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Hey, Bait here. I used to write ponyfiction when not procrastinating. Now I write completed stuff by not procrastinating. Thanks for giving me a place to start out FIMFiction


Rainbow Dash has always been a pegasus with big dreams and she is determined to achieve them. But when an accident puts her into oblivion, things don't go back to normal when she wakes. Rainbow finds herself in a world with no Wonderbolts and no aspirations.

When it seems like all is lost, a glimmer of hope shines itself to her. She is faced with the chance to return the Wonderbolts to their former glory. She has lost a lot, but can she regain it?

Inspired from and dedicated to the participants of the Paralympics.

This is a collaboration between Mr. Gentleman and Mr. Faceless

Thanks to TheLawn who allowed me to use the picture. Go check him out on deviantart!

And Aburi, I couldn't do this without your amazing editing!

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Hmmmm I've come across this idea before but this is more well written and is 20% cooler

Well, I might as well reply to everyone :pinkiehappy:

1252074 Thanks a lot :twilightsmile:

1252131 Thanks Polo, but have you actually read it yet? :ajsmug:

1252855 Only because of your help. Thanks!

1253451 It gets different, trust me.

Well if Rainbows wings are paralysed then it's exactly the same

1253593 You say it as if it's going to be boring :pinkiehappy:

I'm going to make a few more things happen.

I'm not saying its going to be boring I said it was more well written than the one I read and I enjoyed it more It's just got the same storyline

1253723 I understand. Thanks for the comments :twilightsmile:

when is the next chapter going to be posted


Not until early next year, sorry. My friend, Bait, has left the site for a while. Read my recent blog post to find out more...

... *Looks at Twilight* YOU. FAIL.

Interesting. I just hope Dashie ultimately survives the story. (Wary of the Tragedy tag)


We've sort of removed the Tragedy. We've got a pretty good idea of how everything is going to pan out...

I must say, I love the use of detail. Mind you, leaving the story on a cliffhanger can be a bit annoying, but I still love it anyway. I am not always a fan of sad, often because it either breaks my heart, like with FOE: Pink Eyes. While I have seen a couple of stories like this (I think it had to do with RD going blind), I feel this is by far the best. I can't wait to find out the next part.

Further I would like to say that this kind of writing is something I would like to strive for.

However, I am not sure about the word choice pang. It has negative connotations, but it is used in conjunction with happiness. Also, what about Anatomy's? I thought it was Anatomies. From what I can see, and I am certainly not an expert in the English language, you appear to have used a possessive, instead of a plural.

Everything about the story was a good buildup, at least in first review.

Overall, sorry for the long comment, but I am eagerly anticipating the next chapter.


Thanks for the thoughts. You are right about "Anatomy's". Changed now.

We have the next chapter outlined, but we have no time on our hands... or hooves :rainbowderp:

We wish we had it out by now, but we will try and get it done ASAP.


Well, don't rush yourself. I can wait. After all if you rush a chapter, it may not come out as well if you plan it and take your time. I know a couple of chapters in my stories were a bit rushed (written within an hour).


The next chapter is going to be... weird. We are trying out a new thing that may go spectacularly or just be a pile of- SPIKE CENSOR :moustache: :moustache:

Anyway, it won't be out for a while we are realising. At this moment, we are working on:

Other Stories
A Game

And so forth :pinkiehappy:


This is the Cleveland Show, after all.

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