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I write all sorts of stories, but I tend towards military and crossovers. My Equestria Amino username is Random Twin, so if you recognize me from there, hi!

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On a clear night under a meteor shower, Princess Twilight talks to her student Luster Dawn about friendship.

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Lavender Rose can't get the start of a story out of her head. It comes to her every night no matter what happens during the day. Finally, during a dream, she encounters Princess Luna, who teaches her to let her imagination flow.

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Sunset Shimmer, Rainbow Dash, Rarity, and Applejack wake up in a drop pod as someone welcomes them to a corporation called Deep Rock Galactic and remembers nothing about how they ended up in this situation. With guns in one hand and pickaxes in the other, they must work as a team if they want to make it back to the surface.

Pinkie Pie wakes up in a small cabin aboard a space station. Upon finding the quality of her new homes's food particularly low, she volunteers her skills as a master chef and lands a spot in the station's bar.

Fluttershy isn't of much use to Deep Rock Galactic at first, but that changes when she saves a dwarf's life in the medical room, and her new employer pays surprisingly well for a company that sends people to fight bugs miles underground in dark, scary caves.

Twilight Sparkle seemed too smart to be sent to the surface, so Management puts her on the Research and Development team in hopes that she can help them develop better tools and equipment for conquering the harsh world of Hoxxes IV.

Together, the friends must work harder than they ever have before if they want to survive the caves, climb the ranks of DRG, and--fingers crossed--return home.

Crossover with the game Deep Rock Galactic, which is a 1-4 co-op first-person shooter where you all play as dwarves that go down to the depths of a hostile alien world and mine minerals because Management pays you to. It's a hell of a lot of fun, and I highly recommend playing it with your friends.

I'm not sure how often I'll update this one, but it's still going to be a great adventure either way.

Character Progression Tracker and explanatory blog here. If you want to know what the girls can and can't do, this is the first place you should look!

EDIT: Added the "Narcotics" warning to cover myself as the girls begin using the complementary bar. In this story, it is assumed that all characters are of legal drinking age other than Twilight for the first while because she specifically mentions it (Don't underage drink kids). Alcohol is the only drug I will be using in this story.

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The date is May 1941 on Earth, better known in Equestria as the year 1015. Nazi Germany declared war on Equestria after cracking the interdimensional barrier, sending the battleship Bismarck to enforce their goals.

In response to Germany's February declaration of war, Celestia spends billions to acquire a surface fleet at least capable of attacking her enemy. But the amalgamated fleet of dilapidated ships' first test will be harder than anything Equestria has ever dealt with in the past.

Will Princess Luna, commanding her sister's motley collection of S-boats, decades-old destroyers, and nearly-scrapped cruiser hulks be able to take on the most powerful battleship to sail the Atlantic?


Written in memory of the Bismarck's sinking on May 27, 1941, and the loss of nearly her entire crew of over 2,200 officers and enlisted. Though their nation committed horrifying crimes against humanity, the men aboard Bismarck and Prinz Eugen, her sole consort who was detached to refuel the day before the sinking, led honorable wartime naval careers. Their destroyer screen was detached long before they steamed for the Atlantic, but I kept it here because they were part of Operation Rheinübung, which was the German attempted breakout into the Atlantic by steaming north into the Arctic and coming back down on the other side of Britain.

Published on the day of Bismarck's sinking.

During parts that show the Bismarck's perspective, several German words will be used. Since German and English are similar, it shouldn't be hard to determine what they're saying. In any event, all German words used will be in a glossary in the author's note. Each is marked in the story with an asterisk.

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Twilight Sparkle was on a mission. Princess Celestia had tasked her with ensuring the arrival of the first shipment of liquefied Equestrian magic from a remote island in the Celestial Sea. That kind of power, Celestia claimed, would cause the destruction of Equestria if the wrong people got a hold of it.

Then a large rain squall bore down on her ship. In moments, the ENS Friendship was dismasted and a wallowing, helpless wreck at the mercy of the wind and waves. The chaos knocked Twilight unconscious, and when she woke up, she was the only one aboard.

Seven miles away, the exhausted crews of USS Walker (DD-163) and USS Mahan (DD-102) spot a foundering ship of the sailing age. The highest-ranking officer between the ships, Lieutenant Commander Matthew Patrick Reddy, captain of Walker, decides to check it out and recovers its lone survivor: Twilight, who turns from pony to human as soon as she leaves the magic-soaked Friendship. For the next several months, the Americans and Twilight attempt to survive this strange new world as they make new friends--and enemies.


