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The Atlantean

I write all sorts of stories, but I tend towards military and crossovers. My Equestria Amino username is Random Twin, so if you recognize me from there, hi!


Twilight Sparkle was on a mission. Princess Celestia had tasked her with ensuring the arrival of the first shipment of liquefied Equestrian magic from a remote island in the Celestial Sea. That kind of power, Celestia claimed, would cause the destruction of Equestria if the wrong people got a hold of it.

Then a large rain squall bore down on her ship. In moments, the ENS Friendship was dismasted and a wallowing, helpless wreck at the mercy of the wind and waves. The chaos knocked Twilight unconscious, and when she woke up, she was the only one aboard.

Seven miles away, the exhausted crews of USS Walker (DD-163) and USS Mahan (DD-102) spot a foundering ship of the sailing age. The highest-ranking officer between the ships, Lieutenant Commander Matthew Patrick Reddy, captain of Walker, decides to check it out and recovers its lone survivor: Twilight, who turns from pony to human as soon as she leaves the magic-soaked Friendship. For the next several months, the Americans and Twilight attempt to survive this strange new world as they make new friends--and enemies.


Crossover with the Destroyermen series of novels by Taylor Anderson. Any criticism is welcome.

Sex tag for strained references throughout the story, as most of Walker's crew is rambunctiously male.

Should update every other Sunday (unless it's a diplomatic chapter or I have homework). The longer delay than I prefer means that I can make longer and better chapters for your reading pleasure. Gotta love scheduling!

Seawolf made a great side story: MLDM: Souls of a Different Sort

And finally, this is (hopefully) the first story in the My Little Destroyermen universe.

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Is this a Sunlight romance?

No. I don't SunLight. But Sunset will be involved.

I plan on it.

It's a pretty good start so far, and seeing the navy is much rarer than other branches of the armed forces in these type of fics.

However I do have some criticism, to me personally it seems like the crew are too readily accepting of magic and twilight. Seeing feats of magic and a pony and going from "woah, WTF" to "ok, everything is normal now" in just a few lines is a bit jarring to me. And maybe slow that down so it takes a few chapters for the sailors to get used to magic rather than just a few paragraphs.

Other than that I liked it.

Thanks for that. I'll make it more realistic on the next update.

I love the destroyermen series, I can't wait to see more😁

Ok, you have my attention. I love the series and to see a crossover with mlp, yeah I'm happy. Can't wait to see Twilights reaction to both the Grik and Lemurians.

Is reading the Destroyermen series necessary to understand this story?

thank you for this very exciting and interesting story .looking forward to future chapters.well done.

It shouldn't be. I try to explain the continuity differences so people know what I've changed, but I don't think you need to read it to understand the story. Really, all I'm doing is taking an alternate-universe story, making an AU of it, and adding ponies for shenanigans. However, I do recommend reading at least Into the Storm (book 1) to get a better idea of the situation. But my goal is not a fandom- or group-exclusive story, hence why I'm throwing Twilight in there, and later Sunset (oh, do I have plans for her!), and explaining most if not all continuity alterations. And since most changes (currently) are timeline-related, someone completely unknowing of Destroyermen could get what's happening without much thought on the matter, or so I hope. So, at the end, it shouldn't necessary, but would be useful. After all, it's a long series--book 13 is probably coming out this year!


wow what a interesting exciting chapter.this one heck of a good story!well done to you on it!

Thank you! Half the time I really don't know what I'm doing.

Ooh, meeting a new species! I always like first contact stories! (At least, if one of the contacted species is friendly.) I hope it turns out well! Anyway, I'm enjoying this story so far, and I eagerly await the next update. Until then, good luck, and my best wishes to you, The Atlantean Pony! :twilightsmile:

P.S. I wonder what role Sunset Shimmy has to play in this story. Cameo or a major part? Hmm... mysteries ahoy.

Thanks a lot. I'll pass that luck on to Twilight, because she's going to need it a heck of a lot more than me.:twilightsheepish::moustache:

Dark-ish me: If anyone hurts Twilight, I'll have their heads on a pike!

