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The Atlantean

I write all sorts of stories, but I tend towards military and crossovers. My Equestria Amino username is Random Twin, so if you recognize me from there, hi!


The date is May 1941 on Earth, better known in Equestria as the year 1015. Nazi Germany declared war on Equestria after cracking the interdimensional barrier, sending the battleship Bismarck to enforce their goals.

In response to Germany's February declaration of war, Celestia spends billions to acquire a surface fleet at least capable of attacking her enemy. But the amalgamated fleet of dilapidated ships' first test will be harder than anything Equestria has ever dealt with in the past.

Will Princess Luna, commanding her sister's motley collection of S-boats, decades-old destroyers, and nearly-scrapped cruiser hulks be able to take on the most powerful battleship to sail the Atlantic?


Written in memory of the Bismarck's sinking on May 27, 1941, and the loss of nearly her entire crew of over 2,200 officers and enlisted. Though their nation committed horrifying crimes against humanity, the men aboard Bismarck and Prinz Eugen, her sole consort who was detached to refuel the day before the sinking, led honorable wartime naval careers. Their destroyer screen was detached long before they steamed for the Atlantic, but I kept it here because they were part of Operation Rheinübung, which was the German attempted breakout into the Atlantic by steaming north into the Arctic and coming back down on the other side of Britain.

Published on the day of Bismarck's sinking.

During parts that show the Bismarck's perspective, several German words will be used. Since German and English are similar, it shouldn't be hard to determine what they're saying. In any event, all German words used will be in a glossary in the author's note. Each is marked in the story with an asterisk.

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"In May of 1941, the war had just begun..."

It is quite cool that you did this on the day Bismarck was sunk, and my opinion to your question is that if she wouldn't attack their fleet immediately there would have been a change that Bismarck would have escaped. And german fleet could have radioing nearby wolfpacks to destroy equestrian fleet. Thou one question l would like to ask that why didn't captain use recon planes what Bismarck had using its catapult. He would have known enemies fleets location and numbers, there for prepared his fleet to fire their broadsides.

They were sailing in poor weather. Bad enough it seems the massive ships were point blank for their weapons and still had issues spotting their targets.

To honor this have this guy's narration of the great german war ship. Named after the real person behind the second reich. The wildman who predicted the Great War Otto Von Biskmark. May his legacy and the legacy of this ship forever stay in the annals of history

Hunting the Biskmark

I realize that its not the point of the story, but couldn't the pegasi just cause winter weather to freeze the ships in place?

No, it's staged at the time which is the equivalent of May in our world. Winter Wrap-Up has happened months ago, and besides, it's so far off the coast that Pegasi wouldn't be able to make the journey easily.

The Germans had the biggest ship that had the biggest guns.
The Bismarck was the fastest ship that ever sailed the seas.
On her deck were guns as big as steers and shells as big as trees.

......ok, I'm not trying to be mean, just pointing out the flaws with that logic.

They can manipulate the weather just fine regardless of what time of year it is. Of course they would use that as an advantage in war, any intelligent race would.

The pegasi nor only have a flying city that they can take with them, Equestria has airships that could fly out and drop them over the enemy. And the princesses, together with the pegasi creating cloud cover, could make it dark enough to keep the enemy from seeing them.

Again, not the point of the story to display Equestrian tactics of war, but ignoring such tactics just to justify the story is foolish. And before you say that Celestia wouldn't approved of the tactics I have mentioned, these are neutralizing tactics to end a battle with the fewest casualties.

They have to find the ships first, too, and the ocean is HUGE. Also, Celestia panicked. It's possible she didn't even remember that she had Cloudsdale in the first place, and she wouldn't want to risk losing an entire city that PRODUCES THE WEATHER in Equestria. Also, airships are expensive. We're talking about scouring the ocean for what she thought was a single ship. Celestia wouldn't be familiar with German vessels; as inferred, Luna was the dignitary to Earth. Bismarck's fleet had spotting planes (with machine guns), but Celestia didn't know that. She would've had to assume the worst possible for her country to fight, and that's a fully loaded aircraft carrier.

Even so, Bismarck isn't a carrier, but her fleet's spotting planes (both Prinz Eugen and Bismarck had four each) have much higher speed than Pegasi could hope for. And they have radar, four-inch AA guns, and as I said earlier, machine guns. The airships would've been shot down before they got close enough.

As for weather changes, my stories will never have Pegasi control it beyond the borders of Equestria. I feel that it would push the balance too far in Equestria's favor.

Not to be rude, bro


Honestly I think questioning certain things is a bit too much work, and generally ends up in unintentional fights. it's just a fictional one shot, some things don't have to make sense, at least in my opinion.

Is this after the HMS Hood was sunk

True that.

We cool?

No, the Hood never encountered the Bismarck in this. This is because instead of being sent to the Atlantic, Bismarck was sent to Equestria.


At least this didn't turn out like the last 'military in Equestria' fic I commented on. That quickly turned into a rather dumb debate about equestrian magic being science.

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