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I am an average everyday brony. I like to let my creative juices flow and create things. I'm always striving to improve, so I hope you enjoy my stories.


Everypony has nightmares ever now and then. When Twilight has one in the middle of the night the day before a very important event, it's up to her father to cheer her up.

Author's Note: Edited by my amazing friends CartsBeforeHorses, KillerSteel, and Dri. Be sure to check them out if you enjoy this story!

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Comments ( 27 )

Oh crap it's the cuteness bomb! I can see it coming and I can't run from it!

What have you done to me, Elec!?

I like it. It's so nice to have a genuine, heartwarming father-daughter bonding moment, without any of the usual baggage. They really do deserve this.

Thumbs up from me!

Two views, seven likes.

Is that the best you can do? I once saw one with 30 likes and five views. You need more disirprine!

Wait a second pardner.... Why did this story get into the school for new writers? I thought these types of tellin', written by strong rangers like you aren't mean't for the younguns posse.

Ah, well. Good story stranger.

Approval has been given. Continue on.

Oh, yes. The gloriously slow update rate on views. *Watches as the views suddenly jump from two to forty-two*

This was simply outstanding. It has earned a Fav, and Upvote, and I shall be following you.


And this actually allows me to bring something up: does anyone besides me want Twilight's parents to not only have more screen time, but actually have some LINES in season 4? Everyone over on EQD keeps clamoring for Celestia and Luna's parents, even though if that DID happen, at least a few of them would bitch about their mother not being Fausticorn. But I digress. The point is, Twilight's parents have made silent cameos in all 3 seasons so far, yet we know absolutely nothing about them other than "They're Twilight Sparkle and Shining Armor's parents." But over at the poll on EQD about which pony's parents people want to see, Twilight is pretty much in last place. I mean, I'd love to see the parents of ALL the mane six, as well as a certain pegasus filly, but Twilight's parents stick out to me.

I actually wish that they'd give her parents some lines as well. It kind of sucks that the people who brought our hero into the world, and turned her into everything she is today are given almost no attention. :/

This is just the sweetest thing ever.
When I woke up from a bad dream, my mom used to tell me to go back to bed. Then again, I was fifteen, but still...

This was actually inspired by a nightmare that I once had, and an experience with my own mother.

3186850 :fluttercry::applecry: That makes it even sweeter and more adorable.


LAST place? Well that's not fair!

3186867 Well, not QUITE last place...

Dont know why, but i would usealy read Mature storys, But the title drew me in, like an unbreakable rope.
Anyways, Cute :rainbowkiss:

Just curious but did you write a story about this earlier and then this is the revision. I think that I recognize the people you mention, and your avatar pic. I could be mistaken but I just thought I'd ask.

Anyway good story and keep writing.

No. I just always have the same people edit for me :V This one is completely new.

I think it may be because they have so much potential that we won't learn much of substance from them for a while. You only get one shot at laying the foundation for a character, and that determines what sort of "building" you can build on top of it. They may want to wait until they have a truly epic idea.

Same reason we don't see Scootaloo's parents.

Incidentally, the last line of the story seems to ignore Shining Armor's existence.

Filly Twilight looks at the dragon's egg.

"Crap. I think I would have preferred the giant boulder." :)


K just thought I would ask. :pinkiehappy:

I really liked this, it's a nice mirror for memory of my days as a child. :ajsmug:

Very cute! :twilightsmile:

This is a very good one-shot.

That cover picture :fluttercry::fluttercry:

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