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When he comes to take Angel Bunny, Fluttershy stares down Death. She commands him to not take any creatures in Equestria ever again. Now that it is a land free of death, will Equestria be a paradise or a living hell?

This story is a collaboration with electreXcessive for One-Shotober. If you like this story, be sure to follow him!

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Nothing could die during those couple of years?
No satisfying spuish of bugs in your houses? Dang, that's just cruel :applecry:

3347924 so pull of all their legs then or tear off their wings or both.

Very true, very true. Good fic!

.... I shall fear no evil, for I have a pony with amazing powers of persuasion.
Oh geez, someone call Torchwood.

"A searing pain shot through her hood"

Ugh! So many spiders!

3348030 Thanks for catching that.

For a few days, nopony even noticed that death was absent from Equestria. There were a few odd occurrences, mostly that ponies on their deathbeds the previous day had continued to hang on despite the doctors’ predictions. Most ponies chalked it up to a miracle blessing from Celestia.

The absence of Death became clear, however, when a condemned murder was subjected to a public execution in Appleoosa for killing five ponies. Crowds across Equestria watched in awe as he simply refused to die. Despite three attempts, a broken neck, and various poisons coursing through his bloodstream, he refused to die. He was dubbed “the invincible inmate” by the media—a title which remained until three days later when another condemned pony in Dodge Junction also refused to die.

Reminds me of something. Something awful...

I approve of Fluttershy's complete overpoweredness in this story.


So one might say that this is a real gangsters paradise

3348062 It's just like Grand Theft Auto; you can never die, and you just wake up with $500 missing and all your guns gone.

"Hey, that was a pretty good chapter, I wonder when the next wi- D'oh! It's complete! Why did it have to die!?"

3348136 All good things must come to an end, as is the moral to the story :raritywink:

that would be bad

imagine practically UNDEAD SPIDERS that wouldn't die even when squished...? :raritydespair:


If nothing can die, nothing at all...

That includes cells.

You'd keep growing skin cells and never shedding them because they never die and flake off. Plants wouldn't die either and thus couldn't be digested.

I don't think this would take years to become unbearable. It would take days. Weeks at most.

Edit: hell, considering some biological processes in your body I think it'd take hours before every pony alive was in constant agony.

3348387 It only applies to animals. Cells, plants, fungi, etc. can all still die.

3348397 Don't like the idea of bloated, screaming, agonized ponies crushed under the weight of their own unceasing biological processes thrown completely out of whack?

3348399 Just repeat to yourself it's just a fic, I should really just relax

3348410 I'm relaxed, I just think you could have made this much more existentially horrifying. :pinkiecrazy:

3348419 Hmm... I might release an alternate ending chapter in which it turns out differently.

3348136 It had to die in order to make room for more stories.

Short and Great, a perfect read before bedtime :moustache:

Now that it is a land free of death, will Equestria be a paradise or a living hell?


Gee, I wonder.

And, you don´t ever consider telling her princess or her friends who was the one who told Death to get the fuck out Equestria in the first place, right Fluttershy?


Anyway, just consider yourself lucky this version of Death didn´t stop his duties on all the planet, neither punished you with a few thousand years of awaiting and pleading before considering putting an end to your misery. His Endless counterpart on the other side, would have benn less... nice

I'm a little surprised Death listened to Fluttershy so willingly, and let that madness go on for years, but other than that, this was a great story! Death is a sad but very vital part of life. :pinkiesad2:


Oh gosh, that irony... your photo...

Haven't actually read this, yet.
But after reading the description, what about for griffons?
They need to kill animals to eat them, what would they do?
They couldn't put the animal out of it's misery, so......

I don't think I am going to read this just yet, but it looks to be a cool concept.

Death... the necessary end to every story... there must be night for there to be day. After all, nothing is immortal... to be truly immortal is impossible... even the gods have their time... *aged sigh* It is time to move on again... more must be put to rest... remember, dear Fluttershy... I am not all I seem to be...

A somewhat old concept I believe, but well executed. Bravo.:pinkiehappy:

Death, a state of being of which everyone will experience.

*slowly claps*

Amazing story, good sir.:moustache:


EEEK :raritydespair::raritycry::pinkiesick: Don't even say that..... :fluttercry: Such a concept is absolutely terrifying. Spiders creep me out...... I might have to check out the story

Just don't say that spiders can't die

:raritydespair: get it away, get it away

“Well, I am at a loss,” said Princess Celestia. “I’ve talked to Death about this, but he simply refuses to come to Equestria. Tell anypony that if they really wish to die, they should go to the Crystal Empire or another country.”

Is it wrong if I laughed a little at this statement? :pinkiecrazy: Good and thought provoking. This was a fun read.

Fluttershy, you aren't the only one in existence who had this problem. Death took my dog of 12 years since I was 11 or so and she was in pain from arthritis, and 3 legs from a traffic accident. (though this 'injury' wasn't a huge issue with her :pinkiecrazy: She pulled me when I was walking her) It really is a necessary evil.

RIP Maxine, you will be missed:raritycry:


yeah that would be bad

what would be worse?

oh yeah

TONS OF THINGS :raritydespair::raritycry:

Gods damn was this impressive, how have I not seen this before? :facehoof: Only confusing thing to me is that Death left his scythe, could Fluttershy had picked it up and used it, or are mortals forbidden from doing such? Shit, this has got my attention, a little basic and could use a bit of a polish but overall a 15/10:yay:

3352140 because he's a teacher and he lets experience teach his victims

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