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Happy Nightmare Night, one and all! Come gather round for a horrific series of stories by the Cutie Mark Crusaders themselves in an attempt to gain their Cutie Marks!

Be warned though, some stories may make you wet yourself in fear... Or, most likely not. Still, a scary story is a scary story. And, who knows? Our little Crusaders may yet get a mark on their flanks this Nightmare Night...

This Nightmare Night, the Cutie Mark Crusaders decide to not go out and trick or treat. Instead, they lock themselves high in their clubhouse to take part in a new tradition: telling scary ghost stories. How long will it be until fear takes them away? Probably a very long time with how some of these stories are told...

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And away we go!

Let's see what you got to scare us with... Eh?

~Skeeter The Lurker

I'll start with this, then give more as the story progresses.

I hope you finish this by Nightmare Night.

three days left til nightmare night.

I have a feeling we will be lucky if this finishes by next nightmare night.

I have an end to Scootaloo's story it is a bit clisè: "and they still wander trying to find eachother and be together again and they take vengence on all happy couples they find." or something like that.

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