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The Atlantean

I write all sorts of stories, but I tend towards military and crossovers. My Equestria Amino username is Random Twin, so if you recognize me from there, hi!


Deep Rock Equestria Character Tracker! · 4:23pm March 11th

Because Deep Rock Equestria: Into The Abyss crossovers with the video game Deep Rock Galactic, I've had to make a few expedients to track which mechanics I can use and which ones are still locked behind necessary game progression. Once I started adding the Perk system (chapter releasing on March 13, 2021!), however, I realized how difficult it was getting to manage four characters without a proper

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Update For My Current Projects - 30NOV2018 · 9:39pm Nov 30th, 2018

Okay, so I don't do blogs here much, but I have some news regarding essentially every incomplete story I have on my wall. I've been unable to update them very much in the past few weeks, and My Little Destroyermen: Walker On Water has suffered particularly harsh put-asides that have prevented me from updating it on time. For all of these missed and future updates, I am truly sorry.

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Is Equestrian Magic Physicsless? · 2:33am Mar 25th, 2017

I am going to attempt to find out how the laws of physics apply to Equestrian magic (as the title implies). This is my analysis based on a purely scientific standpoint and what is specifically shown in MLP (or rather, the images I found).

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