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Put the cart before the horse, mix things up, and look at them in a different way.

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Wow, my heart goes out to the ones who choose to keep going and wiping the dirt out of their eyes. You don't have to stand up again to keep moving forward, you can crawl. But progress will be slow and painful. It seems that the weight has been piled onto Applejack's back to the point where she can only crawl.

(Dunno if this comment is useful, but I just felt like sharing)

Not sure what to make of this. The cause for the apocalypse in this story was never explained.

3277137 I leave that up to my readers' imagination :raritywink:

Not bad at all. I like the setting, the pacing, and the imagination.

Favorite, and Like.

God dammit. Thats depressing. Good story.

3277137 3277190

An alien space frigate launched a planet cracking beam that incinerated all intelligant to semi-intelligant life. That's why everything isn't in a horrible riot sacked condition that any other slower acting apocalypse would cause.
And those green clouds are the ashes of those that have been lost forever, mixed with the dirt caught by the wind.

Applejack was down in the cellar when all this happened, and that's why she's the lone survivor.

Never mind I stand corrected. Carry on.

Here ya go mate! Thought I'd post this in a place I know you'll find it.

3303339 Dude, thanks so much! You did a great job. This means a lot to me :pinkiehappy:

3303556 no problem. It was fun doing it. Now enough bullshit. I need to go to sleep... 4:34 AM right now...

This is a fantastic piece of atmospheric writing!
It calls to mind some of the best bits of I am Legend (the book) with maybe just a hint of The Road.

I got chills reading this, well done!

Ahhh, the Police, with some of the more erudite and educated lyrics of rock.

3279540 I think it is along the lines of this:

for tens of thousands of years, the Mountain that Canterlot sat on stayed quiet until the day it showed it's true nature as a Supervolcano. the blast destroyed Canterlot first, killing Celestia and Luna, but not before they used their magic to make the sun and moon move by them selves for future generations that would live though this.

The Ash spread across the world, killing the Pegasi first with poison gases. the Unicorns also started dying out when food started running out. all around the world, many races were on the path to extinction. after seven years, the ash finally fell out of the sky and the sun was out again, it took more years for the planet to return to what it once was, but many races had died out. The Unicorns and Pegasi had gone, so had the last Alicorn. only the Earth Pony race had lived though it, long with a few other species. Hundreds of thousands of years later, Pony Civilization had returned.

and that is the start of "My Little Pony Tales"

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