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XCOM: Ranger - Wanderer D

Sunset Shimmer escapes Equestria... with unforeseen consequences.

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Chapter 240: Monsters


Chapter 240: Monsters

By Wanderer D

The screams were barely muffled by the thick glass container, but they didn't bother Chimera. She hummed happily, twisting levers and injecting new properties into the gasses and liquids she was using to fill out the tube of her latest experiment. Once it was done, she would have a brand new addition to her growing army of loyal subjects.

A ping alerted her of an incoming communication, and she sighed, pressing another button to muffle the screams altogether. "It doesn't matter," she mumbled, "she'll be completely covered in mutagenic goo soon. I wouldn't be able to hear her anyway."

She groaned and turned around, ignoring the desperately pounding and silently screaming woman in the tank and turned on a screen. The blue-skinned face of Sonata appeared, smiling viciously at her. "Did you feel it?"

Twilight blinked. "Feel what?"

Sonata snorted. "I guess you still haven't found a way to make yourself psychic."

Twilight pouted. "I'll get there. So, what was I supposed to feel anyway?"

"XCOM has freed Dagi."

"Dagi?" Twilight leaned back and tapped her chin with a claw, then her face brightened. "Oh. Adagio?"

"Yes! I'm so excited. Right now Fugue and I are about to storm the Warlock's hiding place. We're just waiting for the Elders to leave."

Twilight made a face. "Why doesn't Fugue just you know… splat… everything living in there and then you guys can be done with it?"

Sonata shrugged. "Why didn't you just tear every single XCOM member you saw there into chunks after they had set up their equipment?"

"Where's the fun in… oh… snaky." Twilight grinned, forked tongue testing the air, and eyes gleaming with mischief.

"Yeah, we need to work on your puns."

"But it's good that your family is back, right?" Twilight said, ignoring the comment. "Family is good."

"They are. How are Cadance and Shining?"

Twilight's smile turned into a grimace. "In development. But I won't give up! I'll bring them back." She twirled her seat. "In fact, this last battle gave me a great idea~! I know what species they'll be." She giggled. "Can you imagine what it'll be like for them to wake up after decades of being dead into the bodies I created?"

Sonata smirked. "It will be madness."

"Oh yes!" Twilight barked a laugh. "They will love their new bodies. They will love me. I will have my family back and we'll never be apart!"

"You go, girl."

"So really, what's the point of this call?"

"We just want to make sure your precious children stay away from the Warlock's base. There's going to be a lot of… noise. But this is our show tonight."

"Hmm… mating season will be soon…"


Her head snapped up. "Sorry! I'm totally not thinking about Shining and Cadance." She pointed over her shoulder at the figure in the goo, who had stopped banging on the glass. "And I have this experiment going on right now. So you don't need to worry about me. I'll be occupied." She mutated her arm into a large, mud-like appendage with five thick fingers, which she balled into a thumbs-up. "Have fun!"

Sonata grinned. "Well then. We'll talk soon."

The screen went black and Twilight sighed, turning around to put a now-normal looking hand flat on the surface of the glass, while she used her other hand to transmit. She knew the woman inside could hear her.

"You know, I normally don't speak to my experiments until they're done," she said wistfully, "but isn't it nice when sisters find each other? I wonder what will happen now that Adagio is free? Since Sonata adopted me, I've never seen her so… happy. Even when Auntie Aria died, we knew we could bring her back… and when auntie… or is it cousin? Well, when Fugue was born, she was so happy! And now you'll be part of our family, and I'm this close to bringing back Cadance and Shiny! We'll all be together… we'll live forever and be with each other and our family will never grow apart again!"

She blinked at the woman in the container. "Oh… you're asleep. Don't worry… when you wake up, you'll be my new daughter." She smiled. "And you will be beautiful."

Fugue looked down at the base, an inscrutable look in her face. "It is time."

"Yes," Sonata said, closing her eyes. "The Elders are gone. It's just Tirek and his army."

Fugue's gem glowed with inner energy as she stretched her claw, and Sonata saw the residual magic of Earth twist just so as the guards patrolling the outside of the structure simply collapsed where they stood. A second later, blood emerged from their bodies in thin, steady streams, crossing and twirling, covering the base with glowing symbols.

"And now, they cannot escape," Fugue said.

"Oh, this is going to be great!" Sonata giggled, her gem glistening with magic, just like Fugue's. "Just make sure not to kill the aliens and soldiers inside!"

"No… I want the pleasure of ripping them apart myself." Fugue took to the air and flew down from their perch, while Sonata shot her grappling hook to follow. They landed in front of the main entrance, and immediately two turrets activated, whirring into position to aim at the pair.

Side-structures opened, revealing and allowing several squads of MECS to emerge, and even one Gatekeeper.

"It looks like Tirek was waiting for us," Sonata said as a large antenna slowly extended into the sky, literally sucking the power of ADVENT's Psychic network out of the air.

"Good," Fugue smirked. Wisps of blood-red energy leaking out of her pores into the air in a miasma of power. "Let him build power. Let him steal from his masters. It won't do him any good."

As if her words had been the signal, the turrets opened fire, just as the MECS bombarded the area where the two sirens stood. The Gatekeeper's external armor opened, revealing the monstrosity under it. In an instant, a mass of purple, crackling, psi-energy shot towards them exploding on impact and bathing the area in psionic energy.

The dead soldiers slowly twitched, then stood, groaning and stumbling towards the epicenter of the attack. When the barrage finished and the smoke cleared, Fugue stood alone in the center of a small crater, bloodwings wrapped around her, smoking from the intense heat and attacks. Her blood armor slowly regenerated, covering exposed skin, and her gem glowed eerily.

She grinned. "Boo."

She was gone in an instant, covering the distance between her and the robots and zombies in less than a second. Spikes of blood emerged from her smashing through the tough armor of the MECs; her claws decapitated the nearest zombie, just her thin, devil tail punctured the optics of another MEC.

The Gatekeeper moved as if to join the attack, but it was suddenly hit by a powerful shot, sending it skidding back, its armor collapsing back to encase it completely once more. The turrets whirled up to aim at Sonata, who laughed from the top of one of the structures where the MECs had come from. She aimed at one, blasting it to pieces and then grappling her way to its previous position just as the remaining one took its shot. Before it could correct its positioning, she shot it point blank, raining pieces of electronics and metal down below them.

A beam of plasma melted half the roof where she stood, missing her by inches, and she turned and shot the Gatekeeper, making it spin in place. "Stupid thick armored piece of eldritch shit!"

The Gatekeeper started to shudder as it prepared another blast, but then it stopped and shook violently, it's glowing single "eye" widening and shrinking almost in surprise before dark-green liquid exploded out of the joints where the armor separated, and it crashed onto the floor with a dull thud.

Sonata turned to look at Fugue who had her head tilted in the direction of the creature. Pieces of MECs and zombies littered the floor around her, but it didn't distract her newest sister. The blood of the abomination she had destroyed slid through the floor and into the air under the siren's gaze and then became a spike, which slammed through the closed doors.

Fugue stepped forth sliding her claws into the indent the blood had created and with incredible strength forced the two apart, denting them further and peeling them back until the entrance stood open, like a gaping maw into darkness.

"I hope you have more ready, Tirek," Fugue said smiling at the video camera pointing at the entrance as she licked the alien blood off her claws. "Or this won't be fun at all."

o.0.o End Chapter 240 o.0.o

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