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I write pony words that people seem to like. I also review fics and draw purty pictures, apperently. I'm an older fan of MLP, so expect a lot of 80's references.


This story is a sequel to My Little Dynamite: Book One

Twilight Sparkle, prodigy of Celestia's elite Battle Mage corps, has protected Princess Cadance from changeling assassins, but that can't prepare her for what she must face off against next. A foe even the Royal Sisters have reason to fear has resurfaced and he has debts to settle with the former High Priestesses of the Everfree.

In the far north, beyond the Minotaur lands and Caribou tundra, an unnatural storm is brewing. The Midnight Lord is returned and readying for war. He does not plan to fight fair.

Even Love can be a weapon.

Chapters to be posted on the 15th OR 30th of each month unless life gets in the way.

Chapters (13)
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Comments ( 84 )

Well...this oughta be interesting

And here the legend of Fleur began!

but bu but were is the bad ass twilight i was expecting bad ass twilight :applecry:

Not in the face!

yea was wondering when this would come out.....

It's finally here! Been waiting for this since Book One.
I agree with Trixie: Needs more explosions^^

This was cute, glad to see the sequel.

I so excited about this!
but I have to wait a little to read it... im going to reread book 1 first

I read the chapter name and all I could think of was this:

Now, Cadance had never spent the holidays away from her birth family before

Which is currently dead when Twilight gets stabbed in the ankle.

“The great and powerful Trixie’s hero! Twilight Sparkle will make the explosions!”

Alright, things are really all wonky in this AU. So far the only potential relationship that has not been mare on mare is the server and dessert chef.

Princess Cadance realized that Twilight Sparkle had tricked her into coming out and playing, just as she had in Cloudsdale, before Princess Cadance became an alicorn.

The way this is worded implies that Twilight was in Cloudsdale.

But I like to think she secretly sneaks back into Canterlot and peeks in on us when we sleep, to make sure we’re safe

Can Chrysalis care about anything but Celestia and herself?

I really have no clue what time this is set in comparison to the confrontation with Chrysalis. Canterlot wasn't preparing for a celebration athat I know of and there was no mention of snow. So I am assuming this is months after the conclusion of the main storyline. I think blooming flowers were mentioned before Cadance and Twilight were jumped by the first changeling, so that implies spring or summer being the setting for the main story.

This is totes a flashback for the purposes of showing an outside view of Twilight's and Cadance's relationship and giving more implication of Chrysalis' shaky hold on her own sanity and the good things she'd done, or contributed to. It is early summer time in the main story line. This takes place at the beginning of the year, before Cadance comes back and the whole hullabaloo that was Book One.

Also, Trixie is not in love with Twilight Sparkle. She is in love with explosions! And Twilight is known for making the explosions.

The relationship comment was more me thinking of all the relationships I have seen up till this point and comparing to what Chrysalis told Twilight back when she started researching princess-knight relationships. We have LunaxFluttershy, CelestiaxChryssi, CadancexTwilight, FluerxSapphire. Chrysalis said there needs to be more of them [lesbians]. I am still trying to decide if that comment was a joke on society or Chryssi thinks a 4 to 1 ratio of lesbian relationships to straight is too high.

You also didn't alleviate that cliffhanger at the end of the other story!!! AAARRRRGH!

Just wait until the next chapter. It picks right up from there.

Chrysalis' comment was more a joke on society at large.

I also read this chapter on April Fools day... I feel it is fitting.

>Silk Spinner

Oh shit, Trixie, Sapphire, Fleur, WATCH YOUR BACKS...

Did not expect this though I'm not dissapointed!
Now I must wait for the next chapter!

“H-heck yeah...I caught you.”

Really Twilight you're going to curse at least curse creatively could have been all like mother fuckin shit on Celestia's fried flanks were alive but no you went for the boring swear.

She's still Twilight. She's not going to be cursing hard enough to turn anyone's ears blue if there is a princess within a country mile of her.

... How did I miss this chapter? My phone doesn't tell me when you posted this...
Oh well I found it and read it and now I am again waiting for the next chapter lol

Edit: 7 days ago is when you posted this, found out I can tilt my phone sideways and see the date and more that way!

