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Lightning Dust snorts a rail of lightning dust, kicks Thunderlane's flank, and shows everypony that she's a force to be reckoned with and is bucking awesome.

I somehow managed to post the words to this story on Fimfiction without the site overdosing and 502ing from Lightning Dust's sheer awesomeness. But even these words could never do justice to the legend that is Princess Archduchess Lightning M.F.W. Dust, Ph.D. You just had to be there.

WARNING: If you look at the cover image too long, you'll go blind just like you would if you masturbated too much or stared into the sun too long, because that picture counts as both. Thanks to Gamibribolinho for sacrificing his sight to draw this so that we could gaze upon Lightning Dust's glory.

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Comments ( 18 )

Hot damn man...:twilightoops: (good story!)

She certainly is.

~Skeeter The Lurker

Lightning Dust is...

Charlie Sheen. WINNING!

Holy shit!

You know a character is awesome when the narrator has to stop and react to them.

This, my little ponies, is how memes are born.

I request this become a series immediately!

3325261 A series about just Lightning Dust, or about other ponies winning as well?


Lightning Dust.

The answer to all questions is Lightning Dust.

There is a another epic Lightning Dust story out there but it hasn't updated in a while, despite my badgering of the author.

3325303 Hmm... Well, depending on the reception that this gets, I might very well make this into a series detailing Lightning Dust's escapades of winning. :raritywink:

This is seriously the best. I love you.

I'll have to say that it is in fact a well-written story. Although it's still not centered around Best Pony. :rainbowdetermined2:

fuck yes make this a series

Lightning Dust = Charlie Sheen.

I can agree with that. Can't get much more awesome than either of them.

I approve of this.

A great parody of all the stories that keep acting like Lightning Dust is a poor, hapless victim!

"Oh, I had a bad childhood, that made me want to win so bad I would do anything!"

"Oh, woe is me, Rainbow Dash tattled on me and now I'm suffering for the consequences of my actions!"

Or even, "Alas, alas, I was brave enough to cross the main cast, and now I have been banished to the abyss!"

Stow that noise! Lightning Dust is all about drugs, beatdowns, and winning! So what if Rainbow Dash gets to save the world, Lightning Dust does what she wants! :rainbowlaugh:

Very good indeed, I needed this after browsing through that one story where Lightning Dust suddenly becomes an impossibly perceptive supergenius bully who beats up Rainbow Dash and threatens to kill her friends if she doesn't go and take the rap for the tornado so Lightning Dust can stay in the Wonderbolts. :pinkiesick:

The buck did I read?:rainbowderp: Buck it, Lighting Dust is best anti-hero, BRING IT!!!:yay:

I think that Lightening Dust needs to just break out in the Charlie Sheen song at some club, but with pony lyrics instead. :rainbowlaugh:

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