Logical me: But would Twilight want that? You, hurting people, or ponies, or unidentified living creatures?

Dark-ish me: You may have gotten me this time, me, but next time I shall not fall prey to your weak, logical, Equestrian ways!

Interesting story so far. Can't wait to see what happens next

thank you for making the evening so enjoyable ,with this great chapter.the historical points of the battles in the java sea were one of the highlights for me in this great chapter. well done!

Oooh, I see Midnight Sparkle.

Not my intention, but... OML I LOVE THE MARETIAN!

8809061 It’s still ongoing, if you don’t have it in your library.

I'm tracking it, don't worry

How in God Name did I miss this? I was just trying to hunt down some DM fanfics for another fan over at the DM Fanfic Facebook

Well, I don't have Facebook, so that may help explain it. I assume your question is a good thing?

There is very few fanfics for the series to begin with, and pretty much none at the moment that are not crossovers. We will take every little bit that we can get our hands on. God help Twilight when she meets the enemies

I agree wholeheartedly with those last two sentences. Happy hunting for more fics!

There is like less than ten that I know of, and no non-crossovers, and strange enough most of the others are crossovers with Kantai Collection. I do hope to find more. But if you'll excuse me I need to get reading

One issue, Amagi was a battlecruiser even with her 10" guns, not a heavy cruiser

Fixed. I'm so used to using USS Indianapolis (a Portland-class heavy cruiser) that it just slipped my mind.

How do you sink a ship with lightning?

Magic. It's Nightmare Moon. Also, with enough heat, she could just melt a hole in the hull, and water would flow into the ship. But maybe she didn't want to sink the ship just then...

Figured it was a simple mistake

Ok so I just caught up and so far I am quite pleased with how this is has turned out. Everyone seems to be in character, and I am happy to see that you didn't take the usual cliche of having Twilight be all horrified that she is traveling with killers. I do so get tired to that, and at least by keeping with the canon DM characters she knows they are good people, even Silva. I know it is way in the future, I am looking forward to her meeting Becky because lets be honest the girl would be thrilled to meet an alicorn.

Now having Nightmare Moon, that frankly is having me scratch my head.

Thank God they're in character. I was honestly afraid I'd gotten them wrong.

As for Nightmare Moon, it's supposed to be puzzling. I guess we'll both have to find out.

Any changes now is due to a talking magical technicolor pony crossing the Squall. Silva I suppose would change a bit faster as it seems to he is keeping an eye on Twilight as a big brother. And to be honest, there isn't much fanfiction for the series to begin with, we will take what we can get... speaking of which would you mind if I shared this on the DM-verse fanfiction facebook page?

I'd be down for that. Thanks!

“Damn, Purple, I thought you’d be heavier.”

Oh Silva don't ever change!


It would probably help with understanding the storyline to a degree.

Maybe the 3in gun will actually prove to be useful this time.

Sure Twilight, ask Nightmare Moon for help, there is no way that will go wrong.

Stuck on a death world and asks the the being that was willing to kill of a world by plunging it into eternal night... So going to bite her in the ass.

I think that at some point in the future, someone should teach Twilight how to handle a Pattern 1917 Navy Cutlass. She’ll need a skill like that so she can survive battling the Grik.

That's a good suggestion. I'll keep that in my pocket.

Short, but what comes next needs it's own chapter.

No issues that I see this time, I do wonder what will change with Twilight's inclusion. If my own DM/KanColle crossover is any indication on my thoughts, might not be much past that she might be able to Tame the Squall


Taming the Squall? Only if it comes back around, maybe...

Not just Take but create. We had bit of a discussion on it over at the DM fanpage on Facebook, the Philadelphia Experiment was used as a way to Tame the Squall.


Maybe, also speaking of Kancolle. I wonder if Twilight's magic will allow her at some point to catch even the barest glimpses of Walker's soul/spirit. Hell even just a non-canon omake would be hilarious, because of the reactions that would abound.

That said, I liked how Larry Dowden reacted when Twilight raised that ball of water and Chief Gray's reaction when it splattered on wet paint was appropriate. Didn't know you can sweat blood though, how the hell does that happen?

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