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Not all the heros in Equestria are noble like the Elements of Harmony, or graceful like the Alicorn Princesses of the Sun and Moon. Some are brutal and uncouth but they are there when needed.

Ponyville has one such hero. The Drunken Mistress, Berry Punch. She gains crazy strength and endurance when drunk, along with a few other abilities. And when the Elements aren't around to save the day she is more than happy to get wasted to save the day.

This is the story of how Berry Punch saved Ponyville when the Elements left to find Chrysalis during the passing of Secretariat Comet.


Thanks to Mr101, Berry Punch, TheExhaustedBrony, and Timps for Pre-Reading
One-Shotober Story #5 10/5/2013

Chapters (1)
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Comments ( 10 )

I didn't spot any errors, the *hics* were maybe a little over done, but this was thoroughly entertaining. I secretly identify with Berry Punch so its always nice to see her in a story.:twilightsmile:

... what did i just read and why did i like it so much:rainbowhuh:

3304041 I secretly Identify with them too... yeah secretly, that's it...

So many missing commas... :fluttershysad:

The only error I could find was that there is only one chapter. You should fix that.

3308192 maybe after October.

This is hilarious, especially the whole Falcon Punch bit. Good work!

Is it odd that i heard RA's voice like that of a Cyberman? And my mental image was that of the Cyberking from that one Doctor Whooves comic?

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