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Equestria's in trouble.
Discord is on the loose.
The six friends have been separated once again.
Equestria needs a hero.
It got you instead.

Picture by the ever-so-awesome Page Turner.

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Time is a fickle thing. It never seems to spend much time with you, nor does it seem to depart when you want it to the most.
This story is about an alicorn who has all the time in the world, but desperately wants to give it all away.
Because forever is a long time...

Inspired by a certain Book of Living Magic and a cat named Screech, and Dreaming with Ponies.
Featured on Equestria Daily.
Proofread by Ex-Nihilos.

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Stupid title aside, haven't you always wondered what a story about ponies, Magic the Gathering, and a horribly cheesy Yu-gi-oh!-esque plot would be like? No? Well shut up, I made it anyway! Watch as ponies play card games, albeit not on motorcycles, and have to defeat a dark and mysterious EVIL that also plays card games because... Um... Well, who doesn't like card games?
Inspired by that picture thing accompanying the story, this fic is a fun thing I've been wanting to do for a while. As a fan of Magic, I've been wanting to someone create a crossover like this for a while. It didn't happen. So what's a brony to do? Write it himself, of course. Not sure if I really succeeded, so any constructive criticism would be awesome.

If you don't actually know how to play Magic, you're going to have a tough time following what's going on (Game-wise, that is. You'll be fine with the plot.). Twilight explains quickly about some of the game's rules throughout the first chapter, so those of you who've never played before may kind of get what's going on.
And for those of you who couldn't give a crap about the story and just want to see what cards the characters are using, the recipes for the decks used in the chapter are at the bottom.

Chapters (2)

Author: Pinkie Pie, shut up! No you can't name- You already did. Son of a...
Pinkie Pie: So author, you're always writing stories about me! How about I write a story about YOU!?
Author: That is a horrible... horrible... HORRIBLE ide-
Pinkie: Spectacularific! Let's do it!

A hack author (from "Extremely Terrible and Horrifying Stories" and "Mystery Pinkie Pie Theater 3000") is attempting to write his next magnum opus. Then Pinkie Pie happens.
Not the most original idea in existence, but hey, this is my take on how it would play out.

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Ugh... What do you want? Damn it, I don't want to be Pinkie Pie today...
This is an idea that has been bouncing around in my head for a while. I've always found the idea of 4th wall awareness in a character fascinating, as you can probably tell from my other stories.
This short story is a different take on how Pinkie Pie would react if she could truly see the 4th wall and beyond, her opinion on what exists beyond the binding texts of a story, and all from the perspective of Rainbow Dash.
Is the story sad? I don't know. Is it a comedy? I'm sure from some perspectives it'll be. Is is out of character? That really depends on how you interpret it.
Take from this what you will.

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There's a new pony in Ponyville. She's perfect in every way. She's kind, fast, strong, beautiful, and is loved by virtually every pony she meets. But something seems off to Twilight. Something seems wrong. Very wrong... What horrible secret will she uncover?

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Okay, so prepare to totally get your mind BLOWN by these terrifying stories about the Mane 6. This is a mighty chronicle, taking a deep look in to the HORROR that is- Hey! Where are you going? I swear this story rated T for language is good! Come back!

Chapters (6)

Will true love blossom, or will this rolling stone of love gather no moss? Rarity/Tom shipping.
Featured on EQD, amazingly enough.

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