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Hearth's Warming Eve was one of the many holidays where Rainbow Dash would've appreciated, with sledding alongside the rest of the Mane Six and her usual snowball fights with Scootaloo. Instead she was stuck with nursing a pony who had, much to her dismay, a few problems of his own.

Through the twelve days towards the Winter Wrap Up, however, the pony, inaptly named Taciturn Bleach, began to inspire her, only by his rare and drastic talent; one that she had found out perplexed most, if not, all of the ponies around, including her.

After all, not all rainbows have to be colorful to be perfect.


Author's Note: Each chapter will be released in the twelve days of Christmas, so it's gonna be a quick one!

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I like this. Please continue so a more informative comment can be given. :pinkiesmile:

Despite not having a snowball fight yet...

This chapter pleases Scootalloo :scootangel:


Please continue! I like the flow of teh story. :rainbowwild:

I like this More :twilightsmile:

(couldnt find the picture)

12 days of christmas, ain't that a little late?
Tomorrow is Christmas :facehoof:

The twelve days of Christmas are the 12 days leading up to Christmas
Or is it after :rainbowhuh:

Ok ignore the top half of this comment

Lol. :pinkiehappy:

I clearly remembered the first day being on 25th December (Went to Wikipedia to make sure of it).
Had to post it a day early coz the second chapter had been in the works a week ago, and I've just finished it yesterday. I'm already finishing the third as I'm typing this.

Don't think I can end this on the 12th day though :twilightsheepish:

Well, I'd say RD stayed in character!

Here's hoping....this will be interesting! :pinkiehappy:
I look forward to the next chapter!

Not bad! Methinks Rainbow will learn a difficult lesson....

Great story! :pinkiehappy:

Hey I like the Christmas theme on Fimfiction :pinkiehappy:

Nah I think she'll learn a lesson in patience

Taciturn shook her head no, not even bothering to spare a glance. her head>? was this an err?

You are doing an amazing work with this fic, really looking forward to how you'll continue it.

All characters are written in character, and are responding as one would expect them too.
The way you describe Tan.. Tess .. Mr. Bleach and his actions are intriguing, it will be interesting too see how he'll be approached by the Ponyville-community.

Thanks for putting this up for everyone to enjoy! :twilightsmile:
Oh, and, Happy Holidays everyone, I don't think they've ended everywhere yet? :twilightsheepish:

Glad you enjoyed it!
From where I am, it's still a holiday, so happy holidays to you too :pinkiesmile:

Hehe. This 'tis getting even more interesting!

Ooh ooh this was a great chapter :pinkiehappy:
Can't wait for tomorrow

Oh my gosh, I thought Rainbow was going to snap an break Taciturn's heart when he did that to the skates.

I was really amazed by this story so far. Please continue

Found it. Took me a while!
Thanks for pointing it out :pinkiehappy:

As a person with autism I can just say I was really captivated by the way you portrayed the character, he reminds me of my self quite a lot, except I have gotten over my social problems, and I'm not a god at painting.

But this speaks a little deeper to me than a story, I just want to thank you WritingSpirit, for reminding me that autism isn't always a curse, but sometimes a blessing more than I could imagine, and for thank I want to give you as humble of thanks as I can give, you gave me a mirror so I can take another look at myself

Over all it is a very good story and I will be happily but patiently awaiting the rest of the story :)

That dumb moment when you pour your heart out into comment, only to see its riddled with errors (facepalm)

1860077 You can edit your comments, brother :raritywink:

You're welcome :pinkiehappy:
It's really amazing as a writer to see such a comment, and I'm glad that this story could help you (is that even a good word to use?)

Anyhow, thanks for reading! Don't let anything get you down! :pinkiesmile:

Can I ask where you got the inspiration for this story? And the character?

Inspiration-wise is basically from what I know about autism; the fact that they have a different plane of thought from ours. From what I see, they have a different perception or disconnected form of reality, and some of them have the talent to show these 'dimensions' to the rest of the world. Admittedly,it's also one of those 'what if' ideas that came into my head :twilightsheepish:

Taciturn's character is pulled out from these unique group of savants, his talent specializing in the art direction and his memory. Personality-wise, he's self reserved and extremely unsociable and only trusts a few ponies, much like how most autistic people would react to others. His name was there to give irony, thus his last name, and also to work as a stark contrast against Rainbow Dash herself, down to their coat color.

Well, at least for now it's a contrast :raritywink:
That's the part I'm currently expanding on

AWAKE!! I shouted :rainbowlaugh:

This is good. A shall awaits tomorrows chapter


This story is amazing! You've written Tassee really well, and I think that this story is very original and unique. It adds a whole new aspect to Rainbow Dash that a lot of people don't see.

It's also good to see someone else out there that cares for those special people. :)


Quillin Words

i love love love it!

sorry to make you think a little harder than you do, but does he have a particular type of autism? im just wondering because im an aspy,

Regressive autism, I think. If you're talking about his art, it comes from savant syndrome.

Whoever this pony is, they should sent to the SUN!!:twilightangry2:

This is one of the stories I've taken to waiting for each day. I don't usually wait with bated breathe for written works, but this one is exceptional and creates the characters well. My only complaint is the use of some words here and there not making sense. :ajsmug:

Negative forget the sun to ...EARTH! muahahahahahahahahahaha!

Might want to look over that last paragraph. See a couple mistakes in it

Great chapter

Dawwwww, well, if I was him I would have done the exact same thing,

awesome chapter! Can't wait for more!

I'm having that right now. Can barely sleep but I can barely keep my eyes open
Its frustrating :twilightangry2:

Whoever the snitch is will be lucky if the worst they get sends them to the emergency room.

And if they aren't lucky, the body will never be found.

Loved this latest chapter, but will you be shipping the two together? That's my only question and concern, though I'm neither for or against it; I could see it happening either way.

1870482:pinkiehappy: I love this stuff. You've just made me very, very happy. :pinkiehappy:

Loved this chapter, but I do hate those dang reporters!

You keep switching Tassee's gender from male to female
Look through your chapters you'll notice what I'm saying

E.g. The last paragraph of this chapter

Anyway this was a great chapter non-the-less

My god, that was so sad with Rainbow and the reporters.

I love this story so much.

I love this story must follow this oh and the reporters are meanies!!!!:flutterrage:

AWESOME, thats what i have to say about this story,

hey WrtitingSpirit, were do you get your information about autism? because i've noticed its stunningly accurate,

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