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Scootaloo is the last pony Rarity ever thought would want to be more 'Rarity', but that's exactly what the filly claims. Sadly, Scootaloo's understanding of generosity is disastrously flawed.

Rarity's not about to let that stand.

"I hate Rarity. Somehow, this story made me like her. ...a fun, engaging, intriguing fic." – kalash93, Reviewer's Cafe

The Generosity Series
Chronological from Top to Bottom:
Lessons in Generosity
Study of Generosity
Friend of Generosity
Allure of Generosity
Heir of Generosity?
Triangle of Generosity

A little one shot written for The Barcast's Make Rarity Not Garbage contest.

Cover art by the amazing Koveliana.

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Very useful for the upcoming Applewood Derby.

:raritystarry:Loved this.
It is so beautiful and cute

That was a really good story odd combo yet it works well I dont know what contest its not good enough for but the story it self is very good i think

Wonderful interaction between two characters who are usually a few degrees removed from one another, and a great meditation on the nature of generosity. And it has Scootaparents, which are always a plus in my book.

Thank you for this.


Any story with Rarity gets my attention, but this? This was amazing.

Wait, what? I'm confused. I need to watch that episode again.


The contest specifies I should be using evidence from the show in depicting Rarity's good qualities, but I didn't do that, so...

I actually paused to think about whether Scoots has parents for this story... for about five seconds. I realized I didn't want Scootabuse to get in the way of the message, so...

The episode in question is The Cart Before the Ponies. There were a few fanfics in the wake of that one.

I also think Scootaloo takes after a different element than Rarity's.

Oh, I knew what episode you were referring to, I just didn't get what you meant with your comment in relation to it and this story. I think I get it now, though.

I'm sure most everybody expects Scootaloo to take to something other than Generosity. I merely chose her because I thought she'd make a good foil for the story's lesson.

I love this story. It's well written.

This was good. I really enjoyed it.

Pony of the day: Rarity
Status: definitely not garbage. :duck:

Awesomeness! Many thanks for the high score.

You know, in a weird kind of way, Scootaloo actually had the right idea. Spike basically likes glamorous, charismatic, lady-like mares. It's a bit strange that Rarity, who absolutely understands such things, apparently didn't get that.

Scootaloo's main mistake was equating all of that to generosity, somehow. I mean, I'm sure Spike appreciates that trait as well, but I don't think it's a deal breaker for him.

That said, this was still a very good story. Seriously, high marks all around.

Whoa. That's a lot of bookshelves.

Anyway, glad you enjoyed! I had a lot of fun writing it.

I've just rated this story on my personal result sheet... but after the announcements are made, I'd love to hear what you believed was the fatal flaw here.

Now that the results are in, I quote the contest guidelines:

The goal is to make her as canon as possible using details FROM THE SHOW.

Lessons doesn't utilize any in-show evidence to support its claims, which struck me as a critical flaw and the one Study was designed specifically to remedy.

I agree. I'll simply say that your second piece's argument was more coherent at the end of the day, imo

I reviewed this story as part of Read It Later Reviews #82.

My review can be found here.

Scootaloo swallowed, her Adam’s apple rocking down her neck.

... What? Dude, females don't have Adam's apples.

A common misconception. All humans, both genders, have an Adam's Apple, it's just not as pronounced on women.

Huh, you're right. I was sure its presence was a gender specific trait, but apparently it's just the size. Carry on then :twilightsheepish:

That should get her off this silly track.

Rarity, that's a Cutie Mark Crusader you're talking to. It'll take a lot more than that to get her to give up.

“What do you mean? Isn’t generosity about, like, looking rich and giving stuff to others?”

The cringe! The criiiiiinge! it burrrrrnnnnnssssss uuuusssssssss!

All in all that was a beautiful story.

I didn't like it as much as I thought I would. TD said it all more eloquently than I could. Third person would havr been a vast improvement.

I like seeing this sort of slice of life and some character development. Good job!

Wasn't very good. I share a lot of opinions with the one reviewer there.

I like thought provoking stories, and we'll written to boot

Wonderful to hear! May my other stories catch your eye sometime.

Yes they have at times

Very well written. Great job!:moustache:

This is one of those fics that is written well enough for what it is, but due to reasons that are entirely my own, I can't bring myself to fave.
And it's those same reasons that prevent me from wanting to read the rest of the series.

This story was a pleasantly toned and tastefully descriptive read. I thought the part where Rarity gave Ditzy the present for her "little muffin" was particularly adorable, and I loved Scootaloo's 'Don't tell anypony in Equestria!' exchange with Rarity too. The message that generosity is giving without expecting anything in return was lovely also. Thank you for the read. :twilightsmile:

I chuckled at her skeptical frown. “Watch and learn, little filly.”

Im really enjoying this.

Rarity is an adult here and, let's be honest here, Rarity/Scoots stories are not a common occurrence.

“There’s no escape, my little filly.” Her ears went flat against her skull. “I am going to make you an outfit, and while I do, you are going to tell me all about what makes you so interested in Spike.”


She twitched, as if my words were electric, and looked up at me. She looked to the window and let out a gasp. “Oh, shoot, Mom and Dad will kill me for staying out so late! I gotta go.”

So... Not a Scoot-orphan this time?
Another peculiarity.

And now that I've come back to it after a year, I actually like it enough to fave it

Still not a fan of the ScootaSpike stuff, but that's mostly just a means to get to the main plot.

Returning to this series has me realizing something: I'd probably enjoy Diamond Tiara as an alternate Element. Honesty or Kindness seem to fit, but who knows?

I would have said Generosity myself, but now that you've pointed out Honesty it actually makes a lot of sense.


Well, we'll have to see. I could see her being in Baltimare during Scootaloo's excursion there, but that's up to your jurisdiction.

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