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After the Regret, Rainbow Dash is separated from the other Elements in a ruined Equestria. Having been given orders by the dying Princess Celestia to find the other Elements of Harmony and rebuild the world as the new deities, Rainbow Dash sets out to find the friends she was separated with. The fact that she saved Scootaloo was a complete accident.

An accident that would change the course of Equestria.

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...I really, really need an editor.
This is a wonderful piece of crap. Someone please point out all the 100020939 plotholes that's probably in it and the 39074893785743057947 grammatical errors.
I need to stick to humor. But I felt emo so. Arrrrgh.

o w o
I'd love to edit, if you need an editor any time in the future c:
I'll take a quick skim through this,
though I have to go~

I quite liked it. An interesting post-apocalypse setting that is the most plausible I've read yet. A little rough around the edges, but nothing an editor or two can't fix up.

As for plot holes, perhaps some more detail onto why the Princesses didn't tell anypony about their eventual death until it was too late and some more description as to what "The Chill" actually was.

I'd be happy to edit for you, especially for a story as promising as this.

Oh, and I suggest losing the whole "alternating capitalization" thing. Doesn't look all that appealing.

This is an... interesting idea. Instead of tossing us strait into the disaster, you at least showed the events leading up to it.
Tracked, looking forward to seeing how this goes.

The 'Chill', I'm going to guess, is what we'd feel when the sun goes out.

It wouldn't be instantaneous though... it would take some time, as Terra absorbs a great deal of the heat the sun throws at us. Eventually such a thing would likely occur, but certainly not right as the sun perished.

Then again, it's magic. He ain't gotta explain jack!

Woo boy that's dark. This looks very promising indeed. Tracked. May I ask how often you intend to update?

If you still need an editor, I might help you brah. :pinkiehappy:

Very dark start..but brilliant, will be tracking this to see where it goes..

The way it's described, and the fact that there was two "waves" of it makes it sound like some sort of unnatural magical force that swept across Equestria, not just a period of deep coldness. This is kinda what I mean about describing it a bit more.

Omg thank you so much guys~
294647 Thanks~ now I shall sit down and try to think of an explanation- /shot
Well, you kinda gave the most constructive criticism so er, could you be my editor? Pretty please? :pinkiehappy:

I'm liking this story so far. Keep it up and after a few chapters, I'll be giving this a thumbs up for sure.

I'd be happy to be to be your editor. Feel free to send me anything you need edited.

this is awesome, tracking

An explanation is easy actually. ^_^ my first thought was that due to the Sun being controlled by magic, that means that while its smaller than most stars, it a lot closer to the earth, so once the magic died off... pop. there goes the heat bubble. There is also the fact Celestia had made the Elements deities, so they are obviously trying to get things to work. It's only logical that they would Accidently Kill off thousands before getting it right. The princesses probably had similar problems early on after they beat Discord.

Hope an update is soon, doesn't look like the chapters will be very long so i hope updates are often.

WOW! this story is so good!
I would really like an update sometime soon!
keep up the great work!:heart:

I have a question even though this has been our for a long time why has no updates come to this even though there's one chapter it's a pretty damn good chapter... So can you please write another chapter

This is so good! Please update soon!

moar pls :fluttershysad:
is the account inactive? y u no update? :fluttercry:

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