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Yea, it seems that all the pairs of headphones we get break within a few months of use.

238161 Oh, man, I love me some music, too.

I'm notorious for being something of a headphone junkie... Err, if such a thing exists... Anyways.

I remember for my birthday one year, I got this $150 pair of intense BOSE headphones... It was pretty awesome... Until I accidentally broke them due to being freakishly huge (and yet *delicate*). :twilightoops:

Now I just buy the $10 Target store inner-ear headphones whenever I blow my last pair out. :twilightblush:


A new computer chair, an amplifier for my grandfathers Turntable (witch is now mine :3) so it can make sound without 50 year old speakers.

Some new headphones, the pair I'm wearing are flimsy, don't cancel out noise and unless you do a lot of fidgeting with the volume wheel on the cord, it will only play sound outta one ear.

My brother is also gonna get me something, I don't know what it is yet, all he asked was that I give him money and he would buy me something special :D

237946 I have no idea. Something nice, I hope. Will just be nice to be around family and enjoy the festivities.

What about you?

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