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Welcome to our User Guides and Manuals directory! To avoid painful and unexpected brushes with death involving your unit, please select you purchased unit below to read its User Guide and Manual.

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First! 8'D YAY, FLUTTERSHY~ :heart:

YAY! *clicks to read*

Well, this was very informative. *starts fiddling with FLUTTERSHY unit's internal clock*

By the way, when's mating season?

YES! IT'S FINALLY HERE!!!! :rainbowlaugh:

ohdeargod I think I'm scarred.
ten fluttershy units please. :pinkiecrazy:

Problem: Your unit has taken to writing tree romance stories as a hobby, and it's leaving all readers scarred for life.

Solution: You used Method 5 to get her out of her packaging, didn't you? There is no known way to reverse this except for a full system reboot. Contact us if you really can't stand stories of trees caressing each other in inappropriate places all over the house.

I.. don't know what I did, but it must have been method 5 apparently. I couldn't find that section in the manual. Oh well. I least I can stomach these.... *reads one* Oh Celestia, what have I done?!?!

I'd like to file for a full system reboot. Please... HURRY!!!

I found my FLUTTERSHY unit crying on the floor in a fetal position. I looked at my computer to see she the title Cupcakes. Do I need a full reprogramming to fix this, or will therapy work?

Jeez the FLUTTERSHY unit sounds even scarier the the DISCORD unit.

I'll take twenty!

yay also do Big Macintosh next. all my stars and fave.

"Why are there moans coming from the other room?"
Is your unit in Horny mode? If so, save the poor victim that your FLUTTERSHY unit is screwing with.

Excellent job, my friend!

FLUTTERSHY is Best Unit.:yay:


If it was any pony but Fluttershy I'd say therapy but since it is Fluttershy I'd say full reprogramming

This was hilarious good job :pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy:

Poor bastards. I'm just going to wait for the rest of the Mane Six to arrive. I'll have one of THEM activate Fluttershy/get her out of the box. Probably Rarity, Dash, or Twilight. Make my life easier, not risk any details, etc.



^this...... so much this :heart::heart::heart::heart:

Congratulations! You have unlocked her Psychoshy mode! Now get the hell out of there.


I think you should group all the Manuals under the same heading. Just a thought.

Question: What if my Fluttershy unit simply starts acting like a complete and total bitch?

The checks in the mail. Just tell the UPS guy to leave her in the garage.

My Fluttershy unit has been great! It's a great comforting unit after a long day of school.

Request: Twilight Sparkle guide!

Oh thank god I have a signal help me for all that is Celestia my unit has locked me up quickohmygosh

Um.... Unfortunately my friend can't talk to you, but have some stars ...um...... if that's ok.
~Fluttershy~ :yay:

155334 Did you put the FLUTTERSHY unit near the DISCORD unit?

:moustache: Have a nice day my good sir.

Thanks! I took a shower with her during mating season. Greatest bad idea ever.
Do Princess Luna!:twilightsmile:

155334 Has your FLUTTERSHY unit undergone a color change recently to a greyer shade? If so, a DISCORD unit has come into contact with her, and you may need either a full system reboot, or the rest of your MANE SIX units, specifically the TWILIGHT SPARKLE unit, to fix this. Best of luck!

Excuse me sir, I-*B-B-B-BANG!*-have a question! Can a Gungirl FLUTTERSHY unit-*B-BANG!*-just miraculously obtain firearms?! She's shooting at my neighbor's DISCORD with a*B-B-B-B-B-BANG!* Glock-18C!

Oh my gosh. This is just hysterically awesome!!! :rainbowlaugh: :yay:

155334 You left her alone with your DISCORD unit, didn't you? DIDN'T YOU?!!

That aside, I think we'd be hard-pressed to find a brony here that would actually take the manual's advice to reset her clock during mating season. xP Also Sonic Warrior, I am jealous of you now. Lord I am awful.

To the author: you might wanna say "interspecies coitus" instead of "bestiality;" as self-aware beings that can give consent like humans, the word is a grave insult to their autonomy.

Neither of their manuals Listed a "Flutterbitch" mode nor did they give any warnings about the interactions between the two units.

Seeing as how no disclaimer was given for this mode and that I have received several bodily injuries from "Flutterbitch", I feel that I am in the right to sue the company. Are there any lawyers out there who would take the case?

Thank you for these informative guides. Also I have some issues with my TRIXIE and SPITFIRE models, the former having locked herself in the bathroom sobbing and the latter is just lying on my couch watching TV. I think the reason for the formers behavior is the lack of her SHOWMARE'S CAPE AND HAT that didn't come with her. Can I order replacements for that? I have no idea what's wrong with the other one.

