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They say beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but what if all who behold you see naught but a monster? Given the chance, can this view change? Sometimes, it just takes one person to reach out...and help.

This story is rated T for violence, use of alcohol, and suggestive sexual references and situations.

Disclaimer: I do not own any of the characters directly associated with My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, nor the original story.

Cover art used with full permission from mysticalpha

As I'm sure you can tell by the dates of submission, this story was started quite some time ago. Instead of completely ignoring things that have happened since season 3 on, this will be an alternate reality that branched from shortly before Twilight began the path to become an alicorn.

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I quite liked it. The pacing in the beginning felt a little rushed to me, like you were trying to get to the meat and potatoes of the story as quickly as possible. Still, you gave a lot of detail, and set up the story nicely. Twilight's arrogance is perfectly believable, by the way. Good read!

1931569 Well I wasn't going to go too deeply into a backstory, as 99% of readers watch the show, so they know what happened and everything. I simply needed to flesh out the parts that held the Queen's story so that I could move on from there.

Glad you like it though, as there's a lot more to come.:twilightsmile:

1931577 I was actually talking about your descriptions of the various forms she took. All good though, man. :moustache:

1931642 Ah. Well I can say that you'll see a rather interesting perspective develop, and even though all truly one being, you will notice three distinct personalities rise. What will happen from there is anyone's guess.:ajsmug:

Nice story but I would like to know how Twilight knew it was Chrysalis.

Or did I read over that?

1931755 You read over it. It's in there.


Dear god how did I miss that xD

I read the part about the rings but I thought it was Chrysalis who had them and that was how you could see she was a changeling >.<

1931784 Well done, my reader. It's alright, I sometimes find myself reading my stories over again and asking myself, "Why did I word it like that?" It's part of the reason I'm rewriting "Rise of the Elements: TLE". A good writer always re-reads his or her story to make sure it makes sense and flows well. So who knows, I might later come up with a better way to word that part of the story that confused you.


Nah it was worded pretty good but sometimes I suddenly skip text for no reason :P

1931799 Might want to refrain from doing that in my stories, as you never know when a small snippet of information will become a large part of the storyline.

Is it evil for me to say something like that? Yes...yes it is. That however in no way makes it any less true.:rainbowwild:


Well the story interest me so I most lkely wont skip any text :P (from now on)

I like this story, a lot:pinkiehappy:. I have been looking for a good Chrysalis fanfiction to read for a while. I am glad to have found this and you do write well. Keep on the good work no matter the length required for you to update.

1932258 I'm not going to make my readers wait too long, don't worry. I'm actually working on the other chapter right now, though it may not be out until tomorrow.

Your writing is good, but... I must question the premise. I have a hard time believing Chrysalis--a Changeling Queen!--would make such a massive, novice mistake as trying to play the part of multiple ponies at one time. You haven't given a timeline for when each "pony" appears, but anypony paying attention to these three new mares (Pinkie Pie being particularly of note) shouldn't have too much trouble figuring out that only one out of three appear at any one time. What's the advantage of having three disguises? There are none, but are a ton of disadvantages! I hope you have an explanation coming soon for why Chrysalis has decided to do this...

1932588 Think about it for the moment: if ponies suddenly become suspicious of one disguise, she has another to fall back on. Having three at a time allows her to avoid the public eye, while still not arousing suspicion too much by being a hermit of sorts. Also, you must remember that much like an actual monarch in today's world, Queen Chrysalis is unfamiliar with having to take matters completely in her own hooves. Being a queen does not make one infallable.

If ponies ever became suspicious of one disguise, they would like become suspicious of all three disguises for the reasons I just gave. If they figure out that these three mares never appear at the same time, then all three would come under fire simultaneously. Besides that fact, though, is that there is no need for a backup; if something happens to one disguise, she can come up with another in no time. There's no need for the stress and risk of maintaining multiple disguises as backups because the backups can be invented as they're needed! -and while it might be suspicious that one pony appears soon after another has been unmasked, it's only more suspicious that these three mares never appear together. What if RD, or anypony else, wants to introduce Mist Ray and Starshine?! I suppose she can invent some excuse or even already has one (or three) ready, but from that point on they're never--NEVER--being seen in the same place will only seem more conspicuous, and can only become more so as time goes on.

1933024 Perhaps, but one must also take into account the addition of new ponies that no pony knows anything about. That alone would cause suspicion, so she can't simply create new disguises all the time.

As far as your thinking that they're never seen in the same place at the same time, that is part of what's going to make this story fun.

The premise behind this story is that while powerful and once a ruler, Queen Chrysalis is just as fallible as any other pony, especially when having to do something she's never done before. You'll enjoy how it plays out, I'm sure.:twilightsmile:

If you say so... I'll give you the benefit of the doubt for now.

1933819 Gracias. For now, just chill, crack open a few beers, and enjoy what is to come. You might end up drinking a lot during the wait though, so maybe you should go to the store first.

1933863 *Write...and yes, I will. New chapter of "Rise of the Elements: TLE" will be coming out tonight, so if you haven't checked that story yet, be sure and do so.

Interesting. I'm curious to see where this leads.

Holy crap...did I really just do that? I can't even spell write...and I mean the word write as in writing not right as...you know what I mean xD

1935341 I'm sure other writers have done their own spin on the idea, but mine is going to be unique. I hope you enjoy.

1935631 It will lead to something good...like whiskey or a pizza.

1936244 Because some of the things that are going to happen will obviously never happen in the canon...and you'll see what I'm talking about soon.


Will never happen in canon isn't AU. Contradicts established canon is AU. For example, Discord wouldn't gruesomely murder everyone in canon, but a fic wouldn't be marked AU for having Discord gruesomely murder everyone. Will this story actually contradict canon, or will it simply do things canon wouldn't?

1936847 Okay, point taken. I apparently misread the guidlines.

Best story I've read in a while please continue:pinkiehappy:

Not to be picky, but I would like "Rise of a Queen" better as a name. Because going from evil to good isn't a fall in my opinion :trollestia:

PS: I like!

1937102 True, but she is also a queen no longer. The very things that made her a queen are no more, and so the queen has indeed fallen. That's the point...she left that life behind to start a new one.

Besides, "good" and "evil" are matters of perspective, not absolutes.

I love Chrysalis redemption fics.

1937113 There aren't very many of them that do justice to her character, as well as the emotions involved. I hope to change that.


That avatar... :rainbowlaugh:

Glad to see how well received this has been for you, I had a feeling that of all the stories, this one would probably get a lot of attention. Looking forward to more per usual. : )

1937794 I know, right? This story has a better rating than "The Lost Element" right now...with fewer views. How do you think they'll take the sequal when it comes out?

Nice work! This has promise. :ajsmug:

But in the show Twilight could dispel the goo stuff, so it can be done even if she could not do so herself.

Wow this is a great story! Keep up the good work! :pinkiehappy:

All the more reason to read this!

1938275 This is different "goo stuff" than the show, as it hardens on contact and only reacts to changeling magic.


It would be best to make that clear in the story then, and possibly a bit about why this is different (possibly because it is a queen instead of a warrior or something).

1939398 That's what I'm doing in this chapter I'm writing right now.

Oh what's this? Looks like Chrysy's developing something eh?

Yes, an update! It was also a good one as well. This is the only sort of Chrysalis fanfiction with a romance tag that does what I been looking for in the fanfiction. Keep up the good work. Much praise to you.

1940243 I agree in that there are not many Chrysalis romances out there, and even fewer that actually work well, so I aim to change that.

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