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After ascending to Princesshood, Twilight decides that it's time to really take the notion of "A Sound Mind in a Sound Body" to heart. She has the "Sound Mind" bit down (mostly), but years of sitting inside hunched over a book has given her quite a bit of ground to make up on the "Sound Body" front.

Fortunately, she has an athletic friend to help her out.

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This is a great read in every way. Nice work!

He could out-eat Pinkie Pie and he wouldn’t gain any weight.


Holy guacamole did I read that wrong the first time through:pinkiecrazy: :moustache:
I'm such a terrible pony :raritycry:.

Anywho a cute little story.

As someone struggling with the same issues as Twilight, I can sympathize.

Now what would be hilarious and/or sweet would be hiring Bulk Biceps as Twilight's official royal personal trainer/nutritionist.

Thanks for writing this for me. I don't care that it's a day late. I really enjoyed it. It's funny and cute.:rainbowlaugh: :twilightsmile:

stupid twilight, you should never lift without a spotter.

That picture is just great. :rainbowlaugh: And with a nice little story to boot.

Eh... not bad, but it didn't really hook me either. The premise seems to be a comedy, but none of the jokes hit the mark for me. I dunno, I just find it very unlikely that she wouldn't be in the slightest bit familiar with basic exercise given that she not only placed 5th in a town-wide race but would have shelves of books devoted to the topic.

Shrug, just not my cup of tea, I guess.

Huh. I was kinda expecting you to turn this into a romance story. I would have liked that. Nonetheless, I liked it.

Also, you're missing a period at the end of this sentence:

“All that sugar seems to go straight to her rump”

“Not to mention the fact that you, you know, could just use your magic to move it. It would’ve been less effort than using your distress signal spell.”

Real, actual, laugh-out-loud at that.

“Really?” Rainbow Dash cocked her head. “Because going by his haunches, you’d never know that-”

Make that twice.

Great little story, that was fun.

funny comment about Celestia and she has a big beautiful plot just more to love

Good! Now, time to hit the gym :rainbowdetermined2:

I usually don't read Slice-of-Life, but this was really cute and a nice little friendship moment between Twilight and Dash.

Good work. :twilightsmile: :rainbowkiss:

I'm still at the age where adults call my working out playing... Never mind, that's pretty much what it is.

“It’s crushing me! I can’t breathe!”

If you can't breath.. how are you able to talk?

And yeah, it's going to be something even Fluttershy could lift without effort isn't it?

It would’ve been less effort than using your distress signal spell.”

... RD is the voice of reason here? What weird dimension of utter madness have we entered?

“Really?” Rainbow Dash cocked her head. “Because going by his haunches, you’d never know that-”

“Rainbow Dash!”


Face it Twi, for you he's your BBBFF. For the rest, he more then qualifies as BBILF. For your too if the story has the right tags. :raritywink:

but what’s worse, trying to run a mile and not being able to, or not even trying?”

“Trying and failing.”

You know.. I can totally see Twi having that mindset.

Well that was sweet. And about standard for you. Good job. Dash..... felt maybe a tad overly philosophical...? Smart? not the right word... just, a little two saying just the right thing, in less then blunt ways, to really feel like Dash. But not to badly so.

Overall, decent little short.


Now what would be hilarious and/or sweet would be hiring Bulk Biceps as Twilight's official royal personal trainer/nutritionist.

No, trying to hire him and accidentally getting his brother, Roid Rage - who turns out to be a chill guy that is very good at motivation, knowing how to motivate different types of ponies and how to set up routines for what the client wants.

Aye, felt like there should've been more. Most of this was them talking about random stuff rather than any training.

6048101 I read it wrong reading your comment.
We're all dirty ponies.

6048101 Me too dude. Me too.

6049281 Replace "Big Brother" with "Mother" see if it comes to you.

6049394 You mean Twilight Sparkle, Shining Armor and Twilight Velvet having a threesome?
Seen it.

I can see why Twilight wants to stay in shape, but I like the idea of her with a pudgy little belly. It's cute. XD

6049039 Fun fact, he wrote this story as a birthday present for me, and I happen to be a huge Twidash shipper. So make of the fic what you will. :raritywink:

Twilight trying to do serious workouts? :rainbowlaugh: This is so faved! :heart:

6048973 6049252 Oh, I totally realize that I really barely touched on the idea. There's a ton of additional stuff I could do with it, but this was really just sort of a little drabble type thing. I may eventually expand it, but for now I'll leave it as is. I've always liked Slice of Life stuff, and I'm not exactly a fitness guru myself, so I figured I'd focus more on the character side of things.

6049454 Glad you like it.:pinkiehappy:

EDIT: Wait, seriously? This made the feature box? Wow. I did not expect that. I attribute most of the attention to the cover art.


Author's Note:
A super-brief little snippet I threw together for a friend's birthday present.
Very rushed and unpolished, and still a day late. Go figure. :facehoof:
Hopefully it's somewhat enjoyable nonetheless.

Well, it was. Nice job.

Thumbs up and shelving...

Cue exercise montage.

Yay, ponies exercising! :twilightsmile:

“Twilight, that barbell isn’t heavy enough to crush you! It only weighs ten pounds.”

Is it bad that I know just how Twilight feels throughout this entire story? I'm a little pudgy myself, so I could really benefit from at least trying to get in shape.

Motivation, though...so hard. :facehoof:

Anyways, this was a cute story even if it was rushed. It certainly made me laugh. :pinkiesmile:


We're all bad ponies with dirty, filthy minds.

Only the best, of course.

Reminds me of Dan VS...

Come back to us Dan...

EDIT: The name, not the actual story...

This is a nice feel good story

..I want more of this XP

lol, funniest part was the picture.

Sadly, I'm all too familiar with Twilight's mentality in this story. :ajsleepy:

6048101 I read it wrong the second time I read your comment.

The picture was funny.

Congrats on getting feature!

“Yes, but she has a millennium of experience backing her up. I’m new at this!”

Indeed, tremble in fear at Celestia's cake-eating expertise! :rainbowlaugh:

I liked it. I can see Twilight relating to this.

Rushed and unpolished according to you, yet still a good read :twilightsmile:


Also, Dash should probably teach Twilight the roll of shame, just saying.

After reading this, I poked my stomach, and immediately yelped because I felt my spine. Fuck my Superhuman levels of metabolism.

Very nice. This short little tale doesn't go out to accomplish much, but then again it doesn't need to. It does what it needs to do in a splendid way, and it makes for a great way to spend a few minutes. Well done.

Rainbow: “Yeah, I thought so. Nopony’s perfect, not even me!”

Changeling! Rainbow Dash has been replaced by a changeling! Get her! :pinkiehappy:

6051504 Yay for beanpoles! Especially the ones that know how to use the extra calories before they vanish into the ether. (Don't judge my triple-Cheeseburger and extra fries before a workout).

I thought it was cute, pretty good in terms of story and message. Though...you might not've been trying to give a message, in which case, I read way too far into it.

6051658 *has a sniper with a tranquilizer round* i have the solution.

Twilight has no wings in the cover picture...

i liked this, reminds me of myself a bit...*pokes pudgy belly* ya i need to work out more often:derpytongue2:

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