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The Atlantean-Dominion War - The Atlantean

Crimson Dawn enlists in the Atlantean Reserve Emergency Army (AREA) to defend Atlantis from the Dominion of Apollo.

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24. Launch of Ember

“Captain Middle Road, I didn't know you received that same message I did,” Lavender Blue Sea’s captain, a young salmon-pink Pegasus named Lieutenant Commander Crabwalker, said. He saluted her for a brief moment.

“I thought I was the only one. But still, your timing was more than perfect, LCDR,” she replied.

“The pleasure is mine, Captain. I was ordered here because some Fireheart corvette isn't going to sail?”

“Ah, yes, ANS Ember. We fill her with hovergas today at noon and send her out on her maiden voyage to bring supplies to our soldiers in the Second Coastal. Since news is so slow these days, we'll get up-to-date intel on the boys and girls there.” Middle Road brightened.

Crabwalker didn't. “I need to tell you something. I'm sorry about the way I treated you at Double NC Academy. We were together for two years before I completely dumped you. In the rain. At midnight. I was hoping we could start over?”

“Maybe later, Crab. We have a war to win.” Middle Road walked off to where the new “flying frigate” Ember awaited her final checks before pumped.

“I'll take that as a yes, then!” he called after her.

ANS Ember, the converted Fireheart corvette, sat in drydock. Her crew was aboard, waiting for the hovergas to fill the large balloon’s tanks above them as steel support struts were slowly taken out from under the lessening weight one by one. A ribcage surrounding the balloon strained slightly, supporting more and more of the ship below it. The interwoven ropes became taut and skinny from the increasing tension.

Middle Road picked up an Equestrian-made megaphone and addressed the crew. “In less than an hour, this craft will launch and you will begin the maiden voyage of the first ship to finish construction here at Summercrest. And you will be going deep into uncertain territory as you locate and relieve our boys and girls on the front lines. The Dominion has airships as well, but their range can only get them just farther than Mount Emberforge. We will be waiting for your safe return here and welcome you into the extended family that is the Atlantean Navy.

“Our boys and girls are fighting for our right to self-government. They are willing to die so that we can be free of the tyranny and corruption in the Dominion. But we are fighting a battle of our own, that’s just as important. We fight to get them the supplies they need to continue their own fight.

“In the meantime, we hope to receive and stockpile enough hovergas to not only build another airship, but one that can launch our flying machine. One that can carry more of these “airplanes” that Seagull has proven we can repair, build, and fly. For now, the plan allows for four of them, along with food, fuel, and other necessities. I certainly hope to accomplish this feat before the Doms get wind of the most technologically advanced operation in the world. This is our home. We will not vanish without a fight! Here, now, we are all Atlanteans. We are all family, no matter our past, our present, our future - none of that matters.” Middle Road paused.

“I understand that a large-scale shipbuilding industry here would destroy our entire way of life. Which is why it will not be like Nautinia! We will only make what we feel is need! This is not the shipyards that can pump a frigate in half a week! This is not the capital of an entire country! This is a small town on the corner! And here, we feel more at home, with family, friends, those we know and care about. But despite our small size, this is the place where technology picked up the pace! We found a cruiser! Without it, we wouldn’t have repeaters on the front line, being held by our very own soldiers! We wouldn’t have kept the Doms away from Nautinia!

“But we aren’t here for Indianapolis. We are here now for Ember and her crew, attempting their maiden voyage. Harmony bless, and good luck to you!” Turning her attention to the task at hoof, she nodded to the Unicorns holding the ship down. “Launch in T minus ten, nine, eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two, one, release!”

The Unicorns let go of the mooring ropes. Ember lifted and hovered gently above the dock, swaying a little from the tiny crosswind. Her crew unfurled the sails and she leapt forward to the north, carrying her cargo to AREA amidst a cheer from the crowd below.


Crimson Dawn munched on a roll as he walked alongside Platinum and Southern Lights in column. They were headed back to Pacifica to take it back. The entire column marched double-time in the hopes that they could cross the few hundred miles quick enough to catch the Doms there by surprise. After all, they believed AREA was stuck at Emberforge, surrounded by scores of Dominion troops.

Princess Mirage and four thousand Changeling Guards, about half her hive’s remaining military strength, hurried alongside. The rest stayed with Queen Duplicate and the civilian portion back at Emberforge. The ones that came, though, were excellent scouts, pickets, and cooks, surprisingly enough. They could mimic hundreds of dishes from across the world, including Princess Celestia’s personal cakes.

Mirage stuck with her subjects for the most part, but she had to check in with Sarge every so often. She was itching to destroy as many Doms as she could. And so was the entire force.

Author's Note:

Little one today. Next: the Siege of Pacifica, or the Second Battle of Pacifica, or whatever you want to call it. I say it's a siege.

Year 2 of 13 should begin in about two or three chapters! I'm actually kinda excited, considering that the Battle of Aquarius River is midway through Year 6, and the Final Stand is Year 12. But tell me if I need to skip a couple months more in the following chapters for time's sake, or just go full in.

Feedback appreciated.

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