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Celestia gives Twilight Sparkle her very own kingdom. But, it's not quite what Twilight expects. Her kingdom is much too small, the lines are too long, the food costs too much... oh, and it's a theme park.

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This must happen tomorrow. :pinkiecrazy:

~The lizardman demands it

I lost it at the Manhattan accent. Oh my sides.

Little known fact, Equestria used to use dollars, until they opened Cassandraland. In its first week, it made so much money that it crashed the economy, and they had to start a new currency from scratch. You ever wondered why the smallest denomination buys an entire bushel of apples? It's because it hasn't had any time to inflate.

Dammit, now I really want to go to Disney World...

"Yes, Fluttershy?" Twilight asked.
"Your park is terrible."
But now that Twilight rule there, she can fix the place!

Uh... Wha... What the hay WAS that? :rainbowhuh: :rainbowhuh: :rainbowhuh:

Okay, this was magical! Well done! :twilightblush:

Man, that story. :rainbowlaugh: But "Magic Makes Free"? I'm not getting the joke that I feel I should be getting...

This entire part...

And you were supposed to get the Ewekraine, Twilight, but… well, let’s just say that the plan backfired on us.

Celestia shrugged...

1. My god that pun.
2. My god that part.

That’s a lie. The real reason that he’s not in this story is that I didn't feel like writing his dialogue in addition to the mane six. So sue me.

Then I would have recommended kicking one of those silly ponies out to make room. Fluttershy would've worked. There's never a place for her.

T'was a fun oneshot comedy, albeit another annoying one.

4366848 It's written in German. That should help ya out.

Well of course it's written in German. That's how I was able to read it.

I think it's starting to come back to me though... "Work makes free"...

Wow, that's a coincidence. I'm writing a story based in Disney world at the moment as well. But great story!

just went to Disney for Christmas lots of Starbucks good fic

4367295 Or better yet, the mental image of Vladimir Putin as a Reindeer!:rainbowlaugh:


:rainbowlaugh: May the alpacas be with her during the struggle to fix everything.

For those curious about the German "Magie macht frei", google "Arbeit macht frei" and this park becomes more sinister.

when you have nothing else to give...you give them disneyland:pinkiehappy:

Bahahaha! Reminds me of how much Disneyland sucked. :moustache:


...oh, poor Twilight.

Still, just because her kingdom is a terrible amusement park now, doesn't mean it needs to stay that way, right? Twilight can turn this around, save the park, fix up the problems...

4384081 Disneyland no suck... :fluttercry: Though it used to be better, less crowded, cheaper, better food etc... Oh my youth... where have you gone? :ajsleepy:

Comment posted by Tawny Flower deleted Dec 22nd, 2014

This just proves how Twilight is really the princess of car keys. :P

Ever since I saw that description for her on Bronies React, I have adopted that as her official title.

I mean think about it; she's basically the valet for the other princesses. She has no use whatsoever. Poor Twilight.

Well, at least she got Disneyland. :rainbowlaugh:

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