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I write all sorts of stories, but I tend towards military and crossovers. My Equestria Amino username is Random Twin, so if you recognize me from there, hi!



For two years, a terrible war between Equestria and the Crystal Empire has ravaged the land and depleted resources. As King Sombra uncovers a mystical artifact in the crystal mines of his empire, his armies march on the bustling city of Manehattan, where Celestia's weakened forces make a desperate stand. Led by a foreigner recently appointed by Princess Celestia herself, they must hold out long enough for reinforcements to complete the trans-Celestial Sea voyage and turn the tide of the war once again to a unified Equestria.

Map used for Manehattan: http://djinn327.deviantart.com/art/Map-of-Manehattan-MLP-FIM-314396247

If I could get feedback, that would be amazing.

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This is pretty good so far. I look forward to seeing it develop.

7570171 Why thank you. It started as a contest entry on Equestria Amino and went way beyond. The Manehattan idea was inspired by Percy Jackson: The Last Olympian.

7570228 I haven't seen that movie, but I've heard good things.

7570271 It isn't a movie. It's the last book in the 5-book series by Rick Riordan. The two movies made (supposed to based off the first two books but failed horribly) sucked. Sorry for technicalities, that's how I do things.

7570287 My mistake. Thanks for the trivia, though.

That was a solid move with the bridge. Nice strategy.

Whoa. That was a real shocker. Can't believe you actually did that.

7586802 Nobody else does something like that, so I wanted to be different. plus, I can now do things to Celestia like get her off her ass and go on a quest :)

Will Rainbow Dash appear or at least get mentioned in this story?

7591903 If the Mane 6 become more involved in the story, Rainbow Dash will make an appearance. But for now, she is most likely mourning the loss of her family, along with Fluttershy, since Cloudsdale has been obliterated. As for just being mentioned, she'll be heard of as a Wonderbolt or at least with them. The most direct and succinct answer I can give you is quite possibly, yes.

A nice little intermission.

7605780 I felt like it was needed. Thanks for your opiniion

Hmm. Interesting.

Here's hoping the next story comes quickly.

7630350 working on it already. I'm separating Celestia's journey into a separate part just so I can do more detail, and my current plan is to do her part first, then come back and catch up on the Equestrian army in another part. Shouldn't take too long to get it up and written. It'll be called The Red Sun Rises: Voyages

7630515 Ah, thanks. Sorry if I sounded pushy, that's not what I was trying to convey. I liked this story and I'm hoping the next one is just as good :twilightsmile:

7630628 don't worry. I'm just someone who writes stories fast. As for how good it is, I'll leave that for you to decide. It'll probably have a lot more technical stuff, so comment if I don't clarify enough.

Here's to hoping this series gets featured... wait, that isn't too likely to happen.
Anyway, I'm glad to know you're enjoying it.

7630650 Well, I think this might have been featured at least once, or at least it came to people's attention, so...

Does this story take place in the Sombra timeline from The Cutie Re-mark part 1?

No. But it was originally an entry for a contest on Equestria Amino that referenced the Sombra timeline. So, this could be said to be an alternate reality of that alternate reality, if you know what I mean

7638180 What is Equestria Amino, and why didn't you reply to my previous comment by clicking on the >>?

7725140 I thought I did. My bad.

Equestria Amino, how do I explain it? It's like a social media outlet dedicated exclusively (at least in theory) to the Brony fandom. In practice, there's some who forget, but that's fine. It's a pretty great place and many many people use it.

The Amino app itself is free on the Play store or its Apple equivalent, takes only 18 MB of space, and has countless possibilities of communities. If you need context, think "Twitter of Facebook with specific communities". The Equestria community, or Equestria Amino, is just one of these!

If you're interested, I'd be glad to see you there.

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