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Hi there ^_^ my name is Zachary, I live in Las vegas Nevada and am a super active videogamer who spends his time either reading random stories here, or working on my own. Nice to meet you all. ^_^


Idea to write before it escaped me · 2:24am Apr 22nd, 2016

"We called it the grand cataclysm and all of us are to blame. We, the pony Kingdoms, human realms, and Anthrophian Sanctuary apologise for what we have done to you. As your all aware fifteen years ago our world saw a dramatic change, ehat you dont know is that I caused it." Twilight takes a spft breath as Sunset, Trixie, and her many friends gave supporting looks. "As some of you know, I have a hunger, borderline addiction, to wisdom and knowledge. When I first visited the human worlds,

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Thank you very much for the bookshelf on Fallout: Equestria - Dead Tree !

Feel free to join me and it's community on Discord ; come bug me if you wish I encourage it.

If you find a grammar or other mistake, mention it in the comments and I will fix it or address it immediately.
Leave a comment on your thoughts and I'll shoot you one back too ;)

I hope you enjoy it enough to leave me an upvote because that is how FiM determines if more people see it (Yes, just like YouTube; Likes are the lifeblood of authors).

Thank you again,

I saw your comment; let's see how far you get and I hope you truly enjoy it.
Also you'll notice I reply to all the comments, ALL OF THEM!

do you think you can do a story where some of the ultra beasts go to equis? i'm thinking around the time of the wedding when twilights in the cave

Hey, glad you enjoyed Actually, I'm Dead enough to follow up on I, Monster. Again, I would like to know your thoughts too.

Hey, thanks for reading Actually, I'm Dead, glad you liked it. Since I'm always interested in my readers' opinions, I would like to know yours too.

Have a Bowie's thumbs up.

Thanks for the favorite on The Fluttershy Effect! Hope you're enjoying the series so far! May I ask what you liked about it?

From a few of the comments, I'd also like to recommend King of the Dead for you as well!

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