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Equestria's in trouble.
Discord is on the loose.
The six friends have been separated once again.
Equestria needs a hero.
It got you instead.

Picture by the ever-so-awesome Page Turner.

Chapters (95)
Comments ( 912 )

Before any of you go accusing me of copying Blueshift in any way, shape, or form, allow me to point out the little detail that I've been working on this since before his story was published. Last time I checked, I can't see into the future (I don't think I can, anyway.).
If you do notice any creepy similarities, please report it to your local paranormal investigator and get your computer exorcised.

i am off on an adventure!

Equestria needs a hero.
It got you instead. :rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh:

You actually did this? Holy jeezus...

726101 No intellectual infringements, but holy hell man! The amount of chapters submitted at once just hurts my eyes period.


I love how well your flutterhy avatar fits the tone of your post :rainbowlaugh:

100 300 word chapters? Jesus.

yay i won and only lost 1 kitten to rarity

he shall be mourned :fluttershbad:

I don't need to murder kittens.
I have the back button.

*You go on and live happily ever after with five children* fuck bad ending.

I won, and lost a kitten to Fluttershy.

(I also lost alot by playing around after I seriously tried and won)

I love Blueshift's take on this style. It basically made fun of all the HiE (and fanon mentality) stereotypes and satirized the hell out of it, and I can't wait to read this one!

Everytime you use the back button, Fluttershy cries.:fluttercry:
That's even WORSE than using kittens to travel through time! :rainbowlaugh:

I won and killed everyone no kitties where killed yay!

It's gonna be "your mom"
It's gonna be "your mom"
It's gonna be "your mom"
"Your face."
*smashes table*

Hahaha, this was hilarious! :rainbowlaugh:
It's a tricky concept but you pulled it off with aplomb, every page was a another page of fun :pinkiehappy:
I think I'm going to have to sue you for slander though, because I'm not that stupid... usually :twilightsheepish:
Excellent work my good fellow :moustache:

And then I stopped playing.

Yikes. I knew that part was a bit opinionated, but I didn't think anyone would read it to harshly. :twilightoops:
Um, fixed. Sorry about that.

RD: Dead, shit herself to death.
AJ: Saved.
FS: Dead, burned to death and walked away after "I" became a therapist.
PP: Threw me out the window because I worship the Spagetti Monster.
Rarity: Saved.
Total kittens: 1 (A moment of silence please.)
Saved the World Status: Stand up comedian to an ass load of discorded Pinkies.
Did I do good?
Also, only you RatherHomely could think of a way for RD to shit herself to death :rainbowlaugh:

I am so going to check if that's a real website.

Good career, big family . . . I think I just got the best ending. :pinkiehappy:

Aggh! You turned me into a Freudian! I won't stand for this!

i would think a near-death starving kid from Ethiopia would be th' worst for th' job.

The sad part is that probably is something I would say. I like this better than the brony hero of equestria one. It feels like the character is more like me.

the only way this ending could turn out bad is if your last name is stark.

“Actually, I fudged the spell. I grabbed the nine hundred billion, three hundred and sixty two million, forty-two thousand, three-hundred and fiftieth individual most qualified.”

My ... ego ... is ... dying ...

Hm. Well, that's... huh.

Murder kittens? All the more reason to go try again!

But wait the links at the bottom of this page could be links to hijacking sites now I'm afraid of moving to another chapter. also how will I track which paths I've taken If the chapter links are all wonky

Tsk. Does this protagonist know no philosophy? He should have used the argument from contingency.

That's totally something I would say, too.

Ugh, terrible puns are terrible.

And that's ALSO something I would do. Logic ftw.

I was expecting "your mom" as well ...

I won, but I have no idea how many kittens I killed because I cheated with the back button.

I won...but accidentally set Fluttershy on fire...:fluttercry:
Hey, at least you doused her!
Yeah but...still...POOR FLUTTERSHY!!!

Seven poor little kitties died on my attempt to save Equestria. They shall be missed. :facehoof:

I love you for putting down the Greatest Rap Ever.

I want that t-shirt now.

I killed at least six kittens, partially because I kept clicking the dumb options on purpose. GO ME!

I get the 60s Spiderman refernce! I get that one! :rainbowlaugh:

Psh, I loosened her up. I'd have continued the philosophy and put the necklace on her while talking.

damn, that was unexpected

You think that link made you hallucinate but then think to yourself, "At least it wasn't lemonparty"

No I don't own a gun. I don't even have a basement.

I need to find out where I can get that t-shirt.

769922 back button screw that I take the quantum root of cloned tabs.

Bite My Ass Avenue?

I will die of laughter if that actually exists somewhere.

Best chapter thus far.



ah, damn I laughed hard at that second choice


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