The FLUTTERSHY unit is working just fine, but the ten random animal units are giving me trouble.
I don't know if anyone feels like trading, but I got;
1. Howler Monkey
2. Copper Head Snake
3. Hammerhead shark (I have to keep that in my bathtub)
4. Flamingo
5. Ursa Major (double checked with my vet, it's a major)
6. Black Widow Spider
7. Electric Eel
8. Bengal Tiger (unfed, mind you)
9. Capybara
10. Pony (which makes no sense)

Question: What would happen if I were to invoke her PSYCHOSHY mode during the mating season?:duck:


Prepare for death by snu-snu.

Absolutely brilliant!
But here's a question.. Will I even be able to eat meat again? (secretly perhaps?)
Or would that be considered a bad thing... (can she smell it on my breath?!)

I've got a TWILIGHT SPARKLE model, but I think the manual got lost in shipping somehow. Anyone know if it's safe to get her to read fiction, I'd love to have someone to discuss fantasy/sci-fi books with.

Also crossing my fingers for a release of the PRINCESS LUNA model, she's best non-mane 6 pony imo and she should get along great with Twilight right?

Uhm.. question?

My FLUTTERSHY unit has been incessantly asking for peanuts.

I really have no idea what to do, and if I refuse to give her peanuts my RAINBOW DASH unit yells at me. The only way to solve it seems to be distracting her with my APPLEJACK unit and rushing out to buy some peanuts to give my FLUTTERSHY unit.
She doesn't even eat them.

What do? :fluttercry:


My FLUTTERSHY unit has adopted a homeless beggar that has the habit stealing everything and throwing up on my carpets. Has my unit gone into PSYCHOSHY mode, and if so, how do I proceed from here?

This would have been helpfull about a week ago.
P.S I found another way to stop her in the following modes: Psychoshy,Sad and Horny.
It really works!
Good day.:moustache:

Did your FLUTTERSHY unit take the beggar in out of kindness or more sinister motives? If it's the latter, just shove some food in his hand and throw him out after forcing him to write a sweet farewell-but-I-dream-to-see-the-world letter to your unit while being held at gunpoint. Make sure your unit doesn't see you do this.

If it's the latter, you must test it. Offer to send the beggar to the doctor on front of your FLUTTERSHY unit. If she freaks and clings to him while chanting 'youwilllovemeyouwillloveme' your unit is definitely in Psychoshy mode. It's advised to contact us if it's the latter since a human life is involved. You may still be able to convince the beggar to convince your unit to let him go with a sweet and sensitive quote from a romance novel (Just not Twipony. Twipony isn't literature anyway).


My unit has gone full flutterbitch. So far, I have been soaked, pushed, shoved, body checked, kicked, and bucked. My right eye is swollen shut, I have three cracked ribes, and I'm pretty sure my arm isn't suppose to bend that way. There was no warning given about the existence of this mode and she won't let me get close enough to do a system reboot. I'd rather settle this matter outside of the court, so all I'm asking is compensation for my medical bills and the leave of absence I'm going to have to take from work.

I think my FLUTTERSHY unit may have a defect. Is she supposed to have a perpetually erect penis as long as my forearm? I didn't read about any such additional accessories in the manual. Other than that, she doesn't seem to be any different from the normal default modes ... with the except of her rubbing up against all the low standing furniture and most guests, and sometimes I wake up to find her uncomfortably close to the bed ... staring at me. But the kids love her and she seems to be a wonderful companion. I'm sure this is probably a misunderstanding on my part, and can easily be corrected with the proper advice and care.

I want to thank you again for providing a quality product to serve my babysitting needs. :twilightsmile:

Someone needs to make this, like, as soon as possible, I will buy many of them, along with the rest of the mane 6 one's (If they come).

EDIT: Also, when's mating season? *Fiddling with system clock* What? You know you would too!

So i got this Big Mac unit... and i got to keep it in my room because all the other units are in horny and are trying to get in here... can you send a team to help beacuse i cant even open the door without a shotgun... please if you can send a team would be great for real... i would appreciate it a lot... seriously... food its running low...


She tested positive for PHYCHOSHY and I am unable to convince the beggar to leave. He claims, and I quote, "She's my b**** and I'm the king of this castle, so you can get the hell out" and proceeded to kick me out of my house. My grandmother is living with me and I fear for her health. I require a team of your experts a.s.a.p. Help will be greatly appreciated.

*runs in panic*
Somebody stop her! She's crazy!
*you hear gunshots in background*

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