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I am an average everyday brony. I like to let my creative juices flow and create things. I'm always striving to improve, so I hope you enjoy my stories.


Rainbow Dash has just gotten into reading a short time ago. Her favorite series is a series of book known as Daring Do. Everything good comes to an end though, and Rainbow's about to see just that.

Part of the One-shotober challenge.

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And then she discovers bad fanfiction...

Wow, that was a good read. This is what it felt like when Harry Potter ended for me.

Good on ya! You made me have a wee bit of feels!

3288970 Ha! I was more thinking she would be stalking the writer demanding more.


Rainbow Dash entered the dimly lit room and raised a gun to her head and whispered, "write."

3289106 What, we're going all "Misery" on this?

I wonder if this is how it will feel when A Song of Ice and Fire ends.

Excuse me, but One-Shotober challenge? What's that?

31 one-shots completed by the end of October. Here.

3289331Oh my gosh. That's ridiculous. lol 31 stories one-shots nonstop?

I have faith you can do it

I know that feel, Dashie. I know that feel.

Hey, at least the Daring Do series didn't end with the death of characters we've come to know and love *cough*J K Rowling...*cough*

OMG! I never even knew there was a word for that. I have ESS all the time. I just put myself into the story, make myself somehow connected to the lead character and continue the whole thing in my head.....until i read a new story and when I'm done with that I continue that one in my head and over time I forget about continuing stories I read earlier. (It took me almost one year to forget about HP!)

3289536 I managed to somehow magically revive everyone who died. (I left Snape out, though. I still dont like him so much:twilightblush: )

D'aaww, so sweet. :heart:

Thank you for being so supportive on literally like every single one of my stories! It means so much to me! :twilightsmile: Also: Where the Wind Blows was actually a reference to another fic I'm planning in the future :rainbowwild:

3292476 I'll let you in on a little secret. Okay, it's not a secret. But you're in my top five of favorite authors on this site. Here, take a cookie. :twilightsmile: :heart:

This is what happened with me when I watched the final episode of Power Rangers Time Force, in spades. And people say Saban sucks! They got me to cry for grown men and women in spandex who fight mutant aliens!
It only got worse when I watched Kamen Rider Ryuki. SHINJIIIIIIIII!!!! ONORE, DICKEIDO! I mean, KANZAKI!

Honestly, sometimes I lay awake at night wondering what'll I do when the final FiM episode airs and ends...

3288991 Pfft, I more pictured her getting even more depressed from the book.:twilightsheepish:

At least the Harry Potter series ended with the good guys winning, unlike the Animorph series...

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