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Brilliance, sir(s) and/or madam(s). You have made my unreasonably timed morning. I was particularly fond of the ending of the "Different Species Marriage" article.

--CEO Kasen

Soccer riots broke out in the country of Fancy today as the national soccer team won a resounding victory. Equestrians continued to not give a buck about soccer.

This. This is great.

To be honest it's not so much satire when you think about how very little Rarity and Rainbow Dash spend on screen together on the show. Good Observation.

latest chapters not as good as the first couple

It's sad that there's no episode pitting Rainbow Dash and Rarity together in a situation.

It makes it so easy to assume that they're only friends by association.

This is truly the most insightful news I've had in five minutes.

I require....more.

OOOOOHHhhhh, SNAP!!!!!!
Good thing she's so naive or else she'd realize she just got served.

I'm in love with random murder but my friends all have concerns,
because my clothes are bloodstained and my hooves have powder burns.

And of course,
"Pinkie Pie, Rarity's trying to be a mass murderer!" "A true true friend helps a friend in need..."

:rainbowhuh: Wouldn't dream snooping be allowed under the Equestrian constitution?

There needs to a way to type how Sideshow Bob laughs so I can demonstrate how much I loved this.

:rainbowlaugh: Nice article, and clever to boot! You my friend, deserve a biscuit.

This incident, as well as the cutie mark mixup incident in which the whole town became angry and depressed over the lack of Pinkie's cheery demeanor, have confirmed that Pinkie Pie is apparently the only thing standing in between Ponyville and complete anarchy.

Well DUH. :pinkiesmile:

2994517 although, pinkie pie is kind of a pony of anraky, so...:pinkiegasp:

This was a parody of Miley Cyrus' performance at the VMA's, right?
Fucking. GENIUS! I knew this would stir up a whole lot of controversy!:pinkiecrazy:

I mean is playing music about the MUSIC ... what about the sexual innuendo and and ... the raunch and and ... :raritydespair:

This really makes me want to watch the Nostalgia Critic's Drug PSA's video.

My face while reading this (in order of appearance)
:twilightoops:Try not to smile
:twilightangry2:Try really hard not to smile
:twilightsheepish:Make the stupidest laughing face I can make

Once they mentioned not touching the weapons, I realized that Equestrian police are just as dunce as Earth police.

:ajbemused: :facehoof: :pinkiesick: :unsuresweetie:
Man, there really is no difference between Republican propaganda and satire anymore.

See, Luna? That's how you create eternal night! Just let Congress run things.

:fluttershysad:I has a sad

I miss the days when this story had original ideas. Lately, all it's done is ponify real-world news stories. You disappoint me, author.

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