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This story is a sequel to Pound My Pumpkin

Part of the "Pound My Pumpkin" expanded universe.

Fluttershy was Discord's first friend in his entire life. When nopony else was willing to give him a chance, she was determined to find the good inside him, the good even he doubted was there, and she found it. She awoke him to goodness, and taught the embodiment of Chaos what it meant to live in Harmony. But such lessons don't happen in a single day. Some take a lifetime.

Over time, both began to realize it was more than that. Discord was always coming back to see Fluttershy, spending time with her more than anyone else. It was obvious that, before long, something special would brew.

But things aren't as simple as either might wish. One is Harmony, the Element of Kindness. The other is the Spirit of Chaos. Can they make what they have work? Or will the difference in their natures be too drastic?

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I really like it so far! I await the updates!

I can't wait to see where this goes. Your friend Wolfe

This was VERY cute!! I have to keep reading this now:heart:

My oh my what a beginning. Hilarious and adorable, such an appropriate combination. It's only going to get better.:yay:

Awwwww, the embodiment of Chaos, and the bearer of Kindness...I await what happens next! :pinkiehappy:

I await flutterchord foals!! :pinkiehappy:

Wow, that nightmare was pretty intense. Dream flash backs can be tricky to do but you nailed it with this one. :raritywink:

Angel, such a expressive open little brat isn't he?:facehoof:

Hold on, was that horned red face supposed to be the devil?
HA! Discord appearing out of the toilet!:derpytongue2:

not bad short but sweet hope to see the next chapters soon X3

nice it is so easy to have there voices in my head while i read it

No, the horned red face was a character from earlier MLP gens.


But please don't come out of my toilet again, that was rather disgusting.

This. Someone needs to illustrate that.

Well as I predicted Tatsurou you did it again, the line has been cast, I was hungry and now there's a hook in my face. I'm ready for the ride!


I certainly intend to.

This is turning out to be wonderful! Just as I suspected when I read the first chapter a few days ago. I especially enjoyed that little scene with angel. I can defintely see that little bunny doing something like that:twilightsmile:

I like how you write them so nicely. The pacing here is wonderful as well. :pinkiehappy:

I like it so far but just one thing.
I can't see Discord saying 'yeah', he's much to classy and I think he would say 'yes' instead.
"I guess you could say that, yeah."

Great job with the chaos and
WARNING : Adorability overload

Settling down around Angel, she opened the book and began to read, not noticing Angel roll his eyes and facepaw.

Lol Fluttershy :rainbowlaugh:

damn you Fluttershy! take the hint! XD
i like this story hope to see it continued X3

Good story
In the end I laughed a lot!!
Fluttershy.. XDDDDD
And sorry my bad English.. :S

Gotta love that expressive little silent rabbit:rainbowlaugh:

:ajbemused: Flutters! Come on! DUH!!!!

awww dont be that way Discord D:

"Psychological Plot Clich├ęs"


It left me a tear, I'm not exaggerating .. TwT
It's so beautiful, Awww... :fluttercry:

Funny and heartwarming at the same time! Excellent job!

This was a great mixture of emotion and humor. You really write Discords quotes and actions so well!:heart:

Dat ending... you sank my battlecloud!

Then his eyes widened. "Two and a half days straight?" he gasped out, managing to keep his voice quiet so as not to wake Fluttershy.

Holy. Fucking. SHIT.

Well, think about how much effort Fluttershy puts forth on a daily basis to care for her animals both by day and night, as at least half of them are nocturnal. Now, add to that the daily effort she puts forth to have time with her friends, and working past her fears to help save the day. Now add to that the continuous tension she puts herself under living on the edge of the Everfree - which she's terrified of - until she doesn't even think about it anymore. Now add how she's able to call on immense speed and strength on a moment's notice given the right stimulus. Now remember the chiropractic work on the bear.

Yeah. Think about how much stamina she's bound to have. She went easy on Discord.

well we know fluttershy had plenty of fluids durring that time and well discord is a god so....

It's sad about Angel...but HOLY COW! :rainbowderp:

I hope you are going to give us a happy ending.

Discord is bucked. But in a good way. And, was that a cameo of who I think it was?

I was wondering if anyone would spot the cameo.
Where do you think it is, and who?

wait so a lot of time has passed? enough time for angel to die?
thats sooo sad D:
but they are finally together now next time on more than a firend
Fluttershy: Discord....i'm pregnant.
Discord: WHAT?! X_X

3176964 ...I see your point. But still. Dayuuum.

Dat Yatzi reference... feels. More so than Angel Bun,

Yahtzi when Discord protects her from the rain.

Did autocorrect try and fix Yaazi? But yes, you're both right. That's Yaazi in the bushes behind Sugar Cube Corner.

*chuckle* Not yet. But something like that.

No I couldn't remember how to spell her name and instantly assumed the other guy was correct. Regardless. Keep up the good work an I can't wait to read your Pinkie-Trixie story when it arrives.

That one's scheduled for when this one's finished. And this one has...3 or 4 more chapters left to it, depending on how I divide the material.

Sweet. Next is a Twinkie, then some more Titans! I hope at least.

Titans will be continued after I finish "The Flower Blooms Twice" and these two. And a couple more chapters of "Equestrian Hearts" and "The Legend of Twilight: A Dash of Courage".

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