Crossover with the Destroyermen series of novels by Taylor Anderson. Any criticism is welcome.

Sex tag for strained references throughout the story, as most of Walker's crew is rambunctiously male.

Should update every other Sunday (unless it's a diplomatic chapter or I have homework). The longer delay than I prefer means that I can make longer and better chapters for your reading pleasure. Gotta love scheduling!

Seawolf made a great side story: MLDM: Souls of a Different Sort

And finally, this is (hopefully) the first story in the My Little Destroyermen universe.

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We knew they were coming. Over the course of nearly 80 years, we prepared for their eventual arrival. We built the Carriers to house ponies when they left Equus in hope of finding a new home for ponykind to start again.

This is where I, Copper Wire, came in. As a highly experienced captain in the mercantile industry, I was selected to command Carrier 13, which we now call Stardust. My old crew had been split into all of the other Carriers based on their home city, so my new one is made of old friends from foalhood and my former friendly rival Mayflower as my XO. We reached the end of the gravity well 12 hours after the Princesses saw us off.

We were the lucky ones. Two more Carriers had been under construction when we left, but they were never finished. Everypony who was left had to suffer subjugation or death under the aliens. Lucky 13, I guess.

Our entire ship was frozen solid for 7,000 years because of some weird mishap. Now we must find our people. Our journey will be fraught with danger. We may encounter both friends and foes. But one thing will remain certain: we will come home.

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For a bedtime story, Princess Cadence tells Flurry Heart the origin of the Tree of Harmony. Twilight tells her a tale about the Two Sisters. Other members of the family and close friends have stories as well.

Taken place 7 years after Season 5, this collection is one they put together to give the young alicorn peace at mind.


I would appreciate any feedback/criticism you guys out there can give me. As I usually don't do SOL stories, I'm really new to this kind of writing, so comments will be extremely helpful!

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Madison is a quiet archaeologist. She normally dresses like her movie-star hero Indiana Jones. While her colleagues soak in the spotlight, she stays on the sidelines, doing most of the discovering and letting them have most of the credit.

Her job sent her into a forest that wasn't there before. Her exploration leads her to a ruined castle, more than a thousand years old. Inside, she finds a violet alicorn named Twilight Sparkle, who takes care of her when she accidentally knocks herself unconscious. The next morning, Madison and Twilight discover that a rift sent Celestia, Luna, and Cadence to who-knows-where.

After Twilight wakes from her three-week faint, the world has changed for the worse. And the woman with an ancient gun may be the key to not only survival of both worlds, but also a restoration of peace and harmony to Equestria.

I would greatly appreciate it if you guys commented on this! This story, after all, is not supposed to be a typical HIE, but I don't know. Also, I can't improve the story without knowing what I do wrong!

Tags will update as the story progresses.

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Princess Luna became Nightmare Moon one thousand years ago. That same night, she tried to overthrow her sister and was banished to the moon. When that happened, the largest community of thestrals watched.

With dissent growing among the normal ponies against those of the Night, Celestia tries to protect as many as she can. Riots break out. Vandalism, discrimination, and racism become commonplace. Thestrals are no longer safe on the streets.

Enter Constellation Nightmane. After witnessing the Celestia-Luna battle, she knows that she needs to find a way out. A way to prove that Luna was the only one who betrayed Equestria. Because if she doesn’t, a lot of innocent ponies - mares and stallions, fillies and colts, ponies and thestrals - are going to die in a brewing civil war.

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This story is a sequel to The Red Sun Rises: Homefront

As your standard teenage pony with a cutie mark that hasn't come yet, Crimson Dawn is quite restless. He lives in a quiet town with all his friends. Then the Dominion of Apollo declares war on his homeland Atlantis. Crimson and his friends immediately enlist in the Atlantean Reserve Emergency Army (AREA) and journey their way to the field of battle, believing it to be a game. After their first battle, they learn what it truly means to be a soldier and become determined to prevent Atlantis from falling to Dominion hooves.

Meanwhile, their hometown, on the continental corner, must defend the waters and a technological wonder to keep the Dominion from gaining naval access to the Atlantean capital. Captain Middle Road and her small fleet is on its own, with the Atlantean Navy spread throughout the seas.

Takes place in The Red Sun Rises universe, beginning about 16 years before Siege of Manehattan. The story starts there, so I suggest you read it first.

If I could get some feedback, that would be amazing.

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