

Still a favorite :pinkiehappy:

I lost interest with A Song of Ice and Fire somewhere around the third book, but this has most definitely caught my interest. Eagerly looking forward to more, especially since Sunset should have front-row seats to the rebirth of magic.

I wonder if sunset will get enough magic to stop Drogo from dying from dung poisoning. Or if she'll even care.

Ah, Sunset as a trotting Rosetta Stone. That will certainly help, both making herself useful and endearing herself to Daenerys.

Hmm, this fic is progressing really fast. Haven't watched much of Game of Thrones, though. I have no ideas what is happening

Interesting idea of a story. Never saw a GoT/MLP crossover where the one who crossed is still a pony. Who needs three dragons if you can have a witty unicorn with quite the punch? :ajsmug: Daenerys already won the conflicts.

But the ultimate snark duell would be between Sunset and Tyrion.

And if the equine loving followers of hers find out about Sunset's power, then they all shall worship the sun.

Hmm. There's still a little magic in this world at the moment. I wonder if it's enough for prophetic dreams...

In any case, looking forward to seeing how Sunset scrabbles together a bit more status.

The quality of writing is quite good! Hope to see more of it.

I almost didn't read it as the concept was a bit out of my comfort zone, and I did so after seeing a good amount had been posted, but I'm glad I did!

I can't wait to see her attend Daenerys more, become stronger by training like she used to see the royal guards do it, and then hopefully begin to get some magic back...

At some point she may begin caring for the litttle Khaleesi, and ironically push her towards recreating an equestrian type society?! We know she will go against slavery, but with Sunset there with experience in an actually functional peaceful STABLE monarchy... this may be her 'calling' right?

I wonder how will this go. Something tells me Sunset will become much more than a mere horned pony even before she gets her magic back. And when she does, well... Our Khalessy will have not three, but four dragons at her side.

Continue to love how you pepper in cultural tidbits. Sunset discovering them as she goes along, trying to survive, while she feels like the least alien of all of them in a way.

The dye... is it made from the same plant as Shade of the evening perhaps? Sunset is smart enough to pursue this clue with her scientific mind.

She is clearly Fire aligned based on her dreams, which isn't too much of a surprise, though I doubt she will ever get in line with the orthodoxy of the red priests (human sacrifice, no thanks). Does she really have so little face time with the Khaleesi though? If she is helping teach the language, I'd think there'd be time for her to show that she is actually cultured. Though maybe it makes sense that this doesn't happen till after Khal Drogo passes (if he does so).

I always felt Daenerys's curiosity of others is what prompts her to abolish slavery and take in everyone and integrate them. I would thInk she would then be interested in knowing more of Sunset's origins right?

Sunset Horse learns fast...

Sunset Horse is now an official follower of Khal Drogo...

Sunset Horse is now a messager...

Hopefully nobody tries to eat the exotic looking Sunset Horse who sees her for the first time... :moustache:

The only thing I know about the series you doing a crossover of mlp with is that I prefer the book series title over the show title, A Song of Ice and Fire just sounds nicer than Game of Thrones

I don't disagree. The TV series took the title of the first book, and I don't know if that was because they didn't think it would get a second season, or what the thought process was. The book series title is evocative, and a little less 'an x of y' than the individual book titles. Why exactly the fourth book was A Feast For Crows is never exactly clear.

On the other hand, there isn't much in the way of music and songs in the series, aside from a satirical thing about a bear and a maiden fair, and "The Rains of Castamere".

Well, hopefully this means people will stop trying to lasso Sunset. Now she can get on with her life.. and maybe investigate the faintly magical dye.


Probably not. Ahego and his sidekicks make me laugh. :derpytongue2:

a great-chested roan mare

Careful, that's somebody's fetish.

And Sunset almost had the privilege of seeing the mighty Khal fall out of his saddle, laughing.

It seems that Khal Drogo devlops a soft spot for Sunset if he shows such an "easy going side" around her. What that means for Sunset has to be seen. But I don't think that her "bullies" will accept this defeat without a fight. Maybe literally in the world of GoT. :moustache:

The Dothraki were not simply a faceless mass of terrifying, horrifically violent apes, but rather, an endlessly articulated series of little bands of jocular, quarrelsome, occasionally charming homicidal apes.

They grow on you. Like a fungus.

In any case, making the khal laugh like that can't be all bad... though as Anachronon noted, it may breed resentment in other underlings. Still, Sunset's building a robust web of connections for herself. It may not be the magic of friendship, but it's at least the alchemy of politics.

(And if you ask most fanfic authors, Sunset's harem would be predominantly mares anyway. :raritywink:)

Sunset wrapped the lead-line around her left foreleg, and spat its well-chewed end out of her mouth. "Of course not, mighty Khal! I would only dilute your breeding-stock with my witchy get! I merely found some of your horses unattended in that thicket over there, and thought to bring them to you!" Sunset looked over her shoulder at the two horses she had stolen on an impulse. "Also, they seem to be mares."

Don't sell yourself short Sunny, you might yet bring dumb'corns to the world! Also, what's the problem with mares, little pony? :ajsmug:

Hilarious ending, can't wait to see more.

She'll still become a proper carnivore, hunger will make sure of that.

Dothraki (aka the 'low-life savages') - Hunt animals, because they need to feed on them, use appropriate techniques every smart predator uses. Trying not to waste what they could get.

