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There was nothing better for Fluttershy than to hide in her warm, cozy cottage during a powerful snowstorm. However, when a specific figure comes knocking at her door, not to take her in his embrace, but to ask for her hospitality...

Tribute to one of the greatest fics of all time, in my opinion.
Staeg Masque's The Cold Hand Of Mercy

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As mentioned in the description, it's a tribute, so you get the idea :pinkiehappy:

Special credits to Staeg Masque and TheParagon for the image.
Thanks for reading!

Let me be the first one in fan thumb up

Very interesting. The only thing I dislikes was the choppy dialog. Not that the dialog itself is, mind you. The line breaking can become, at times, confusing as to who is saying what.

That was epically awesome.

I look forward to reading this...

I want to draw Than now so badly~!
Beautiful story. I would be shocked and dismayed if you didn't make Featured at some point.

1632424,1632505,1632546 Glad you guys liked it!

1632500 Yeah. That part's still work in progress :twilightsheepish:

Featured, eh...
Tbh, I'm just more interested in writing it out, actually, but I'll be happy if it does!
It'll be a first for me :yay:

If you ever draw Thanatos out (that's his full name) I'll be happy to see it!

MAGNIFICENT!!! Also, I feel like I should have seen the Than/Thanatos reference from, literally, MILES away.

Very pretty... I LIKED this one!

Absolutely fantastic.

Fluttershy can even be kind to DEATH. :rainbowderp:

That takes some serious pony balls. :trixieshiftright:

cold hand of mercy is really under appreciated :pinkiesad2: but this is a nice spin on it :pinkiehappy:

That was very good mate, very wall written, kept me into it, I give you 10/10 .

Wonder why this story is not faceted? Come on guys, this is littérateur at its peak!

He found this on Frozens page :rainbowkiss:
Didn't realise I was watching you :rainbowhuh:

Never mind just remembered who you where (my memory could be better)
Dashie better not be dead or so help me I'll.... Uh.... :rainbowderp:

A great story. Fluttershy can be kind to Death himself? She is, as of now, best pony. I rate this story 10/10. Great job!

Wonder what Than thinks of Pinkie :pinkiehappy:

I would like to see one about Vivienne. Like and fave!

That was great.
It really shows how deep Fluttershy's kindness goes

One question though, what was Than doing in Ponyville to begin with?

He's kind of a tricky fellow, so who knows?

Probably to find a little bit of kindness in the living world :raritywink:

5125919 yea, we may never know

I really loved this story. Goes to show just how far Fluttershy's kindness goes. She's hospitable to death itself.
That has to be the most courageous thing to do, because I not how her other friends would've handled him (Pinkie might be able to, but I'm not sure. And something tells me not even Dash would dare open door for death)

As of know, I think I am currently suffering Pony POV-itis (darn its intriguing plot and characterization :rainbowlaugh:). Now I can't help but re-imagine this story as an event in the POV-verse. How would it work one may ask? There is a personification, or more correctly a Concept, of death named Mortis, who actually a good guy who a little burdened by his job.

But yeah, great story!:pinkiehappy:

how about a sequell about her freinds reacting to fluttershy's story:heart::heart::moustache:

I am really surprised that Fluttershy let him go so easily. IE I see Fluttershy answering "I'll only be back when it's time" with a "Why? My door is always open to you when you need it."

Lets give another example.

My father tends to phone me only when some disaster is happening, or when he wants me to do something for him. This makes me more apprehensive about his phone calls.

Death needs a PR campaign and to actually hang around a bit.

This is not to say that I like the whole heaven-hell dichotomy. People and ponies are too grey for that, and I can't see some beneficent power condemning any but the completely unredeemable, and even then it would be more an isolation than a hell.


For your first point, I'd say Fluttershy gave a similar response to that, though Death sort of ditched her before she could get an answer. Her response was more like: "Why? My door is always open to you when you want it."

To me, this incarnate of Death saw his job as something that came along on the side. After all, he finds the world of the living more appealing. He knows about the universal fear of death that all living things have, so to see a mare who invited him into her household in spite of who he was piqued his interest, you could say. That set the foundation of his decision, which was only built stronger when he learns about the kind of mare she was in contrast to his thoughts. Looking at it like this, it's no question that Death selfishly chose to let her live her life to the fullest. Not that he needed to do it or he felt obligated to, just that it was something he was interested in seeing.

I'm not really sure how that analogy fits into what you said though (probably because you're comparing something inevitable like death to one that leans more onto frequency) but if I used that same analogy with me as Death and my father as ponykind:

My father mostly calls me when a disaster is happening or when he needs help about something, which makes me apprehensive. Once in a while, however, he would call me just to have light-hearted, particularly lukewarm conversations, which would be a nice surprise worth taking his other calls for.

As for the heaven-hell stuff, I would say that looking back at myself from almost four years ago, I didn't really delve into the greyer parts of life. Still, I think that the idea of Heaven and Hell in the context of this story was vague enough for it not to be simply taken as Path A and Path B. That's not to say that it might not be that, though it could be other things as well.

Appreciate the criticism! :twilightsmile:

This speaks of how far kindness can go but sometimes it could be took advantage of; regardless- this is Fluttershy that we're talking about :raritywink:

Pale white, wispy hair, the name than. I LIKE YOU Spirit. God on ya using Thanatos in pony form.:pinkiehappy: fave and 1 up

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