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Put the cart before the horse, mix things up, and look at them in a different way.

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Yay, I love seeing all the pets together! This was a short nice read.:heart:

The pets :pinkiecrazy: Good one, mate! :eeyup:

D'aww, now I want a chocolate bar so bad.

I love the exact 1,000 word count on this. I have no idea why that's so funny, but it is.

The idea of all of the pets meeting for occasional gatherings is quite interesting, and frankly almost makes enough sense to be legit. In other words, I wouldn't be too surprised to see something like this in an actual episode!

A great quick read, and quite cute.

Write on,

Aren't chocolate poison to the Mane 6's pets?

4170535 I guess so, so maybe I should re-write the story to where they all die at the end.

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