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Ponyville wasn't always the same town as it is now. There were fewer residents, and most who stayed planned on leaving. It was in this dismal scene that a young filly erected a simple wooden stand for a school project. It was made from planks, paint, and a little hard work. As it turns out, that's all it takes to save a town from disappearing from the map, and along the way, change the lives of countless ponies.

Chapters (2)
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Updates: When I get to this I'm going to rewrite my story plan and re-release the story under a different name and with a slightly altered and more thorough story. Until then, have fun with this one.

Not being at all YA-adverse, I'm certainly willing to take this particular trip, just to see where it goes.

FF for the win. You should have it in all the chapters. I will give this a read later.

The book this was based on was YA, and yes, I guess this is too. I mean I don't have the characters having sex or gore or anything like that, so yeah. Thanks for the fav!
F/F is good, but I find that I haven't written a F/M story in a long time. I should branch out. As for having it in all the chapters, the focus of this story is not on romance, so that wouldn't work. However, I will admit that I already wrote that chapter a while ago, and I like how it goes. It is a good chapter.

Oh hey I'd completely forgotten about this one.
I like how you write Scootaloo. Not sure why that sticks out to me.

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