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If will is a driving force, what happens to will when you have lost everything?


It has been rougly one year since the 'Cupcakes' incident, everyone has suffered as a result. Nothing can ever be the same, ponies live in fear, wondering when it will all be over. But in the darkness, there is a spark, desperately trying to stay lit, a glimmer of hope. Amongst the darkness can there be light again? Can the fallen be redeemed? Sometimes the will of a single pony can bring a spark that ignites a fire, burning in the hearts of others. But is the fire strong enough to overcome the darkness that rests in the heart of Twilight's once close friend?

(inspired by Ask Pinkamina, Ask Paranoid Twilight, and Ask Lil Miss Rarity Blogs of Tumblr, As well as the Fanfiction "Cupcakes" by Seargant Sprinkles.)

*Cover art by Stalin The Stallion on Deviantart*

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Just one word, more.:scootangel:

Thank you for all of yor support, this is something I've wanted to write for a long time, and I appreciate the feedback, keep it coming guys! Chapter 3 will be coming SOON!

This story is amazing so far i hope to see more of it soon

Chapters 3 and 4 are up!

The earliest chapters are disjointed, relying too much on referencing events that we don't know of and doing so in a passive sense. Still, excited to see how it develops and it is getting better as it goes along. Excited.

161379 This story is more for the people who are familiar with the grimdark universe already, but i'm trying to make it a bit accessible to anyone new to it. But i agree that it could use some work, i'll work on cleaning that up later:twilightblush:

keep the feedback coming guys!

LOL appledrunk:rainbowlaugh:

yay! another tumblrite.
i was not sure untill the brand.
i feel less lonely now. :yay:

more. this is awesome! keep it up!

Sorry for the long wait guys:twilightsheepish:
Chapter 6 is now up and chapter 7 is in the works:pinkiesmile:
Enjoy! and keep the comments coming!



I don't think you would just have Trixie appear like this and then not have her in the rest of the story. So I'm guessing she will show up again later.

219064 Who knows?:twilightblush: (oh right I do...) you'll see where she fits in:trixieshiftright:

This insane, i would love to read more of this. ( Caps mode on ) IF YOU DON'T MAKE ANOTHER ONE SOON I WILL START DOING BACK FLIPS TILL IT COMES OUT!

*************SPOILER ALERT ******************
( oh who am i kidding, its the last page lol..........)

P.s. I wanna know what happens to * Ahem * Rarity since she's my favorite. Sad that she died.

Clock is ticking... Clock. IS. TICKING!

Translation: next chapter please:moustache:

Teh fallen must be redeemed!!! Make more please. :yay:

Also this is my first comment ever. :yay:

And I so far, this story makes me sad... :fluttercry:

TheMareInTheMoon has requested me to do a reading on this story if you would like to listen just subscribe to me and I am planning to start the series on the 21st :yay:

241397Well I feel honored to welcome you into the commenting world:pinkiehappy:

Glad to hear you like the story:twilightsmile:


I love the story so far... I love how every chapter has ended so far, it takes skill to know how to end a story or chapter ( Because they are released at different times it needs to be more like a cliff hanger than just a lead in for the next chapter which you do perfectly! ). This is a great story and I cant wait to read more! I like this story so much i have had my recordings ready for days prior because i cant wait to continue... Keep it up! :twilightsmile:

:scootangel: Thank you guys so much. I know I've said this many times already but really, thank you for all your support, it really means a lot to me:fluttershysad: The story will be coming to a close soon! I hope you all enjoy it:pinkiesmile:

oh and um...does anypony know the requirements for a story to be featured on Equestria daily? Eh heh...no reason just asking:trollestia:

Why did you have to ask me to read this BEFORE the last chapters where out??? I just wana read the whole thing already!!!! I love the story so far I cant wait to read the last chapter and read this so called "Amazing" ending you have planned for us


So if I'm correct, then the only survivors were Applejack, Applebloom, Spike, Trixie, and Scootaloo. i'm glad to see Trixie did decide to come back and help in the end.
Weird. i thought the Necronomicon would of actually had a use in this story. if it was never going to be used, why even have it in the story at all?
Still, great story! but i think you should write an epilogue.

290183 it isnt over yet maybe it still does xD

290183>>290637 Don't worry, an epilogue is on the way:pinkiesmile:
It will likely be posted today, hopefully it will answer your questions

Im guessing they just left spike there... Spike is worst pony...

Shit just got real. Amazing ending. Didn't expect Pinks to die though.

GREAT ENDING!!!!! I love how its a journal entry and not just a narative... It adds to the effect of it. And also not going out and saying that you will save twilight but still implying it. Simply Amazing! Definatley need a new story NOW! Not soon, NOW! START IT!
- Chase

Manly tears have been shed. Outstanding.

Now you have to go punch a whole in your wall to be manly again. Its in the book of man law.

293087 Now, now, no teasing. The book only contains a hollowed out cavity with a mustache. :moustache:!

293449 No, s'cool. I put a hole in my wall with my head when I was pretty young.

I wasnt making fun of you, I was just saying to feel manly again you have to punch a wall... I had too after "My little dashie" and now i am as manly as before i read it IF NOT MORE. Although i did not cry during this story. Dont believe me? Check out my channel i recorded a reading for themareinthemoon... You wont here one actual tear come out (other than when im acting a crying person) MY LITTLE DASHIE HAS MADE ME A STRONGER MAN!!!!

Extremely well written story. Granted, I am usually NOT one who reads many Grimdark tales involving MLP (as I prefer the happy version myself)..that said, I really liked the direction the story took.

Yes, there are unanswered questions, as Applejack pointed out (what Celestia would do having disobeyed, did she find out about Luna's involvement, etc.) That said..I believe that BEST stories, are the ones that when they are finished, have you ASKING those questions to think and want more!

As a writer myself, I am very much motivated by stories like yours...and granted, my stories have little to nothing to do with MLP, I am comforted knowing that there are capable writers within this community that can write both the 'good' stuff, as well as very well-concluded 'Grimdark' things as well!

Best of luck to you in your future endeavors!

294845Thank you so much!:pinkiesmile:

It really means a lot. I'm glad you liked the story, and I wish you luck in your future stories as well:yay:

I really like this story. Even though I have only read 3 chapters (As I am saving it for when I read it for YouTube) I can tell that I am only going to like this story even more as i progress through it.


299252Glad to hear it!:pinkiehappy:

I can't wait to hear how you read it! Please keep me posted:scootangel:

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