Andal nobles (aka the 'most educated civilized') - Hunt and kill for 'entertainment' and 'glory', take lives as they desire and only use what they deem worthy as trophies, leaving the rest behind to rot.

Who is the savage now?

And I hope Sunset doesn't regret her balancing act between pleasing her new 'masters', rising up in their ranks and grace and still learning from every side, 'slaves' and 'enemies' too, as much as possible too soon.

Sunset thought about exiles, and cultural differences, and the example of the exiled king, trying to hunt in armor and a lance, among the wild plains-nomads with their swift horses and recurve bows. Was there anything like the Beggar King and his clanging awkward foolishness in what she was doing? Was Sunset falling into that very trap?

This shows how empathetic she is even now, even if she lacks sympathy. She can put herself in the shoes of someone like Viserys, and then look at herself and try to be introspective, to determine if she is making the same mistakes. This is a very rare ability. Your version of Sunset Shimmer continues to be a pleasure to read.

Sunset's eyes widened as the Andal said the two Equuish words. In the weeks she had been with the Dothraki, and the months before that among the Pentoshi, she'd not found anyone who could replicate the vowels and aspirations that characterized her native tongue.

Jorah continues to show he is awesome. It's good to show that some humans have hidden talents like so as well. I know Sunset is supposed to come off as super genius smart, but it's always nice to see someone else show smarts like that. I'm slowly starting to see how maybe Jorah will be the one to learn the most from Sunset's origins through context clues, as he IS looking at everything there with the mentality of a spy. A spy doesn't last if he ever underestimates ANYTHING, so he is as sensitive as Sunset is to learning all he can as well as ingratiating himself. Really, their strategies align very well, as both are outsiders in a way.

I see that Sunset is starting to really develop herself. Sure, her stubbornness/arrogance is still there, but it is now helping her adjust. She's no longer the pain in the flank that we all hated during the first EG movie.

A crossover i never thought i would see. Not a big fan of GoT but im willing to see what you can do with this.

I dig it. We've all wondered how that scheming gossipy girl from high school would fare on planetos

Why doesn't every fantasy book have some animals talk. It makes things so much more interesting.

She managed to be part of the horde on her own recognizance. She'll be able to slip away when she needs to

Well now isn't this an interesting crossover. And surprising, too. I'll admit, the title, summary, sex tag combined with, well, Game of Thrones and Dothraki made think this was going to be a smutfic, but instead it's an incredibly fun ride of Sunset integrating with Dothraki society without constantly sticking to canon characters and following the plot or getting nailed in the plot.

I can't wait for the moment Sunset gets her magic back and reaches the moment of that beautiful cover art to show them there's a reason she doesn't disagree with being called a witch-horse.

Ah, self-awareness. A critical trait in Sunset's quest to ingratiate and acclimate. Though she has her limits, and eating actual animal tissue is one of them. For now. We'll see how long that lasts. Message running and polyglot training are hungry work.

Yyyyeah, plans that toy with the lives of others tend to take a new dimension when you actually see the consequences of those plans.

Now lets see whether Sunset's Equestrian nature flares or breaks at this...

This is the society you wish to infiltrate, Sunset. How do you feel now that you see their standards of conduct? Or will you lose yourself to your tasks, making yourself a gallloping parrot as you try desperately not to think of the lives you help end?

Hm, now it remains to be seen which path Sunset will take from here on. In Equestria, her scheming never really hurt somepony... physically. But in this world her deeds can easily cause death, rape and destruction, how it happened with these poor folks. Hopefully she won't become cold-hearted and simply accept such attrocities as given. :ajsleepy:

Her scheming at this point just got her in the position of being the cog that moves the Khal's message though. She still isn't really in any position to have affected this one way or the other. I do think this is where I hope she will find her limits, and use her manipulation for good.

Yes. She has to obey in order to survive in this world, though it will be interesting to watch how Sunset's morale compass will tick in the future. I hope the same. :twilightsmile:

There are the kind of people who won't stop until they kill her, be it by assassination, poison, direct combat, mercenaries or whatever else they come up with, these are the humans she has, most likely, to get rid off permanently.

On the other hand there are people who may want to work with her/for her, depending where her path will lead Sunset, potential allies. Those who won't try to kill her.

It's not as if the Dothraki are unusually murderous by the standards of Westeros, or even compared to the real world.

Maybe, but Sunset hasn't seen much of her new world (and she hasn't seen Westeros at all), so she hasn't got that perspective.

Even If I haven't seen GOT, I'm loving this crossover idea. It would be kind of interesting to see the POV from the characters of GOT about Sunset, but this is all about Sunset so maybe not.

Question not related to this chapter: Just how tall is Sunset, after all? For some reason I cant but imagine her around 3 feet at the top of her head, but that's way too small. But 4' at the withers would make her as tall as a woman at the top of her head, if not taller. So is it something between those? :rainbowhuh:

Well, a pony is defined as any equine standing less than 14.2 hands (4' 10") at the withers, but the smaller breeds like Shetlands can be as little as half that. So 3 feet at the top of the head would be at or slightly below the minimum size for a realistic pony, only I doubt breeds that small exist in Westeros. They're likely to focus on the practical "working" pony breeds, which are going to be around that 4' at the withers mark.

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