I been wait for this story, please update

Still happily enjoying the story. The only complaint I have is that the way you write Zecora's accent makes no damn sense. You have her swallowing her 't's which is fine, but then we get phrases like

‘Hese be energy po’ions.

Those 't's have already been assibilated. They don't sound like 't's anymore. I have no idea how to even pronounce that.
Sorry. I'm a linguistics nerd. I just... I'll be okay. Carry on.

I need to pay better attention to that. I always forget what her accent IS with every new chapter and then have to go back and fix it. I was probably being over zealous in removing the t's, which gives us that particular gem.

Maybe I should have spelled it phonetically as 'poshun'? Or made the dip/pause where the t would be at more pronounced? Though, since the t sound in 'potion' - and other words ending in the 'tion' construct - are already assibilated, I could just leave those alone.

I'll try harder next time.

You had better, sir. By gods, I demand only the highest quality in my free horse stories!
Yeah, but no, that's pretty much what I figured happened. And sorry, I was pre-coffee. Reading back, I sounded the slightest bit completely cunty.

Yay! More Dynamite!

“Tell me about it, Cady”

Missing a period.

She gently lifted Cadance’s chin her her hoof


“Is that a prom—!”

Yes, yes it is a prom. A dance with much fun and even more tongue.
So much tongue.

It's you, the writer of another story I am following (and possibly more I should read).

7219236 It's you, the person who follows the story that I also follow but also follows my story!

Oh dear... we know each other indirectly. Is that wrong? It feels wrong... and disturbing. But not as disturbing as fangs...

Those are a whole other set of oddly exciting wrongs.

Finally! I was wondering when the romance would come back

I loved the first book, so of coursebim loving this one too

ahh her love for twilight give her power,


Celestia needs to melt his face in already. Poor Chryssy just wants to cuddle her sun priestess in peace, and this jerk keeps blocking her.

Soon, though.

Stupid Fuzzy cliffhanger, also!

“I can cure of these lies. Take her to my lab.”

Might have missed a word there, Fuzzy.

Celestia will make the things make sense.

All the things will make sense.

“She will never hold you up as her equal.”

I get the feeling Chrysalis likes being sub.

Chrysalis is not as bad as I once thought, she just isn't herself. I don't think Sombra really intends to have her as an equal either, his daughter is just another tool to him. He just might treat her better than in the past.

I wish fimfiction would show me what this updates... I was 3 chapters behind...
Anyway, I love this still! And I hope it tells me when this updates... Unlike the last 3 chapters...
I had to go looking for this story to see if k missed anything...

Well that's weird. Hopefully that will clear up, there's still a lot of ground to cover in this story.

7377318 eh I'll keep an eye on it one way or another!

And published on time too!

“So...we are rushing to war with a stallion that fought me in my full goddesshood to a standstill to rescue your...is marefriend even the right word? Is she a pony any longer?”
Celestia snorted, smirking up at Luna. “She’s not a pony, technically. But trust me, she’s all mare.”


I always enjoy these undated even though they're never long enough. :twilightsmile:

Celestia snorted, smirking up at Luna. “She’s not a pony, technically. But trust me, she’s all mare.”

I get the feeling Celestia has had dessert there quite often.

Dash could totally make it over there and back no problem. Even if they gave her trouble. :rainbowdetermined2:

hopefully they won't have a need to test that theory out...:rainbowderp:

They might not be close enough to see us clearly, but they’re gaining on us fast.

The Corona is one of the fastest ships yet another one is gaining on them really fast? Does the list of "fastest ships" include ones that are twice as fast as others on the list?

At the point when she says this, the Corona isn't moving under it's own power. After teleporting, essentially blindly, in the direction Luna pointed, they've been trying to get their bearings. They're not moving because there was a fire below decks and that had to be put out before they could get underway.

So while Luna and Celestia were having their chat in the Captain's quarters, the Minotaur ship spotted the Corona and has been closing on them at full speed this whole time. I probably should have explained that they weren't moving a bit better. I hope that clears it up for you.

Yup, sure does. Thanks. Hopefully they are able to get underway before the Mintotaur ship gets into striking range.

Have no fear Rainbow Dadh is here! Awesome chapter.

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