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I write all sorts of stories, but I tend towards military and crossovers. My Equestria Amino username is Random Twin, so if you recognize me from there, hi!



This story is a sequel to The Red Sun Rises: Voyages

Princess Luna has been assassinated. In order to revive her sister, Celestia ventures to the east of Griffonstone. After a 'minor' mishap, she allies with an American fleet to get to the Dominion of Apollo, where an answer may be had.

In her absence, Princess Twilight and Princess Cadence rule Equestria. They keep Crimson Dawn as the military commander because of his effectiveness in achieving victory on the battlefield. What happens while they work could never be expected. It is over the top, even for their enemy, King Sombra, and the Crystal Empire.

As he fights off the Crystal Empire's armies, Colonel Crimson Dawn deals with memories of past wars, past battles. And it's up to the epitomes of friendship to help him get through the flashbacks.


All flashback chapters are denoted with a (FB) symbol.

Voyages ( https://www.fimfiction.net/story/349510/the-red-sun-rises-voyages ) happens in the beginning to middle of this part of the story.

Also, if I could get feedback, that would be great.

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7701168 Thank you. I might have a flashback of Aquarius River at some point as well

Poor Twilight. Things just haven't been going her way lately.

That was a pretty catchy song. A nice moment of reminiscing for Crimson.

I'll be honest. The Changeling detection spell is borrowed from Fireheart 1945's The War of 1002. Excellent story, go read it.

Wow :twilightoops:

Thanks :twilightblush:

Sorry, just kind of excited that you mentioned me and my story twice now. It's not as good as it could be, and I'm definitely feeling the grind now that my favorite parts are past. And that spell is based on one Twilight used on a dazed Changeling in the second half of the Wedding episode to force it to reveal itself.

Not bad so far.

Glad to see this still going and hope earnestly that it continues :pinkiehappy:

7761732 Thanks.

Oh, it will. I plan on writing 'till there's nothing left to branch from (or maybe just the end!).

Ah, Chrysalis. Always choosing the darker option...

7792595 I'm having fun hatching it right now. So, in essence, I'm cheating myself and writing the entire next chapter in a time space pretty darn short. Oh well. I ain't splitting this battle into four chapters this time :pinkiehappy:

“Tell that to the writer.”

Cadence smirked. “That’s Pinkie Pie’s job.”

LOL :pinkiehappy::rainbowlaugh:

A good chapter. Seems like the world is uniting against the common threat :pinkiehappy:

No, Reynolds is not homosexual. It's called FRIENDSHIP. I'm not going to stand for shippings of my characters with the show's characters of the same gender.

Good for you, sir :twilightsmile:

Hmm. I suppose that it was about time for the enemy to try to counter that huge force coming their way. Then again, their willingness to hit anything...

I still find ones that I missed every so often.

I find this annoyingly often (and sometimes got told by readers) when I go to edit previous chapters for mistakes :facehoof:

I wouldn't worry about it... too much. It happens to everyone. Not a bad chapter :twilightsmile:

7862634 You won't believe how tempted I was to sink the carrier and kill Celestia. That close.

Glad to see that Celestia has returned to her own country :pinkiehappy:

Well, that's all happened.

The archives will be missed :applecry:

At least that back door existed.

Hopefully, the battle's over now.

Well, King Sombra better pack his bags, because he's moving...

Into a prison cell. Or straight to... well, you know.

My thanks to you. I'd hoped and thought this story might receive more attention, and I'm surprised it is not.

May God go with you :pinkiehappy:

As for the chapter, well, that was unexpected.

Huh, unexpected twist.

This is going to be one major rumble...

Well, that's going to be difficult.

And won't the Gem have the same zombie effect in the other places it was fired...? :twilightoops:

You forgot to ponify American.

Okay, big enemy army and an angry commander. This is either going to go down poorly or Sombra will end up rueing the day he ever set eyes upon Andromeda.

Okay, Sombra's navy lies in ruins. Not looking good for him.

Sombra, you are going down; your best weapon has fired it's last shot and your armies are being decimated by superior technology. Plus the alicorns who were just unleashed.

Bye. (Not) nice knowing you, Somby.

Well, that escalated fairly quickly.

In any case, killing Atlanta backfired, like when bombing cities in WWII enraged people rather than making them afraid. The CE is effectively done, even if Sombra denies it to himself.

7951175 Yeah. Next chapter should be it, though. I don't plan on a Part 6 to the battle

RIP Crimson :raritycry:

At least Andromeda looks like she'll be okay... But still...

I enjoyed reading it.

Sorry that so many of the heroes died, but overall it was great :twilightsmile:

May God go with you :ajsmug::raritystarry::rainbowdetermined2:

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